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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Itachi Uchiha [Formidable Visual Jutsu]


Review Date: 06.24.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.40
Limited: xx

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

StormVyper Zera Itachi Uchiha [Formidable Visual Jutsu]

This card has absolutely no downside to it at all. Turning off an opposing players key ninja, with the only way of saving them being to remove Itachi from the field entirely, is such a strong effect. Suddenly, Salamander is a lot less threatening when your opponent is forced to add him into the team manually. This card is on-par (and debatably superior) to Itachi [Goal], simply due to his rather dangerour effect. And you can KO ninjas outright when combined with Sasuke [Cold Hearted] (a trick I use often to get especially problematic Ninja off the field in a single go). To all you up and coming Fire players that can't seem to get your hands on [Goal], just use this guy instead. You're really not missing much. :3

Limited: 5/5
Constructed: 5/5
~StormVyper Zera

   Welcome to today's review and we'll be looking at my second handpicked card:

Itachi Uchiha N-365

    The reason why I chose him is because he's an excellent Itachi right up there with [Goal] and for some people better than [Goal]. He's a turn 6 ninja, akatsuki, jonin, genjutsu combat attribute, sharingan eye and excellent stats (H:6/3, I:2/3). He has an arsenal or jutsus behind him, from sharingan jutsus, to rank jutsus to specific jutsus like Mangekyo Sharingan and has a ton of Uchiha support behind him so definitely not a ninja to overlook.

    His effect makes any ninja you choose go injured and stay that way as long as he's there. A great non-valid ninja shutting effect that can possibly set you up for the game win. His effect is simple but straight to the point and can win you games if used correctly. Note that this effect is valid so if he somehow comes into play injured it will also shoot off and also note that it states the chosen ninja can't be healed but it can be changed to healthy status since it's not technically healing.

    Awesome ninja and great effect, what would make him perfect was if he entered a turn earlier.

Limited: 4.5/5 (all you need is a little fire, run him)
Constructed: 4.5/5 (awesome ninja all around, if were turn 5 he'd get 5)

Art: I cut myself with this everyday.../5

N. Jolly


N-365 Itachi Uchiha-Formidable Visual Jutsu(Stabtachi)

Here's everyone's favorite sideboard Itachi, and he's a pretty good, if understatted. His effect is pretty simple, when he comes into play, he injures an opponent's ninja. As long as Itachi's in play, your opponent can't heal the ninja, which is probably the most important line in the text. Haku engine angering you, stab it! Sasuke CH pinging you, stab it! Shizune just being a jerk, stab it!

That right there just makes this card pretty cool, but still sided for the ambush having, turn earlier, wheeling, dealing, son of a gun, Itachi Goal. But for the most part, free injure on anyone that includes a non healing as well as being M. Sharingain and regular Sharingan capable makes this pretty good.

I like this card alot, and without Goal, all of the Itachi varients would see a lot of play...stupid obviously superior card...

Constructed: 4/5 Awesome card, just not the best.
Limited: 4.5/5 Even better, beat up your opponent's best ninja!
That Guy


Itachi (Formidable Visual Jutsu)

Always fun to make an entrance with a sword...just ask cloud strife or Sephiroth!

Well as for Itachi here, I can see is good, but there are better. To put it short and sweet this Itachi is good, hampering a decisive member of a team but deadlier Itachi's do exist. This Itachi has the same stats and nothing special in attribute and type. He is definitely the Itachi you use to fill in until the right one swings around.

Constructed: 3.5/5 (Again in no sense a bad card)
Limited: 3/5
Art: For the next 72 hours I will take this sword and....cut carrots and other assorted vegetables, more to come with Killer Kitchen.



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