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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Countdown: Top 10 Naruto Cards of 2008

#10: Sasuke Uchiha
[Complete Opening of the Eyes]


Review Date: 01.05.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.38
Limited: Starter Deck

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

10: Sasuke (Complete Opening of the Eyes)

This is one card that has found its way in many a deck. By simply discarding two cards from your hand its like performing Sharingan Eye (as in negating and discarding the jutsu that was just played by your opponent). It's a Starter Deck Super Rare from set 11, so it's not that hard to find. Though it lacks such characteristics as rank, it's still a good turn 3 Ninja, particularly for Fire.


Limited: Starter/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: P-O'd Emo!/5


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had fun. I'd like to welcome you to our "Top 10 Cards of 2008" Countdown! We'll be counting down the best of the best of 2008; those cards that changed the game and help you win in a pinch. We'll start with ten through five this week, and continue with the top five next week. So here we go, at number 10:

# 10
Sasuke Uchiha
[Complete Opening of the Eyes]

We saw a lot of variations on Sasuke this year, mainly because we saw the Battle at the Valley of the End in the anime. Naturally, we'd see a lot of characters from that arc, especially our two main heroes. Personally, I think we have three different Sasuke that can be run in a fire deck or splashed in others (this, OC, and Breaking off the Connection), and this is one of my favorites. For the simple cost of any two cards from your hand, you can negate ANY jutsu being played. No specific targets, no specific cards have to be discarded from hand; you can negate with impunity. Here is the beauty of it, he doesn't even have to be battling. So, our little emo friend here can just sit back and play the nice little "Sharingan on a Stick" role. Honestly, you don't even want him to be battling, because he's vunerable to the ever popular shuriken jutsu card. This card gets even better, its a starter deck card! Meaning, you can have this card no problem for a small ten dollars, plus you get some other starter exclusives and a Drifting Clouds. Pretty decent deal if you ask me. Want more negation for low cost? Use him in conjunction with Karenbana. That's two potential floating negations that you can use (and splash in almost any deck) that will keep your opponent locked down. Gotta love the card. The only problem is, if you are running this in threes, you can't run the other two beastly Sasuke. But, that's mostly a matter of personal choice.

Constructed: 5/5
Limited: 5/5 (It comes in the starter...)
Art: Now thats an evil eye.
Ryu Juini Card #2: Sasuke Uchiha [Complete Opening of the Eyes]

One of the most influential cards in the meta, and doesn't even need to be played in a specific deck. Sasuke Uchiha is my #2 for 2008, and is likely the same for most others.

One of the most powerful ninjas in the game, with over-the-par stats for his drop, a devastating effect, and being on one of the most supportive elements in the game, Sasuke is a force to be reckoned with.

His power is his effect, which is one of the most overpowered ones seen around. 2 cards to shut down your opponent is a solid deal, especially if it wins you the game there and then. This card is feared for a reason, and feared it should be.

Unless something changes, expect to see Sasuke in 2-3's in most Top Decks.

The First Hokage
Sasuke Uchiha[Complete Opening of the Eyes]

Sorry for the lack of reviews over the past several weeks. This week and next week is our countdown of the top 10 cards that were released in 2008. Today we'll start off with number ten and work our way down to #1.

At number ten, we have the starter exclusive Super Rare Sasuke Uchiha[Complete Opening of the Eyes]. This card came straight from the Approaching Wind starter decks at the latter end of November. This card has been a smash hit on the meta since its release.

Sasuke is a very versatile card. He's a turn 3, Fire ninja with nice stats of
5/2 in healthy, and horrid injured stats of 0/0. Sasuke is best in an Uchiha Family deck or currently being splashed in a lot of decks for his very versatile effect of negating Jutsu for the cost of 2 cards in your hand. With this Uchiha family deck that uses cards like Symbol of the Proud Clan, Fugaku Uchiha, and Mikoto Uchiha, Sasuke's overall power gets a push to the top.
Sasuke is more of a head ninja compared to being a support ninja even though he does have two support. Being splashed into other decks is no problem. Just take a look at Chain Lightning, a very popular deck now that involved Naruto[OC] and Shadow Clone Jutsu and also runs this Sasuke. The deck runs almost no negation in terms of Jutsu besides Sasuke, and that's why he's good.
Chain Lightning cycles ninjaback into the deck via the client Emina, which will give you an extra draw per turn as long as you have the 5 ninja. The discarding effect of Sasuke doesn't hurt Chain Lightning because they also run The Reunion of the Former teacher, which allows the player to draw to 3 cards at the beginning of the turn when you have 2 or less. Sasuke will almost ensure that your Shadow Clone Jutsu will go off, or in Uchiha Family, your 8 Trigram will resolve without it being negated by your opponent. I love using this card over Sasuke[OC] even though Sasuke has huge stats for a turn 4 and can't be touched by anything your opponent has. The versatility of this Sasuke is unprecedented and is a very nice addition to the turn 3 ninja slot.


Constructed: 4.1/5
Limited: Starter Deck/5
Mylo Sasuke (Complete Opening of the Eyes)
Who ever thought a starter super would be one of the best cards to come out of 2008? Not me, but it is a very good choice. He's 5/2 healthy, 0/0 Injured. He has all the classic sasuke attributes, and a twisted effect. The ability to negate any jutsu at a 2 card discard makes any deck with copies of sharigan eye that much more disgusting. And since he is a 3 drop, he takes the early game by storm. Not bad for an emo kid.

Constructed: 4.5/5 (only due to slightly better options)
Megamarik Sasuke Uchiha [Complete Opening of the Eyes]

Welcome Pojo'ers!  Today's Card of the day is Sasuke Uchiha [Complete Opening of the Eyes].

Coming from the Approaching Wind Starters, this Sasuke is one of the most played now.  I'll admit, when I first looked at it, I didn't like this card.  However, after looking through the cost, it is a really good card.  What you need to judge on, is whether you like to discard 2 cards from your hand (thus you need this ninja on the field), or play a jutsu (1 card from your hand AND a jutsu cost) to negate with. 

What makes this card solid, is the effect.  You can splash him in any deck and he'll be a negation for you MULTIPLE TIMES, but once per turn.  A good Sasuke indeed.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Limited: Starter/5.

The Poo Toucher Hello all you naruto fans! We have a special treat for you, we are going over the 10 cards that have most effected this game in 2008. That means we will be talking about sets 8-11, we start with our #10

Sasuke Uchiha, Complete Opening of the Eyes is only this low because of how recent it was introduced (if this was, let's say in set 8, we're talking T5 IMO) He has an ability that is making many many people re-think their stance on how to set up curve in relation to turn 3. Before this (as well as sakura growing power and naruto growing power both out of set 11) turn 3 was mostly filled with on-color ninjas and did not exceed 2-3 (unless of course we are talking about tempo decks) but he has a few key things that have sparked a revolution in that thinking.

The first thing is the most obvious. In the game as it is now, the best ninja are unaffected by damage and removal. Making your jutsu lineup conform to this is difficult, and as a result, a lot of decks rely heavily upon negation and pumps because they can indirectly affect said ninjas. Sasuke can negate any jutsu card being played as long as you have 2 cards in your hand. With a solid draw source this can be once every turn, that alone gives him T10 status.

Sasuke also falls on a turn that overall is pretty underwhelming. Upon release of this card, most decks play only ninjas on turn 3 that are the same color as their jutsu and mission cards (thus the phrase on-color) which meant that you had Hayate DAP from Curse of the Sand (set 3), maby the double-headed wolf from Battle of Destiny (set 8) in fire, Shizune Intensive Care from Battle of Destiny (set 8) was well liked in wind (now people like medical kunoichi from the new set but we're talking pre-AW), Lightning was in love with Naruto Overflowing Chakra (broksauce naruto from the tin) or Anko Blocking the Ambition from the Chosen (set 9), Water is attached to a different sasuke, living in the dark world from Lineage of Legends (set 10) and every now and again, I see a Tayuya State 1 from Quest for Power (set 7) in there. In earth, I fell head over heels for Nagare from Lineage of Legends (set 10) but I've seen a wide variety of things in there because earth is more of a fun element for now. With that mind-set, a ninja who was a 5/2 healthy (darn sasuke syndrome) and can negate jutsu without battling is a thing of dreams.

The final positive I'll get into about this card is this. Can anyone honestly name a amazing sasuke uchiha that's not a broksauce OC? Beyond the Limits from revenge and rebirth (set 4) is in huge decline as he has sasuke syndrome and needs to be a head ninja for his effect to be effective (chidori only boosts the combat), Firm Determination from lineage of legends has become a stand-by but has no effect if he's battling later in the game, the promo Firm Determination falls on a turn that is primarily used as a support turn, and living in the dark world from lineage of legends only has a effect if you are on the offensive, granted it's a great effect but he still has to be sent out to battle to use his effect. This sasuke is a gold standard for the character in the same way control of power from revenge and rebirth is a gold standard for the naruto character. He is highly effective in any element and because of that he has made the top 10 for the year.

Like most cards (darn OC's ruining bandai's rep) sasuke does have a few flaws to it. He's not valid, so he's going to remain in the village a lot of games (making his 5/2 status more of a bling-bling effect than being a factor). He also can only use his effect ONCE per turn, so you have to be careful when you activate his ability. He also cost 2 cards (one more than his japan effect I think) and that may not seem like much, but you need to have a solid draw source to abuse him, otherwise he's just a beefcake of a ninja.

That said, he is an amazing ninja, and I know that if I am building a deck, he's one of the first turn 3's I look at (along with DAP Hayate).

Constructed: 4 out of 5. Not perfect, but does exactly what he needs to, and brings more beef to a turn I thought could use it.

Limited: N.A. Starter exclusive making me pay $30 for a playset (well played bandai, well played)

Art: 1 out of 5. I, personally am not a fan.
N. Jolly 10. Sasuke-Complete Opening of the Eyes(COOTE)

Well, we're to the top ten of Naruto, and to start with we've got one of my favoire characters, Sasuke in this most ran form. With this card, you can drop two cards from your hand at one point in the chain to negate a jutsu. That right there makes him splashable in any deck that isn't using a different Sasuke, and that my friend is power.

This card is good, and not because it's massively over statted, but because it's effect can be used if it's not battling. So if your opponent has two cards in hand, they have a Sharingan Eye, period, but it can be stopped by Shuriken, but if you're running lightning, you're running this anyway. With a card this versitile, you don't need much else backing you up, and you have the added bonus of Sharingan with it.

This card is incredible, and pretty much staple, which was
something that I expected when I saw this card, but it's exploded even more than I thought it could.

This is one of the game changers of 2008, and if you ever end up facing it, you'll know why.

Constructed: 4.75/5 It's good, but not perfect because it lacks a valid effect
Limited: is not possible, as it's a starter deck card.
Art: Ugly/5 I hate it, and Sasuke looks stupid, and I hate it.


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