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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Countdown: Top 10 Naruto Cards of 2008

#8: Itachi Uchiha


Review Date: 01.07.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.50
Limited: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

8: Itachi Uchiha (Goal)

This is one version of Itachi that's been popular since it came out. Fire + Sharingan Eye + Ambush... that's insane! But, it works. Now, his effect is something that you shouldn't laugh at. He and an opposing Ninja can go to Stand-By in a flash. This can truly put a dent in your opponent's plans... and that's why they call this effect [Goal].


Constructed: 4/5
Art: If he won't stab you, he'll just cut himself.../5


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Itachi Uchiha

Beast Mode at its finest. Lets see what it's got. Fire card with Uchiha in its name to get super boosts? Check. Sharingan Eye to negate jutsu? Yep, got that. Ambush? Very much so. Low turn? Yeah, it's a turn 5 that can drop out on turn 4 with Symbol of the Proud Clan or Naruto [Legacy from the 4th Hokage]. Insane effect? Yeah, got that too. Well, it seems Itachi here has the makings of a truly insane card. He' best use is that he can wreck a jutsu chain at the cost of 1 chakra. He and the opposing ninja become standby, making all justu used by that ninja prior to the bouncing fail. He's even better to stop chump blockers. Put him as a back ninja, then when your opponent chumps against him, remove the ninja and score two battle rewards. I don't really think there is anything bad about this card. Making him valid would make him broken, so I'm glad Bandai left that out.

Constructed: 5/5
Limited: 5/5

Itachi Uchiha [Goal]

Welcome Pojo'ers! Today's card of the day is one of the newest; Itachi Uchiha [Goal].

How was this card #8 of 2008? It should have been top 5 easily. I suppose some people probably forgot about him since he's new.

Standard Itachi stats, 6/3 healthy and 2/3 injured. He's also a 5 drop, and gives you room for 3 Third Hokages. This Itachi has been talked about as the new "brokage"; I disagree. Ever since the chain-ge of ninja effects, this Itachi isn't unstoppable at all.

He's fire obviously. His effect is a very powerful one, and worth 1 chakra. Whether Itachi is in a team of yours or not, you can take apart one of your opponent's teams with just him, or stop a chump blocker in its tracks for 2 BR's. He can also negate a Jutsu if used correctly. Let's not forget about Ambush either.

Why is this card so hyped over about? Try him out yourself. But be careful - you may run into an opponent's Goal, or Formidable Visual Jutsu to overcome yours.

The only downside I see to this card is, he's not valid. Of course there's also that 1 chakra you have to pay for his effect, but it'd be rediculous if his effect was free.

Team of Sasuke OC, Kakashi ETDF, and Itachi G = board control. Or at least it should if played correctly.

Limited: 5/5
Constructed: 4.5/5 The best Itachi? Pretty close. Depends if you like Goal or FVJ better.

The First Hokage

Itachi Uchiha[Goal]


Continuing the top 10 countdown, we arrive at #8, which is one of my favorite cards because of the art… Itachi Uchiha[Goal] from Approaching Wind.


This is one of the most expensive cards in the game to date ever since the Super Rare ratio went to 1:6. He banks in at around $50 if not possibly more.

This card has been hyped to the extreme, but is he really that good? I think he is and I can explain why.


Itachi has to be one of most versatile 5 drops that fire has. Yes, he’s moved down from turn 6 to turn 5 with the same stats. He’s a 6/3 healthy, and a 2/3 injured. He has all of his regular attributes including the new one “Ambush,”

which gives him an edge over any previous Itachi. He is best suited for Mono Fire and probably Fire/X element. I like to run him in Uchiha Family since Proud Symbol gives him a nice +1/+1 and Fugaku can make him a beat stick if he was a head ninja. Most people prefer to use Itachi as a support ninja because of his effect. His effect reads: During the exchange of Jutsu, you can discard

1 of your chakras. In that case this ninja and one ninja battling against the user become stand by ninjas.  That effect is really nasty. You move away Itachi as a support ninja to get rid of your opponent’s head ninja while blocking. Then during your turn, your opponent’s previous head ninja is alone while Itachi can get organized back onto a team. He’s definitely a thread.

Since the new chaining rules came out, if your opponent were to play something like Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu on your team, you can just chain Itachi to get rid of the user, and then the Jutsu would fizzle. His effect would’ve been amazing if the new chaining rules didn’t come into play. However, even though this Itachi is amazing, it does not come without flaws. His effect is not valid first off, so anything that can deal damage to Itachi after you already chained his effect would resolve and negate Itachi’s effect since he is not valid. There are a few cards that come in mind. Lightning plays Shuriken to the max, so by making Itachi injured during the exchange of Jutsu, he’ll miss his timing since he is healed during the showdown.


All in all though, this Itachi is definitely one of the best out there because he is turn 5 instead of all lot of his versions being turn 6. He has a really nasty effect that your opponent is going to have to play around. However, he does come with down sides. The new chaining rule hurts him, and anything that puts Itachi into injured status also hinders him. He’s still another fantastic addition to fire if you have the $50 or so to shell out for him.


My Ratings:


Constructed:  4.5/5

Limited: 5/5

Art: 5/5

The Poo Toucher Today we are reviewing one of the most influential cards released of the year...number 8 Itachi Uchiha Goal from Approaching Winds (set 11).

Itachi is an interesting card, this set as a whole has made people rethink on how they want to curve their decks and this is one of those cards.

Itachi has many, many plus sides, he's got all those turn 6 itachi stats (6/3 2/3) as well as the ambush characteristic in a turn 5. His effect is so good it makes fire players collectivly rethink if kakashi is they're best turn 5. During the Exchange of Jutsu, for 1 chakra you can remove him and any opposing ninja from their teams and put them in the village. This means that:

1. You can essentialy negate a jutsu card as ninjas in the village are prohibited from using jutsu.

2. On the Offensive, you can eliminate chump blocking (a common phrase which means to block the opponents big teams with a substantially weaker ninja to prevent the opponent from winning any battle rewards. Chump blocking is most commonly seen with a team of just 1 ninja) which gives it a similar ability to our #9 card.

Before the release of this card, fire was very much a 0-6 curve, playing an even spread of each turn to consistantly hit each turn on the first turn they can be played. After this card, I personally have seen a much wider variety of curving, going from 0-1 turn 6's (before all I saw was 2-3) all the way to 4-5 turn 4's! (before it was strange to see more than 2-3) good going bandai, you are creating diversity in this game with release of cards like Itachi Uchiha Goal.

Ninja Dog decks also got a massive boost thanks to Itachi. The only really game changer on turn 5 in fire was kakashi (who in ninja dog decks is a turn 4 anbu days version) so if I saw any turn 5's in that deck at all, they were Itachi Despair from Battle of Destiny (set 8) now we have an amazing turn 5 with Itachi Goal.

The only real downside to this card is that it isn't valid and it needs to be battling. Now that may not seem like much of a downside but with shuriken seeing rediculous ammount of play, it has to be mentioned...

Overall, I would like to personally thank bandai for this card, It brings an extra demension to this game. Because of this card, in a major tourny I will probobly never see the same fire curve twice and I like that.

Constructed: 4 out of 5. No card is perfect, but it absolutly desirves it's place on this list.

Limited: 4 out of 5. Super rare with a golden effect, sounds good to me.

Art: 3 out of 5. Not super impressed, but can't say it's bad.

Until next time, truly yours. The Poo Toucher

N. Jolly
8. Itachi-Goal

Now here's an Itachi we can all be proud of...instead of Itachi-Fierce Visual Jutsu...and this card is really an example of why the new rules are good. For one chakra of any kind, you can remove both Itachi and one Ninja battling him from the team and make them standby ninjas. This, much like Sasuke, is a new way for fire to negate Jutsu...because it's not like they have Sharingan Eye or anything...

He's a T5 6/3, 2/3 with ambush, which makes him good, as he has the same old Itachi stats a turn earlier, a new way to bring him out, and the same awesome support that Itachi has always given, this time with a new and hardcore effect. Now Fire has even more ways to deal with jutus, and that is really what allows fire to control the game. Giving it this is just unneeded.

If you're running any hint of Sharingan in your Fire deck, which you have to, this'll probably be the Itachi that you main deck, siding the Stabtachi for your matches against Lightning.

Constructed-4.5/5 Still great, but not perfect, lacking a valid effect.
Limited-5/5 You draft him, you run him.
Art-4/5 My fav Itachi art, but still, he's always going to look awesome, so it's not hard to make him look good.


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