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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Sasuke Uchiha
[Finishing Blow]


Review Date: Nov. 2, 2009

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Limited: xx

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

N. Jolly
N-668 Sasuke Uchiha [Finishing Blow]

Holy super god, N. Jolly is actually doing a monday review again! I heard he hate'd mondays! But no, I am here, just like a super hero who fights crime on a schedule he himself dictates...the movie they make out of my life will be incredible...and star Aaron Eckhart...he's awesome!

Today's card is a new SR version of Sasuke Uchiha, so just like always, he's going to be over stat'd. How over stat'd you may ask? Let's check out his (over) stats, shall we?

T4 HC: 0 Water
Sound/Rouge Ninja/Male/Sharingan Eye/Growth
6/2 2/0 CA: Genjutsu/Weapon

Yep, he's still huge for his turn, which is only made up for by his name being very important in decks. He's not any different then our last SR water Sasuke stat wise, but Growth is always nice, as is Sharingan Eye. But honestly, his name is going to be what he needs for his jutsu this set. But let's check out his effect now:

[Finishing Blow]

During your Mission Phase, you can move this in play Ninja card to your hand. In that case, change all of your opponent's Ninja with 3 or less Entrance cost to injure'd status. You cannot put into play any Ninja cards that have "Sasuke Uchiha" in their names during this turn.

Now most of you probably see the combo there, putting him in a fire deck, growthing him so you don't lose your deployment for the turn, returning him to hand, and then playing Brow Beater to clear your opponent's field. That's the combo I see with this card, making a weird new form of "Sasuke Beater" tm deck*. Sure, you don't have to growth him, but if you don't, you're playing your deploy for the turn and losing any injure'd ninja you have out, which is pretty painful. Not as bad as wiping your opponent's entire board (or most of it if they went first) but you could be in even better shape by growth'ing him.

So now the question is: Who do I run? If you're going straight Fire/Sharingan, I'd use the new water Sasuke who's also a Jonin, as Jonin goes a long way in fire. Water, use CH unless you have some weird super way of breaking this card, as CH still works better in your basic build than this card, which can only injure. If it was "do one damage", then this guy would be staple, but only being able to injure isn't enough unless you have some way to abuse it. You could also do this same combo in Lightning with Disaster, but I feel it has way more synergy with Fire.

Constructed:3.25/5 A good card with a lot of combo potential saddle'd with a name that'll only hold him back.
Limited: 4.25/5 Great stats, massive swing effect, love it here!
Art: Sasuke starts to dose off as he reads further into the manga...yeah Sasuke, you get pretty freaking boring man...no one loves you.../5

*If the Sasuke Beater tm deck wins any major events, a shout out to your favorite Pojo reviewer will be expect'd and props will be given in written form by said reviewer.
StormVyper Zera Sasuke Uchiha [Finishing Blow]

Seems like we're doing the Sasuke theme this week. Joy. This card is fairly self-explanatory; bounce him to your hand, and all your opponent's Turn 3 and lowers go sideways. That may not seem like a huge deal, but on average, this guy will hit about 3 Ninja by Turn 5, and that's if your opponent hits their curve, which clearly happens every game. What's even better is this guy flips the bird to both Kankuro and all those non-Valid Puppet ninjas he likes to tote around with him. A well-timed Finishing Blow could swing the game in your favor pretty easily.

Limited: 5/5 (Decent stats, blowout effect, no elemental costs? Yes please.)
Constructed: 4/5
Mayur V. Today's review is Sasuke Uchiha [Finishing Blow]

Stats: He has standard turn 4 Sasuke stats, which are pretty good. A 6/2 turn 4 ninja is always awesome. However, like all other Sasukes, his injured stats are horrible, going from a 6/2 to an abysmal 2/0.

Effect: This is a very good effect in any deck. The fact that he can be splashed is also very cool. In a fire deck, you can combo him with browbeater to wipe out all of your opponent's turn 3 and lower ninjas. In a lightning deck, he can be abused with any damaging Rasengans, Giant Shuriken, or Might Guy Dynamic Entrance. He can also be used as a side board card against puppets, as Kankuro Tactician only searches for puppets with EC 3 or lower. This Sasuke has a large number of very cool combos that are just begging to be exploited.

Characteristics/Combat Attribute: Genjutsu/Weapon is a very good dual CA, allowing him access to various jutsus. Sharingan Eye and growth are always nice to have. However, his lack of Jonin really hurts his playability in certain decks. In water decks, getting Jonin out is very important as early as possible, as most of the best jutsus that water has require a Jonin or higher rank. In fire decks, the lack of Jonin means that he can't use Sense of Fear, or any other Sharingan Eye + Jonin, or Genjutsu + Jonin requiring jutsus.

Overall Impressions:

I think this is a very good card in certain decks. He can't be put into any deck and have a sudden positive impact. Instead, I like using this Sasuke more as a way to combo with other cards (like the ones I stated above). Also, the fact that he hits only turn 3 or lower means that, in a late game situation, his effect won't be nearly as helpful. The last, and probably most important thing to mention, is that this Sasuke has competition from the most expensive card in the Naruto TCG, Sasuke Cold Headed. IMHO, Sasuke Cold Headed is better than this card in most decks. However, in a rush deck, or a combo deck, this card may fit better than Cold Headed. Try them both and see!!!

Constructed: 4.25/5 <--- No Jonin hurts. Because of this, fire and water decks may have to look at other T4 Sasuke's with Jonin and a weaker effect to use their best jutsus. Also, competition with Sasuke Cold Headed means that he won't always be your top choice T4 Sasuke.

Limited: 5/5 <---- His effect is basically huge field control, and with how tentative hitting curve can be in a limited match, dropping him on turn 4 and using his effect should swing the game into your favor so much, your opponent may not be able to come back from it.



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