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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Card Not Found
Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Clear Sky

Reviewed July 11, 2011

Average Card Rating

Limited: 1.50
Unlimited: 1.50
Block: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Clear Sky
Today's card is a mission that fits right in with the Hyuga hand control theme. Clear Sky allows you to search for one Earth Ninja whose Entrance Cost is higher than the amount of cards in your opponent's hand. So, if you've managed to reduce your opponent's hand to one or two cards, then you can look for the big guys. It's a turn two mission, which is just right since by then there's a big chance you already started with the hand control. It could also work in any other Earth deck, though it's better for Hyuga-themed decks. Try it and see!
Limited: 1/5
Constructed: 2/5
Block: 3/5
Art: I don't think it's gonna rain either./5


Clear Sky M-750

Today's card is an Earth search card. Like most searching cards, it can be played on turn 2 and cost 1 (earth) chakra. Its effect will let you grab a Earth Ninja card with a Entrance cost greater than the cards in your opponent's hand and add it to your hand. Now the majority of the time, your opponent will at least be holding 4 or 5 cards in hand especially when you will play this (on turn 2) so expect to grap a powerful ninja and it will wait for its time to come out. I don't like this card's version of the search because when you need to search, you need to search for what you want now, not wait 3 or 4 turns to play it.

Limited: 2/5
Unlimited: 1/5
Block: 1/5



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