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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Countdown: Top 10 Naruto Cards of 2008

#6: Kakashi Hatake
[Anbu Days]


Review Date: 01.09.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.75
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

6: Kakashi (Anbu Days)

This is one version of Kakashi that's quite friendly towards Ninja Dog Decks. Potential swarming, plus pumping up are quite nice. Add to that Mental Power, and you've got yourself one great Fire Ninja.


2008 Stone
Village Kage
For today we have a card that kind of surprised me as to its position on the list. I know it's not used in my meta at all, but it must be popular elsewhere, or it wouldn't have shown up here. Happy Friday though!

# 6
Kakashi Hatake
[Anbu Days]

Definitely not a bad effect, fishing out ninja dogs from the discard or chakra. Plus, he gets a boost for every ninja dog in play. This Kakashi has mental too, which is always nice. Assuming you have about 3 ninja dogs in play after dropping him, he'll sit at a nice 8/5 when healthy. Thats pretty beastly for turn 4 stats. Only thing is, he's not valid, so as soon as he takes a single hit, he drops to a meager 3/2, so keep him protected. Personally though, unless you fill your deck with dogs, I don't see use for this guy; and to me Uchiha has always been the way to go with fire. Not only that, but we have a better Kakashi from LoL. Given though, this was part of the winning Sannin deck, so you have to give it some credit.

Constructed: 3/5 (There are better Kakashi out there)
Limited: 2/5 (Good luck finding ninja dogs...)
Art: If you have a sword, why use two kunai?
6: Kakashi (Anbu Days)

Now for a surprise on the countdown, a card that almost single handedly (along with couple more cards on this countdown) helped Jerry B. win the Sannin this past year. That is Kakashi Anbu Days. It has the basic turn 4 Kakashi stats, which are good, MP: 3, always a plus, and a decent effect. A turn 4 swarm is always cool, especially if Kuromaru and Double Headed Wolf are sitting in the chakra or discard, and Kakashi gets a +1/+1 for each Ninja Dog in play. Now, that means right now the most possible is a +3/+3, if you actually play Pakkun (a much easier task now with the good one from AW), Kuromaru and Akamaru/DHW in your deck. The only problem is that he needs to be in a Ninja Dog deck to be successful and there aren't many of those. I probably wouldn't have put it in the top 10, but winning a Sannin ups your street cred so in it goes.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Limited: 1/5 (even with LB, there are no good Ninja Dogs in the Chosen really, good luck).
Art: He's going to stab you...look out/5
Ryu Juini Kakashi Hatake [Anbu Days]

A card that took the 2008 Sannin's by surprise, this is definitely one of my favorite cards, and not for that reason. For a while before the 2008 Sannin, I was toying around with a dog deck, and did surprisingly well with it. I regret not going to A-Kon with it, but alas...

The ability to bring into play up to two Ninja Dogs (Akamaru, Kuromaru, Pakkun) isn't all that great on it's own, seeing as the current candidates aren't all that hot... but Kakashi in himself is something to be aware of. 5/2, 3/2 is hardly bad for the Turn 4 Slot, 3 Mental Power is far above average, and the self-pumping ability to turn into a, most games, a 7/4? Incredible.

Coupled with the fact Kakashi has a line of extremely powerful Jutsus, and you have a very underrated card.

The First Hokage
Kakashi [Anbu Days]

Today weʼre moving to our #6 card in the top 10, but I really have no idea why this Kakashi would make it over another certain Kakashi.

This will be a short review because I personally don't like this card. It was only good for a one time incident, but I guess it could get better if he gets more support. This is a turn 4 Kakashi with 3 mental power. Heʼs a 5/2, 3/2 with two effects that are nice. Kakashi can put into up to 2 ninja dogs from your discard pile or chakra area. And for each ninja dog in play Kakashi gets +1/+1. So if you have 2 in playing, Kakashi is a 7/4. I like this card, but I donʼt think it deserves to be in the top 10. It was definitely a well built card, but I think there were better choices for this card. I think it was because the Sannin of 08 used this Kakashi and ended up winning the Sannin randomly no offense to Jerry.
Overall, heʼs a solid Kakashi, but I believe there are better options out there than a dedicated ninja dog deck.
My ratings:

Constucted: 3.5/5
Limited: 4/5
Mylo Kakashi (Anbu days)

Matching up with #8 from 2008, this installment of kakashi is very unique. When he is put in play, you can put 2 ninja dog ninjas in your discard or chakra into play. For every ninja dog in play, He gets +1/+1 when sent out to battle. So if you get his effect off, you have a 7/4 ninja and two additional ninjas. He creates a severe advantage. Although he has no valid effect, he is atrocious otherwise.
The Poo Toucher Today we go over a very special card, and one of the most influential released this year.....number 6 Kakashi Hatake Anbu Days from the Chosen (set 9)

This is the most underrated Kakashi in the game, During his format (the chosen) he sparked a new archetype that ended up topping the sanin (national event) that alone makes me think he greatly influences this game, people tend to want to play what will win, and right after the sanin everyone was attempting to play a deck just like it.

Kakashi is a turn 4 that fetches (bad pun alert!) up to 2 ninja dogs from your chakra area or discard pile (shades of ambush?) and put them into play, then when he's sent out he get's +1/+1 for each dog. What I think I like most about this kakashi is that he provides an exceptional addition to the team power in either the head ninja or the back ninja position (cards like this are what dreams are made of) because in its time, the deck ran 3 of that annoying Gaara Tragic Name guy who's a 4/0 so using this kakashi as a back ninja along with, oh let's say temari is a team of 10 that can damage at any point (before ninja chaining rules even) that's why over 9000 had it's hands full.

There are a few bad points, playing Kakashi Anbu means that you can't play Kakashi ES or TWO (this was before Lol) and that if you played a turn 5 at all, it was itachi Despair from Battle of Destiny (set 8) which wasn't bad as he could use all of your jutsu (was a prime canadate for Suicidal Action) but it lacked the strong arm tactics of a kakashi on 5. They have since fixed this problem with Itachi Goal but in it's format it was a small deck building problem.

Overall, this is the best Kakashi of 08 to build a deck around, he has many up sides to him that get bigger as sets go on (as long as we get ninja dogs) and influenced this game away from the "play Gaara Immense Power or lose" way of thinking.

Constructed: 4/5. He was very very good

Limited: 4/5. Solid head or support ninja.

Art: 4/5. I love the anbu Kakashi art

Until next time, truly yours. The Poo Toucher.


Kakashi Hatake [Anbu Days]


Welcome Pojo'ers!  Today's card of the day is doggie style Kakashi Hatake [Anbu Days].


This card didn't see much play until Sannin of 2008 Jerry Balentuangin showed how good it was.  Now, dog decks are pretty popular.  This is a great addition to the T4 Kakashis, with a 5/2 healthy and 3/2 injured, and a great effect.  He nets you 2 ninjas, and he gets +1/+1 when he's sent out to battle for each of them.  Seeing as 2 ninja dogs are fire also fits the playability.  He also has 3 mental power.


The only problem I see is, he only fits in a dog deck.  He is a Kakashi Hatake, however.  Fire decks should always run Kakashi.


I can't really say much about this card.  It's an average card, it makes the dog deck playable.


Limited: 3/5

Constructed: 3.5/5

N. Jolly
6. Kakashi Hatake-Anbu Days

Now this is the Dog Kakashi that made a splash ever since the most recent Sannin used to to triumph over the 9k days...that's all I really have to say about this card. I don't like it, and I don't see why it took this spot on the list. This is really the only card that I disagree with, as I don't like that this "Sannin" card was given such hype.

Yeah, it's a good card, but I don't think it was nearly as good as they said it was...and I don't like it.

Constructed: 2.5/5 It's an okay card, but not a game changer like the last card was, or the last, or the last...

Limited: Start this card at 2, and give it one more for each different dog you draft/5

Art: 4/5 Kakashi does look good as an Anbu, and this is probably one of his better Anbu picks.


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