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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

[Boldness and Splendor]


Review Date: 03.10.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 2.50
Limited: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage


Today's card is the new Jonin Temari from A New Chronicle. Right off the bat, she's a turn 3 Jonin with one hand cost. That's somewhat odd for a turn 3, but some don't mind running her. Is she really worth it? Let's analyze...

She's got 2 Mental rather than 1 as her Genin versions. Her stats in healthy are comparable to Kurenai's, though in injured she's only got 1/2. Now, her effect is quite good, IMO. When she's sent out to attack you can discard one Chakra and she gets +1/0. When she's sent out to block you can do the same thing, but she gets 0/+1. In any position, be it Head Ninja or Back Ninja, she can be of great help. But, as with most of her Genin versions, her effect isn't valid. Still, try it and see.


Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 3.5/5
Art: Hey, she's grown up a bit.../5

Hello Naruto players, today we have the poor mans Kankuro....Temari from set 12.

Temari is only the second ninja to be given jonin on turn 3, unlike her brother though Temari has hand cost 1, making her an interesting choice indeed.

Stat wise she is much like Sakura Haruno growing power from the previous set, except she get's no negatives and can boost from either the front or the back of the team, so for 1 chakra, you either get +1/+0 on the attack, or +0/+1 on the defense. They also gave her a boost mentaly with mental power 2, that's cool.

Thing is though, Temari is best used as her turn 1 wind scythe. Because of Shadow Clone Jutsu going off more and more, you need a jutsu disruptor and wind scythe is the gold standard for that, add to that Temari on turn 3 has no growth, well you get the idea.

Overall not a very good Temari, but a solid backup for filling the jonin role on turn 3. But Wind Scythe is still the best Temari

Constructed: 2 out of 5. Not bad, but not good.

Limited: 2 out of 5. Hand cost is dicey, Someone lost a game in draft because he forgot about temaris hand cost.

Art: 3 out of 5. Not bad, not bad.

Temari [Boldness and Splendor]

The Jonin Temari has some great stats. BUT, she has a Hand Cost. Hayate has those exact same stats but without the cost. But, anyway, she's Female, has Mental, and Jonin, three great stats. If you don't mind her Hand Cost, she's actually pretty good. If anything, use her for the picture.

The problem with Temari is that she's outclassed because of that hand cost. Wind Scythe & Pressure can both do better. Temari does have a good effect, though, but since she's always going to be a back ninja, it's only useful when blocking. Not good, any more.


Art: YES.

Tomorrow: A guy who, for some reason, doesn't have Mental.

Fun Fact: Temari is the man in her relationship.


2008 Stone
Village Kage
[Boldness and Splendor]

This is one Temari that I’m not too fond of. You can burn a chakra to get +1/0 while attacking or +0/1 while defending. We already have a Temari that gets a similar boost based on her mental power that is a turn 1. Besides, I’d much rather nuke a jutsu or mission card from their hand by running WS or WP Temari. Given though, this one has jonin rank and 2 mental, making her a viable target for Sakura’s decision. She keeps decent support stats while injured at least. Here’s what gets me though. She has a hand cost? What the heck? Her effect DOES NOT warrant that. Expect this one to sit in the binder, people will still use any of the 4 other better Temari, and then platoon it into Shikimari or Kankumari.

Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 1.5/5
Art: My friend Jeff is in love with Temari and thinks this pic is sexy.
That Guy Temari

Somehow I believe this card isn't going to blow you away.

Temari (Boldness and Splendor) is a great card but no where near amazing. For starters unlike her sibling (Kankuro) you have to pay an entrance cost to take advantage of having a turn 3 jonin on the field. Then there is her effects, both of which are not valid. Now her effects are decent, with being a 5 on attack or a 4 on defense but isn't that only one above the genin temari ( the one that boost it's support by it's mental power). Along with having a starting support that equals the mental boost temari she has no growth in order to place over your other temari, and trust me if your using temari she will stay till turn 3. As for her mental power it's the standard stuff, strategically I would say that the temari that discards a jutsu from your opponents hand is better, but it all depends on how your deck works. I'm personally not into the whole power boost gambit, mainly due to effectiveness of jutsu's and the versatility of off/on mental power battles.

Constructed: 2.5/5
Limited: 3/5 (other sand support to help)
Art: Now presenting the worlds biggest fan....


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