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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Pojo Preview

The Second Hokage
[Matchless Hero]


Review Date: July 10, 2009

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.50
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

The Second Hokage

Now this is one card I definitely like! First off, it's a valid effect, which is always good. Second, it's a "Negate and Remove" effect rather than a "Negate and Discard" (or "Negate and Return"). This guy can negate a Jutsu being played and remove it from play. At the cost of two Water Chakras, it's really that good IMHO. In a Mono-Water deck, this version of the Second can really bring the pain. In Limited, if you draft enough Water, he can do that there too. Try it and see!


Limited: 4/5
Constructed: 4.5/5
Art: Will of Fire... BUT HE'S WATER!!!/5


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Emerging Alliance Pojo Preview #1

The Second Hokage
[Matchless Hero]

So, if you are reading this, you actually decided to come down to check out the reviews. So, what is there to be said about another Second Hokage? He’s pretty damn awesome. He’s reminiscent of Kakashi from ANC, but he has three amazing advantages over that Kakashi. First, he’s valid. That in itself is an amazing feat, especially when you have negation on a stick. Water really needed something like this, especially since Hidden Mist Jutsu is pretty much a joke. Second, his effect REMOVES the card from the game. That means that they can’t use Jiraiya or Copy Ninjutsu to get it back in their hand. Third, he can get ANY jutsu being played. It doesn’t have to target his team like Kakashi’s effect does, so that is a huge advantage; that also means that he doesn’t need to be battling to get his effect off. Pretty spiffy card if I do say so myself; deserving of that Super Rare status. Plus, his art is freaking awesome.

Limited: 4/5 Negation is pretty nice in limited, and if you can draft enough water, he should be pretty useful.
Constructed: 4/5 When is negation on a stick ever bad? He’s better than any other 2nd we have so far.
Art: 5/5 He’s slashing you with a blade of water.
Matthew Low Friday 7/10 - The Second Hokage [Matchless Hero] - Water - Ninja

This card is interesting. Standard good Second Hokage stats that I'd like on a 6 drop. This throws yet another playable 2nd into the mix, though I don't think I'd see it in many Ghost Panic decks.

A play off of Sasuke [Complete Opening Of the Eyes], this Second can negate jutsus as Stand-By, and as a bonus, has Valid and removes the jutsu from the game. No more Jiraiya shenanigans.

I definitely consider this 2nd in metas that lean towards late game with a powerful jutsus, as there's not much that can stop this 2nd, especially if he stays stand-by and he's Valid. He can also be a valid sideboard option in this light, or a miser copy to give you options.

Overall this 2nd is a great card, and should be considered in decks that either have a power jutsu that they want to pull off consistently (Water has a bunch), or need to seal opposing Jutsu threats forever.

Constructed: 4.7 out of 5.0 (Great card with playable effect. What's not to like?)
Limited: 1.4 out of 5.0 (He's a beatstick... with a handcost.)

N. Jolly
N-613 The Second Hokage-Matchless Hero

Pojo loves doing this, he knows I do all my reviews at once, and then he just gives me an awesome card like this to review in one day...If I didn't like this card so very, very much I'd be angry...naw, I'd still be cool with it, because it's an SR.

Here we have the Second Hokage (so glad they didn't 2nd him or something dumb like that) with his normal awesome stats for turn 6/4 3/3 which are my fav stats for a turn six who's not Tsunade. Satoosa gives him access to all of Water's best Jutsu and the two mental is a bit of a help against all the Shika/Temas floating around. Leaf doesn't matter much, only that he can't be Temptation of Power'd into hand, but you'd be paying five cards from hand to get him out anyway, and unlike his predecessor, he doesn't reward you for punishing your hand.

His effect is a cooler mirror of my absolute favorite Kakashi, only valid. It allows you to burn two Water Chakra to negate an in play jutsu and remove it from the game. Why removing a jutsu card matters much is beyond me, because unless you're playing Boxed Lunch or Jiraiya (both Lightning cards) you don't care what jutsu is in your discard pile. Still, making him valid protects him from being Shuriken'd out of usefulness, and Water with good negation makes it quite hard to beat, especially when the source of that negation can whip out Vortex, Water Dragon, and 5 Hungry Sharks by himself.

Honeslty, this ninja is a tank, and I think he'll see a lot of play, especially if Water gets that early game that we've heard so much about. If the element can just get away from using GP (and in turn, Drawkage), I think we'll see Water reach the heights of power that Fire has hit.

Constructed:4/5 Awesome card, if it was a First Hokage it would be a 6/5
Limited:?/5 I don't know, and I don't care, as it's a good card, and I accept that
Art:Awesome/5 Hokages win the fight
StormVyper Zera The Second Hokage [Matchless Hero]

Cool, negation with legs. This card is the Water equivalent of Shoryuken Kakashi or [Detection of Movement], but with the added kick of removing the jutsu from the game. A pretty nice effect, preventing cards like Jiraiya [Instructing of the Hidden Technique] from recycling them for re-use later down the road. There's no real downside to this card, and it's definitely good, but the real question is simply: is it necessary? With cards like Vortex, Current, the occasional Water Dragon, and now Water Shark Bomb to act as negation, do you really need another form of jutsu negation?

Limited: 3/5 (The strict chakra cost could hamper things.)
Constructed: 4/5
Artwork: Maybe we'll get his Water Spear super as a jutsu, like they did with the cards in The Chosen.
~StormVyper Zera


   Hey there all and welcome to friday's surprise, a super rare version of the super cool second hokage as a preview of the next set :D

The Second Hokage N-613

  Let's take a look at this beast shall we? He's got his average (H:6/4, I:3/3) stats for turn 6 which of course is not bad at all. He's got satoosa, 2 mental etc the works. A very powerful ninja stat wise, now for his calling. His effect.

  This VALID effect lets you discard 2 water chakras to negate ANY jutsu being played EVEN if he's not at the battlefield at all. He is definitely water's new incredulous ninja lol. He's like a sharingan eye for water and not only that but he's valid and can negate any jutsu unlike Kakashi [DOTM] which is limited in both of these areas. What else? Instead of discarding the jutsu after negation he actually REMOVES it from play, this could explain why Jiraiya was raised to 2 again or at least he's partly the reason. A very very big boost to late game water, as if they needed more lol.

  A beasty card to be feared for sure.

Limited: 4/5 (His effect might no shoot off here)
Constructed: 4.5/5 (Incredible ninja)

Art: Falcon Punch got owned!!/5



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