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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

The 4th Kazekage

# N-691  

Review Date: Nov. 17, 2009

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 43.8
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

The 4th Kazekage

Today's card is like a pumped-up Baki. Think about it: he goes out to attack and your opponent's gotta get rid of one Ninja. If you combo with Baki, then you're getting rid of two Ninjas in one turn (plus whatever your opponent used to block). That's pretty sweet if you ask me. He's also got good stats for a Satoosa-Level Ninja. In limited he could just party with your opponent's Ninjas. In constructed, it could be even more. Try it and see!


Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 4/5
Art: Cool effect, not so cool art.../5

N. Jolly

N-691 The 4th Kazekage [Dignity]
And now we move on to Sand Week.  Hopefully, I can drag myself into doing the review of this fun Sand Medic deck I got.  Hi, my name is N. Jolly and I'm pilot certify'd to fly to the sky and beyond! (Guitar solo!)...if I rule'd the world, every statement I'd make would end with a guitar solo, probably done by Avenge'd Sevenfold.  You can say what you want about them, they have some good guitar work.
Oh yeah, a review!  Today's card is the best one, the new 4th Kazekage.  This card is vicious, both stat wise and effect wise, but we're going to check out it's stats first:
T6 HC1 Wind
Sand/Male/Satoosa/Mental Power: 2
6/4 5/1 CA: Ninjutsu/Weapon
Rarity: Super Rare
He's really fighting for Tsunade's turn slot, but Wind isn't running a T5 for the most part (Sasori, you're going to have to shape up, especially with this guy being your competition), so you should be good running both of them.  Being Sand is pretty helpful, as Wind City seems like a pretty good deck this upcoming set.  Male doesn't matter much, and Satoosa doesn't matter much, except for being able to play KO Blow.  Mental 2 is pretty nice, but I doubt it'll matter too much, other than allowing him to come out to play when Pressure is out.  6/4 5/1 is pretty nice, probably my third favorite stats for a T6 (First is Oro, second is Jiraiya) as he goes from a good back to a good head when injure'd.  While Ninjutsu won't help, weapon seems to be getting more and more support, so we'll see where that leads it.  And now, onto the effect, which is a doozy:
When this Ninja is sent out to Attack, your opponent must select and discard 1 of their in-play Ninjas.
Wow, it's like a soup'd up Baki effect!  Being able to kill something on attack is insane, as it allows you to destroy one of your opponent's ninjas before they can block with it, something Baki couldn't do.  Just like Baki, your opponent can choose which one dies, but losing one ninja at all can be devastating.  It's hard to give a better reason to use it than that it is great, but really, this is the final touch to a Feather Bang deck, as swinging in with Gaara IP while killing a ninja is just beautiful.
Construct'd: 4.75/5 Not perfect, but really great none the less
Limit'd: X/5 Just a killer cardArt('d): Man, this is a boring pic, it needs and explosion, or a car chase, or some kind of magician!/5



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