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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Exclusive Series #12 Preview:

A Mark


Review Date: 01.23.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 2.50
Limited: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

A Mark

Simple name for a simple effect that can truly help you. After activation you have two turns to use it. The effect allows you to discard (not charge) a Jutsu that requires either the Insect combat attribute and/or Shino as the user to pick one card (any card) from your deck and place it in your hand (shuffling afterwards). This can help you with any situation. Try it and see.


Limited: 1/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: OK, it's just ONE bug.../5

Ryu Juini A Mark

Not bad for Insect/Shino decks, I guess. It could help pull out certain combo cards involving the deck. Will it see play? Maybe in a fun-based Shino/Insect deck, sure! Will those see competitive play? Hard to say. Neither user has protection or huge stats at this time. We'll have to wait and see.

But hey, Insect Whirlwind might enjoy this card!

Rating: 2/5 - Cool for the deck it's in, but the deck it's in hasn't seen competitive play.
A Mark

All of it.

A Mark is a great tutor. Basically, transform one.... "Aburame" jutsu into any card in your deck. I have nothing to say about this card because it's theme-specific and we don't know how many.... "Aburame" Jutsus we'll be getting.

x/5, x= # Of Bug jutsus we have (currently 2)
Art: Eeeeeeewww.
Fun Fact: Katsuyu's a dude.
Megamarik Welcome Pojo'ers! Today we move along with more bug cards! Today's card is A Mark.

Permanent (2), T3 H1, Wind. It requires you discarding a jutsu. That's not necessarily a good thing. Did I mention it required discarding a specific jutsu? I assume it's worth discarding it to search any card from your deck, but I don't see anybody loading their deck with Insect/Shino jutsu. I guess I could see this used with Parasetic Insects: Whirlwind, but that's about it.

It's a good idea, but there needs to be more useful jutsu before this decktype becomes competitive.

Constructed: 2.5/5
Limited: 1/5
N. Jolly M-385 A Mark

And here's the end of insect...and Tsunade kinda week, and it ends on a very objective card.

A permanent (2) mission, if you discard a jutsu with Requirements: Insect or Shino, you can search your deck for any card, show it to your opponent, and place it in your hand.

Wow, this card is both good and bad at the same time. It's a minus 2 no matter how many times it's used, and to lose a jutsu is very tough. Best use? Pitching jutsu to power Insect Whirlwind...man, seems to be a keynote of the deck...if insect had a better closer, this would be good, but they don't really have a great end game card.

Constructed:2/5Yeah, it has no closer
Limited:1/5Specific card is not good.
Art:1/5A headband? Really?
Friday, January 23, 2009
A Mark
Wind - Mission T3 H1

Super tutor. Not bad. Just heavily restricted.

This card is hard to review because of how limited it is. Finally we get an amazing Shino and Gen, which is great for all those Insect Jutsus. Yep. Insect Jutsus. How many are there? What are they? Even I don't know unless I were to do research, which I honestly don't think it even worth doing. Yesterday's card is decent, good to chain but that requires Shino or Gen around.

The problem with this card is that it requires you to fill your deck with subpar cards that only have two users in your deck at most. Tutoring any card is great and you get to do it twice! But that requires three cards in hand: A Mark, Wind, and an Insect jutsu. Not exactly a common occurrence if you don't want to get smacked around.

To sum this up: great effect. Tutoring is always good. But the restrictions are high, and you'll probably get smacked around too much to have the tutor worth it in the end. Go ahead and mess around with it, especially if you want an Insect side strategy, but as a main strategy you'll need to make something powerful that's worth tutoring for. Perhaps just running massive draw sounds better.

Constructed 2.2/5 - Great effect with a horrible stamping requirement.
Limited 1/5 - Are you serious?

The best use of this card IMO? Modifying it into an Insect Ninja for your Shino [Insect Warriors]. That's what I plan to do. Perfect image!


2008 Stone
Village Kage
A Mark

Our only mission to be previewed this week, “A Mark” further fuels the draw engine of the insect deck. You can discard any insect jutsu card (or Shino jutsu) to tutor out any card that you wish. Now the cool thing about discarding these jutsu, is it once again fuels Shino’s Parasitic Insects: Whirlwind jutsu. Plus, you have gotten anything you may have been missing from the setup, be it jutsu, Gen, or Shino himself. Unless you are pointlessly loading your deck with insect cards, you won’t use this outside of the insect deck. It’s great for the deck type though.

Constructed: 4/5 (In an insect deck)
Limited: 1/5 (We only have 1 insect jutsu…so this will be junk in limited)
The Poo


lulz, anyway today we go over a card that might spark an entire archetype in our favorite color, A Mark from set 12.

A Mark is a turn 3 permanent 2 mission that lets you discard a jutsu card with the requirement insect or shino to get any card in your deck and put it into your hand. Now at first glance this may seem bad, a 3 for 1 or 4 for 2 often does. But in a game that relies so heavily on curving x ninja on x turn, this is a true blessing, we also must take into account that a few of shino's jutsu (not being on my personal comp I can't tell you but I do know it's from set 9 the chosen) actually work more efficiently while other jutsu are in the discard pile, that makes this one incredible card indeed.

A Mark, along with Gen and Shino from set 12 may just be the spark that is needed to launch a entire deck based around the bug master, it also looks like a card that will get better with age (much like Sakura's decision from set 2) as we are bound to get more and more jutsu for this card along with shino after the time skip. I could seriously see a shino deck jumping into the surprise factor deck that wins major events as wind has amazing draw and now one very special tutor.

The downside obviously is that you have to give up 3-4 cards to utilize it properly, but given that in 50 card decks, grabbing anything in said deck for the price of a jutus card will be very, very strong in the next couple formats.

And remember, with the 5th kazekage, you can protect that shino/gen and have that trump card you need at the same time, really solid card for the archetype.

Overall, the good people in the NW have been waiting for something like this, thanks bandai.

Constructed: 3 out of 5. great card for the deck

Limited: 2 out of 5. I've seen 1 jutsu that this could be used with, so I'm not holding my breathe

Art: 2 out of 5. Bug's are neat....right?

Until next time, truly yours. The Poo Toucher.

Post Script: sorry guys, but I'm working on getting the computer back up and running, hopefully I'll have it fixed for next week.



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