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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Earth Style: Earth Pike 


Review Date: June 1, 2010

Average Card Rating

Limited: 2.25
Unlimited: 2.50
Block: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Earth Style: Earth Pike

Today's card is one of Kakuzu's signature Jutsus. Earth Pike can be paid for either with one Earth and one colorless, or one Water and one colorless (and it's a double element Jutsu). Depending on what you used to pay for this Jutsu you get a different effect. If you paid for it with one Earth and one colorless, the user can't receive damage (as in ANY damage) during the turn. If you paid for it with one Water and one colorless, you can injure one Ninja battling against the user. Now, these effects are good, particularly since the user doesn't have to necessarily be Kakuzu. In limited, this card can be good, in constructed, could be better. Try it and see.

Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 2/5
Block: 2/5
Art: OK, I see the ring.../5


6/1/10 J-650 Earth Style: Earth Pike

When I first pulled today's card, I thought it was pretty subpar, but it actually isn't too bad. It can be paid with either one Earth/Water and one colorless chakra. If it was paid with an Earth Chakra, the user takes no damage for the turn. This is great for saving your powerful ninjas from getting killed or it can let your chumps live to chump another turn. If it was paid with a Water chakra, you injure one ninja battling against the user. This is a pretty good effect considering the cost and no requirements, which is good for Water's early game. Of course, if you pay it with one Water and one Earth, you get both effects which is a nice bonus. It's not too hard to use both effects in Akatsuki decks which have a lot of dual element cards that feature Earth symbols. It's an all around decent jutsu that is not overpowering and very balanced.

Limited: 2.5/5 Might be good here with its flexible cost and no requirements.
Constructed: 3/5 Very good for your early game jutsus for water and decent protection for earth.
Block: 3.5/5 Less good options for jutsu in block make this even better.


Earth Style: Earth Pike
Hello Pojo faithful. Time for another review. Todays card is another jutsu from Will of Fire. Its Earth Style: Earth Pike. So lets dive into what it does.
This jutsu has 2 separate cost and a different effect depending on what cost you paid to activate it. The good thing about this jutsu is any ninja can use it, so no requirements needed. The first cost of this jutsu is 1 water and a colorless. If you pay this cost, you get to injure 1 ninja battling against the user. That sounds good to me. Now for the second cost, it cost 1 earth and 1 colorless. If you paid this cost, the user can not recieve any damage during this turn.
Both are really solid effects, both have uses, and I don't think you can go wrong with either of them. I can't say which one I like better because both are situational.
Altogether a solid jutsu. See you tomorrow Pojo faithful.
Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 2.5/5
Block: 3/5Art: Bling Bling/5



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