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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Top 10 Cards of 2009:

Shikamaru Nara [Unwillingness]


Review Date: Jan. 12, 2009

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.50
Limited: 4.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Shikamaru Nara

Today's card is one of those cards you'd just hate to see early game. [Unwillingness] doesn't need to go out to battle to be awesome, he just has to stay healthy. Any Ninja turn 2 or less is a nice target for this guy, and he'll just lock that Ninja there for a while... and maybe even longer. LOL

In limited, this guy can cut the mustard. In constructed, he's even better. Just make sure, like I said before, to keep him healthy. It's not a valid effect. >.<


Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 4/5
Art: It always IS a pain in the neck!/5

N. Jolly

#4 Shikamaru Nara [UNWILLINGNESS]

Hello again, it's me, Mr. N. Jolly! I didn't do yesterday's review, and honestly, it's because I didn't think that Substitution should have been on the list. I like the card, it's good, but I don't think it's up there, I'd have given that slot to Kabuto [DB] in a heartbeat, but whatever, it's today's card, and another one that I have problems with. I don't doubt that this card has a huge impact on the game, I just hate how it did.

Normally, this would be the point where I would talk about the card a bit, and then give you a run down of it's stats, keyword, and other such things. But not with this card, as it's stats really mean nothing in relation to it's value. Sure, late game you may get to the point where it has no targets, but until then, it's stats really mean nothing. Heck, the only thing it's name gives it is the chance to squad out into Shika/Tem, and that's pretty unlikely. So let's just head onto his effect, would you kindly:


During the Mission Phase, you can select 1 of your opponent's Ninja with an Entrance cost of 2 or less. In that case, the selected Ninja and this Ninja cannot be sent out to battle this turn.

There's really only one problem I have with this, and it's the same problem I had with the original Ino [F], which is allowing a constant effect that both has to be declared each turn (even with the effect priority ruling, it's still annoying to hear someone use a YGO-esqe term such as "I'm chaining Shika's effect to the end of your mission phase!", which is not something you can do thankfully), and has too much of a far reaching effect for both turns. Being able to do this really messes with something that's a bit too much of a core mechanic of the game, and that really isn't healthy for game play. The effect of this card has wrecked up opponents to a dangerous point, and for being such an early game card (Itachi [GIG] is a T6 with a somewhat comparable effect) to do so much is very unbalancing.

I guess I just don't care for how this card was put into the game. Putting it at 1 helped, so I don't have to see it every game, but whenever it's hit on turn, it's a very hard path to victory, as my opponent can cherry pick who can block them and who can't for a pretty large portion of the game. While it's a good card, and I do see why it's one of the Top 10 of 2009, I hope we don't see more cards in the same vein as this one.

Limited: 5/5 It would get the vaunted +5, but I really don't care for this card, and I like saving that for great cards that actually involve intelligent play more than luck
Constructed: 5/5 It's at 1 for a reason
Block: 5/5 It's not any less awesome here
Art: His super power is getting other people to not do anything...so that's another thing that he shares with weed.../5

Stay tuned for a card I actually do like tomorrow, as well as an article about the block and what you can do to continue having fun!


#4 Shikamaru Nara [Unwillingness]

Today's card was arguably the most wanted Super Rare in Emerging Alliance and a new member of the "Rogue List" because of it's highly used play.

Let's look at stats and characteristics:

Name: Shikamaru Nara
EC:2 HC:0
Leaf|Chunin|Male|Mental Power: 4|Growth
Healthy: 0/3 ; Injured: 0/2
Shadow Combat Attribute

All right, the only things that really standout here are Chunin which allows him to use headhunter, Shadow Combat Attribute which gives him access to Shadow Stitching, Growth which is never a bad thing, and Mental Power 4 which always helps your mental game. He also has good turn 2 support but that doesn't matter because you shouldn't be using him for battle... and this is why:

During the mission phase (so it usable during both players turns), select one of your opponents ninjas with an entrance cost of two or less. In that case, the selected ninja and this ninja cannot be sent out to battle during this turn.

At first, this effect doesn't sound too ground breaking but when you apply it in games, the effect is devastating. Your opponent has a Kankuro [Trick] or Haku (Childhood) they wanna kill off? Prevent them from battling. He also kills off many early game power-houses such as Yoroi [Unique Talent] which can protect your chakra and Naruto [Dangerous Chakra] who is very powerful and can really harm your deck. Later game, he prevents your opponent from chumping their now useless low drops as well and forces them to block with their stronger ninjas.

All-in-all, this a very strong ninja card that may be splashed in any deck... too bad it's limited down to one per deck.

Limited: 5/5 if you pull him... in limited he wrecks early game so bad
Constructed: 4.5/5 The only reason you shouldn't be running him is if your running a mental deck that uses [Flex] or [Proctor]
Block: 4.5/5 He's not going to be rotated anytime soon and he still has access to Shadow Stitching since they are in the same set.



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