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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

[Mysterious Existence]


Review Date: 01.09.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.20
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Welcome to another Bonus COTD. Today's Bonus card: Zetsu!

This card introduces a new mechanic to the Naruto CCG: Game Removal. During your mission phase you can pick three Ninjas from either your discard pile or your opponent's discard pile, remove them from play, and give Zetsu a Growth Coin. Now, that's actually good considering that this guy's combat stats are a bit... well... weak! >.< 3/3 - 2/3 for a Jonin that comes into play at turn 5 is good support-wise. Now, give him two turns and he becomes a 5/5 - 4/5 (and with yesterday's Bonus Card, he can become more). Now remember, he can only have up to two coins due to this effect. That means if you manage to give him more coins due to other effects you can do so. I see this card trumping such clients as Emina. Why? Emina depends on having Ninjas in the Discard Pile, and this guy eats them up (much like in the manga/anime). On top of that he's got Ambush, a new standard for bad guys in the game.


Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 4/5
Art: He's gonna eat us!!!/5


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Happy Friday! We have another bonus preview card for you, the first of the new Akatsuki cards, Zetsu!

[Mysterious Existence] (Should be nom nom nom…)

Yay for new ninja, yay for awesome effects. Zetsu as you can see brings in a new level of gameplay, Removed From Game! Now, a lot of people have been whining on the boards about how a RFG zone will make this more like that OTHER anime based card game…the one with attack and defense values…yeah, that game. Thing is, with Naruto, RFG won’t be a second graveyard. Anyway, on to his effect. He eats things, ninja specifically, before Emina can put them back into a deck. Which deck relies heavily on Emina? OC! That’s right, it’s an OC counter. Let them Shadow Clone Jutsu you and mill their ninja, they become food for Zetsu here, and he gets those nifty growth coins. His effect can be used infinitely, even though he can only get two growth coins. He’s a whopping 5/5 4/5 in two turns of eating ninja. Pretty decent if you ask me. Of course, as a villain he has ambush, and I’ve never seen anyone complain about that. I can only hope that we see another ninja in this set that can eat jutsu from the discard pile, to stop all the recycling in its tracks. What sucks though about this card is the lack of a valid effect, and that it says he was from the Leaf Village. Well, we don’t know what village Zetsu is from (and no, it’s not the Grass Village, that’s just speculation because he is a plant) so I just think Bandai should edit the card a bit and remove that symbol. That, and make him valid.

Limited: Can’t say just yet. Depends what else is in the set for this guy.
Constructed: 4/5 (If he were valid though…)
Art: Time for nom nom nom!

The First Hokage
Today we continue our New Chronicle Previews. Todayʼs card is Zetsu.
Zetsu first off seems like a really solid ninja. Heʼs an Earth, Akatsuki, Rogue Ninja, Jonin, Male with Ambush. Heʼs turn 5 with 1 hand cost. Right off the bat he starts off with potential because Earth needs all the help it can get in order to attempt to make into the meta. Zetsu has stats of 3/3 healthy and 2/3 injure which doesnʼt seem that good for a turn 5 ninja, but his effect will make up for it. His effect states: During your mission phase, you can select 3 ninja cards from your discard pile or opponentʼs discard pile, and remove them from game. In that case, place a growth coin on this ninja. The maximum number of growth coins due to this effect is 2. So when Zetsu comes into play, he can almost automatically become a 4/4 and then a 5/5 on turn 6. He seems like a great mini counter to the metaʼs most popular deck in OC Lightning. If you remove your opponentʼs ninja with his effect, your opponent has less recycling power with Emina, so they could indeed deck out if they do not play correctly. To my understanding, Zetsu can use his effect once per turn, and after he receives that last growth coin, he can still use his effect, but will not get a growth coin. Zetsuʼs effect is not valid, but I guess thatʼs a good thing because his injured stats are basically the same as his healthy, so once he is pumped to a 5, heʼll also have a 5 support in injured.

Overall, I can see Zetsu making an impact in Earth decks. The only question that it poses for me is that can we use his effect after the two times and what other support earth will be getting.

My ratings:
Constructed: 4/5
Limited: 4/5
The Poo Toucher So today we have a very special treat (no, not the next installment of our top 10) today, we get a super special (but known) preview, Zetsu from A New Chronicle (set 12)

Zetsu has an incredibly unique ability. During your mission phase you can remove up to three ninjas in either your or your opponents discard pile FROM THE GAME. Now why is this good?

As of right now, the Naruto OC decks (commonly known as "Chain Lightning") rely heavily on self mill. By using things like Shadow Clone Jutsu from Eternal Rivalry (set 6), Naruto's ability-final valley, and Shizune Medical Kunoichi from Approaching Winds (set 11) then using the client Emina from Lineage of Legends (set 10) to recover 5 ninjas a turn along with drawing you a card as well as using Jiraiya Instructor of the Hidden Technique from Eternal Rivalry (set 6) to pick up just about any of the decks powerful jutsu on command (essentially drawing 3 cards a turn instead of 1) With Zetsu (who was unexpectedly given the earth symbol) Earth has begun to combat one of the tier 1 decks as if Zetsu "eats" the opposing jiraiya, it's a crippling event.

Now if that wasn't enough...if Zetsu uses his ability, he gets a GROWTH coin (+1/+1) and he can get 2 (he can "eat" ninjas every turn however) so this 3/3 2/3 becomes a 4/4 3/4 on the turn he's deployed (but in earth, we all know what we're throwing down for the caged bird, so ambushed is proly a more accurate term) and then a 5/5 4/5 the next turn (support wise matching the all mighty fourth hokage!)

Zetsu goes perfectly in a well established earth archetype that the good people here at Oregon have been working on for a few sets now (being a turn 5 was a big deal to all of us) so if this is a taste of what earth has been promoted to be in A New Chronicle we can expect earth to finally be super competitive.

Looking from the other side, Zetsu has many flaws. He won't become a factor until 2 full turns after the opponent drops his Naruto and 1 turn after dropping Sasuke. A full 3 turns after Emina can recover ninjas, so the turn to which this effect greatly limits is effectiveness. He also will reside in the village for a pretty long time as he isn't valid, meaning a damage and you have just ended him entirely.

Being limited to a support ninja is also a big deal, earth has support ninjas, we need a head ninja *looks for Yamato* and with no super playable earth pump jutsu, his stats, while good leave a few things to be desired....

Overall, he could be the savior of earth as a symbol. Or, he could be just another card that we all look at desperately wishing we could play him at our chunin's but know it'd turn out bad. Only time will tell...

Constructed: 4 out of 5. A lot to like, but being earth makes me hug him at arms length.

Limited: 4 out of 5. Ambushed has shown to be a major factor in limited.

Art: 3 out of 5. MOVE SIR!


Zetsu [Mysterious Existence]


Welcome Pojo'ers!  Today, we're reviewing a new Akatsuki, and he's earth!  Zetsu [Mysterious Existence]!


AMBUSH! SUPPORT! JONIN! Something earth needed!  And his effect is something the game needed too.  He can potentially be a 5/5 healthy, 4/5 injured by T6.  Who doesn't want that?


Removing 3 ninjas from the discard pile FROM THE GAME.  FOREVER.  Sorry Emina, your engine is shut down :)  Hopefully, Bandai will not make the RFG pile another discard pile like YGO.  I have faith in them however.


His combat attribute is ?, which is kinda mysterious.  Akatsuki for earth!


Great card, not amazing, but great.


Limited: 4/5

Constructed: 4/5

N. Jolly

Here's one of the new Akasuki we were promised this set, and thankfully, he's earth, which mean earth has a Jonin that's not Asuma!  He's a T5, HC1, 3/3 2/3 ninja who just so happens to herald a new effect into the game...that's right, removed from game!  During your main phase, you can "eat" three ninjas in your opponent's discard pile and remove them from play.  If you do that, Zetsu get's a growth coin, max of two coins.  But maxing out on coins doesn't stop his eating, so you can chow down on your opponent's discard pile until it's bare of ninjas, making Enima, and to a lesser extent, Boxed Lunch worse cads.

Earth needed a card like this, and not just a card, but a theme like this.  I hope removed from game is an earth ability only, because that'll give people a reason to run it again, and make sure that it has it's own identity again rather than just saying "Hey, earth has Byakugan..shut up!"

Constructed:4.5/5 I really like this card, and Earth is going to run it.
Limited:3.5/5 Less reasons to run it, but still a huge support horse.
Art:Scary/5 Zetsu's coming to get you!
Alright, to end the week, here's a card for an element that needed something BADLY, and it finally got it. Everyone, say hello to Zetsu, aka, the only Akatsuki member not to fight yet in anime or manga. Now the first thing you'll look at is his stats and will be outraged, they are underwhelming for a turn 5. But his effect more than makes up for it. He slows down Naruto OC by removing 3 ninja from your opponents discard (or your own if you please), and he gets a growth from it. That means by turn 6 (if you were smart enough to do his effect when dropping him) he's a 5/5 of death. Oh, and you can keep using his effect, he just won't get his power up anymore. For Earth, this is huge. It gives them even more control of the game, and super support, and slowing down Naruto OC is always good. We'll need to see how it does later but for now, yay for Earth.

Constructed: 4.5/5 (only reason it's not perfect, it's Earth)
Limited: 5/5 (from what I hear, Earth is huge this set, so if you pull this, yay)
Art: I'm going to eat you!!!/5


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