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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Growth of the Two


Review Date: 01.08.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.00
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

More Growth

Welcome to today's COTD, Naruto Fans. Today's card, a break from the Top 10, is More Growth. This card makes any growth coin on a Ninja worth +2/+2 rather than just +1/+1. This is great with decks that use cards that put a growth coins on Ninjas alongside the normal growth mechanic. Missions such as Inquiry (which heal and gives Ninjas growth coins) come to mind. In constructed this card is gonna rock. Try it and see.


Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 3.5/5
Art: Someone got Pwn3d!/5


2008 Stone
Village Kage
So, we have our top ten. But today, we have a special bonus treat. I’m sure most of you have heard that we here at Pojo were getting special previews from Bandai. Well, that’s true. If you’ve been listening to Zero’s Podcast, you know some of the new cards already. Maybe you were curious about the art, maybe you wanted a review? Well we have both! Special Review from Approaching Wind incoming!

The Growth of the Two

Mission cards make for fun previews. Most times when one is shown, people start thinking “Hm…what can I combo that with…” or “Wow, that’s garbage.” This one is more of the first. Boosts are nice, especially passive ones like growth. Making growth coins worth more means that your ninja are generally more powerful than theirs, and as long as the battle doesn’t come down to mental, they have to fire off jutsu or ninja effects first. Permanent effect, that’s pretty nice. It’ll combo well with “Youth of the Leaf Village” and “Growthkage.” Nothing like super coin boosts, right? I’d find it sitting best in any lightning or fire deck that’s heavy on low turn growth ninja. The only downside to this card is that it’s turn 2. I personally think it should be 1 or 0 so that you can get it’s effect immediately. I’m pretty positive we won’t see this card much in competitive play, but in drafts those small boosts are game breaking.

Limited: 4/5
Constructed: 2/5 (Unfortunately, Lightning, Fire and Wind all have better mission cards)
Art: Sakura is cute. I love her Shippuden look.
Alright, this is the second preview/review for the new set A New Chronicle (technically Itachi Goal on the Top 10 was the first) and today it is Growth of the Two. Now this card is great to abuse with the Third Hokage GotV the only problem is you have to be running Fire with this card or Lightning or Wind with the Third. It's mostly to be used with the new Shippuden Sakura and Naruto who also have growth, imagine a 6/5 possible 8/0 Sakura beatstick along with Naruto's 8/0 injured. That's pretty insane. But in two elements where missions are pretty much set, maybe not so much in Lightning, this card just isn't worthy of a slot. Run it as secret tech if you want but it's not really that great.

Constructed: 2/5 (has some potential)
Limited: 1/5 (this is tentative, I'll have to see what else is in the set)

The First Hokage
Growth of the Two

Today is the first preview for the next Naruto set Approaching Wind and it’s called Growth of the Two.

The card is a turn 2 Wind/Lightning Mission with a hand cost of 1 and an effect of: Growth coins on your ninjas are considered to be +2/+2. I like the card especially in dedicated Growth deck to gain lots and lots of power, however, growth as a complete deck type has never taken off, so I am not sure exactly what to think. Fire decks have the most growth potential with Third Hokage[GOTV] and the Youth of the Lands of Fire, however, since this card is Lightning/Wind, I do not see this card being used in Fire. It seems decent, but I think it will be a card that is left in the dust.

My Ratings:

Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 3/5
Mylo Artwork looks so sick!!

Growth of the Two
Wind/Lightning mission turn 2. Permanent. All growth coins are considered to be +2/+2. This card can very well be one of the best growth based missions ever! There are several ways to abuse this card, but the best combo that comes to mind is this and The 3rd Hokage (Guardian of the Village) Regardless, if you run a deck that involves mass amounts of growth, give this a shot.

Limited:-/5 not out quite yet
Constructed:In growth 4/5 otherwise 1/5 (don't splash this thing)

Growth of the Two

Welcome Pojo'ers! Today we're reviewing our first preview from "A New Chronicle", Growth of the Two.

Lightning/Wind mission, T2, 1 HC, and permanent. So far so good. Let's look further into the card.

All your growth coins are considered +2/+2. Wait, wha? That's whack. You thinking what I'm thinking? The Third Hokage [Guardian of the Village]? Shikamaru Nara [Thinking Mode]? Growthing ninjas the old fashion way?

Let's see the problem here... Wind and Lightning don't really get growth coins from ANY GOOD effect of their element. So that means, for this card to be affective, you must mix Lightning or Wind with Fire or Earth, and probably splash Shikamaru [TM].

It's a good card with a good effect, but it just doesn't suit its element at the moment. I like how it's permanent too.

Limited: 1.5/5
Constructed: 3/5

N. Jolly
Growth of the Two

Now here's a new card from A New Chronicle, and it's a fun little number by the name of Growth of the Two, and it's a card that Dragonball dreams of...

What this little doozy does is make any growth coin into a +2/+2, which is a pretty nice effect, as a decent amount of cards in those elements have growth. Give it to water, and it's garbage. But my fave future combo is playing this, and then Inquiry to heal all my injured ninja as well as making them huge. Adding this to all of the other fun to growth ninja, running this with Shikamaru: Thinking Mode, and you'll have massive genins, which could combo again with the new Kono Moe Udon squad, which start with growth anyway. That right there could make for a Genin swing deck, or really help out a NVS deck.

Constructed:3/5 It's fun, and it pretty much has it's own deck waiting for it.
Limited:1/5 As I said, it's own deck, not just a draftable card.
Art:2/5 Shippuden art like this is boring, which is sad.


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