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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com



Review Date: Feb. 2, 2010

Average Card Rating

Limited: 1.88
Constructed: 2.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage


Today's card is one for the Kakashi (Boyhood) deck. Rin makes it possible to draw a card when you put Kakashi or Obito in play. That's pretty sweet! Her stats are OK, but with growth they could get better. She's medical, female, and has Mental Power. Thing is that she doesn't pump Kakashi and Obito up, like they do to her. =\ Still, a pretty good choice for that deck (and the Female Medical deck as well).


Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: "Don't let me be the next one who dies!"/5

N. Jolly

N-710 Rin [PRAYER]

A strong day, a cool day, and a good day...that's what today will be. Remember to check out the channel (MechieSomay), as we should be putting up a new vid this Wednesday or Thurs day about the new Rogue (not rouge, rogue) List, with a new featured match this Saturday. And I need to get up and do my new trade thread. That right, trade with your hero N. Jolly right on Pojo...has this opening paragraph become nothing but advertising? And if so, can I sell space on it? If I can, Dr. Pepper will be the first to know.

Today's card is another one in Gaiden week, the unlast named Rin. A lot of people were really excited with the Gaiden cards, and a lot of speculation was based around this card. Yeah, time to see what it's made of, so let's check out it's stats, shall we:

T2 HC0 Wind
Leaf | Female | Chunin | Medical | Growth | Mental Power: 2
2/2 1/2 CA: Medicine
Set 16: Uncommon

Well honestly, other than having low power, this isn't a bad card. Leaf is hot right now, Female has it's own deck, Chunin and being turn 2 isn't bad, and Medical is a nice keyword to have. With Growth, it's hard to have this card be a dead draw in hand, and Mental Power: 2 is always nice, especially with mental having more of a prescience. But the problem is cards nowadays don't get played just for good keywords and such, it's for effects. And this card's effect is...well, let's just check it out together, shall we:

When you put a "Kakashi Hatake" or "Obito Uchiha" in play, draw 1 card.

And again, you give it decent injured stats and no valid effect? What's up with that? This card had a lot of potential, but it's off element for it's two supported cards, it requires you to curve into them perfectly to get any real value off of it, and without those cards, it's vanilla. Not a good effect, not for any deck that could have actually used it (Female/Medical). It's a shame too, as I doubt we'll be getting another Rin for a while...

This was a nice idea for a card, but it's effect just killed it, and it's sub par stats didn't help much either. While I like the Gaiden theme, this was not the way to round out the team.

Limted: 1.5/5 Only for it's stats, you'll probably never get the effect off.
Constructed: 2/5 Not garbage, but not worth the space.
Block: 2/5 Not much of a difference here...
Art: Everyone but Kakashi seems like a whiny baby in this team...freaking everyone...except the 4th, but he's too cool for school/5


3/2/10 N-710 Rin

Hey fellow Pojo-ers!!! Long time, no reviews fro me... I apologize for this. I was unable to do any reviews last week because I was in Hong Kong for vacation. Of course, you don't care for my personal life so let's get down to the review.

Wind; EC: 2 HC: 0
Leaf | Feamle | Chunin | Medical | Growth | Mental Power: 2
Healthy: 2/2 Injured: 1/2
Combat Attribute: Medical

Pretty standard turn 2 Chunin stats for Rin, but Obito and yesterday's Kakashi can give her a nice stat boost up to 4/4 making her good support. Being Medical, Female, and wind is good for Medical/Female decks so she can be thrown in those decks albeit her effect is useless there. She is perfect at a 2 drop also since she can curve her effect the next two two turns with Obito and Kakashi (Boyhood) and gain a quick power boost... Now let's look at her effect:

When you put a "Kakashi Hatake" or "Obito Uchiha" in play, draw 1 card.

A pretty decent effect in Fire decks since both of these ninjas should be staples in any Fire deck and she is a nice draw engine.

She is must in decks with Kakashi (Boyhood) and Obito (obviously) and still good in Fire decks that run other Kakashis.

Limited: 2/5 Decent stats but useless effect
Constructed: 3.75/5 In the right deck she's very useful
Block: 3.75/5 Block means almost nothing to her
Tomorrow: The other poster boy of Broken Promises



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