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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com



Review Date: April 1, 2010

Average Card Rating

Limited: 1.00
Constructed: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Today's card is a killer... but only for Itachi!

For two Fire Chakras, you get to move one Ninja Battling the user face-down to the Battle Reward area. This could advance your possibility for victory. Since you're removing a Ninja from the field, if your opponent Chump-Blocks, then you're getting more than one reward. That's pretty good, as long as your Itachi survives. So, try it and see!


Limited: 1/5
Constructed: 3/5
Block: 3/5
Art: Get some eye drops!/5


4/1/10 J-608 Tsukuyomi

In hindsight, I should of said "Tomorrow we review our first Super Rare Exclusive Preview! Wind Style: Rasenshuriken!" as an April Fool's joke but I'm a slow kid that never thinks about what the next day is. Oh well...

Today's card is pretty much a suckier version of Kamui from Foretold Prophecy. Kamui did the same thing except it sniped and had one more user, albeit, for one more fire chakra.

Turns a ninja into a Battle Reward!!!
Poor man's alternative to Kamui

One user
Kamui is better
No sniping

Limited: 1/5 Good luck pulling this and Itachi
Constructed: 2/5 Better options than this
Block: 2.25/5 Less options makes this a tad bit more usable.

N. Jolly
Tomorrow keeps getting closer, and it's going to keep coming until it gets here, like a freaking snake!  Man, I am just out of it...
Today's card is Ninja.  Now a lot of you know the hype about Ninja, but some of you may not know it yet.  It has it's uses in a lot of decks, but let's see it's stats, shall we:
TX HCX Element
Village/Gender/Rank/Some Keyword That'll Never Get Used (Let's Say...Magician)/Game Effecting Keyword
Number/Number Smaller Number/Smaller Number CA: Violence
Set Something or Other: It's in a pack
Looking over it's Keywords, it can fit into any deck, which is always a plus.  having Rank allows it to use a lot of jutsu, and Keyword That'll Never Get Used (Let's Say...Magician) has a lot of promise in the future.  For it's turn, it has pretty good stats, but with most cards, Ninja's playability relies on it's effect.  So let's check that out, shall we:
Valid (I think...): When this ninja enters play, something happens.
Valid (Probably): When this ninja leaves play, you become Sad.
Something is a really powerful effect for a put into play effect, although it's balanced out with the Sadness that you feel when it's removed from the board.  Without that, I'd say it was a broken card, but it balances out quite nicely.  It's a really well designed card, and I'd like to see more cards following it's example.
Limited: No/5 Most cards aren't great here, and this is no different
Constructed: Yes/5 There's probably some broken combo here that you can do, which makes this card unfair.  So run it, please?
Block: Maybe/5 It strikes a nice balance here which I really like, so it's not a bad inclusion in any deck
Art: Man, they really went out of their way to make Ninja look really freaking cool!  The new foil design is just perfect, I can't want to get this card!/5
...Happy April Fools Day!



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