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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Exclusive Series #12 Preview:

Shino Aburame
[Insect Warriors]


Review Date: 01.21.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.67
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Shino Aburame

Now this Ninja is one that's just great! You put him in play (the effect is not valid... Wink, WInk!) and you put another Ninja in play. That Ninja is actually a Blade Coin with no combat and support that can't use Jutsus (the effect can't be negated). For those familiar with YGO and other games, this is the Naruto equivalent to a Token. This is one good card for Insect decks and any deck that depends on swarming. Along with yesterday's card this could be a true killer.


Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 3.5/5
Art: AAAHHHH!!! BUGS!!!/5

Kyle Peters

Shino Aburame [Insect Warriors]

Welcome Pojo'ers!  Today we're reviewing a new Shino Aburame that'll fit perfectly in tempo.

You drop this Shino, you get another ninja.  You growth this ninja, you get another ninja.

The insect token can be either used for tempo, or chump blocking.  Andy said this was his favorite card of the set and I see why.  This card has potential.  We finally have a good Shino again.

The only thing I wish is, that he had 3 combat.

Constructed: 3.5/5

Limited: 4.5/5

Shino Aburame

This is a certain Bandai moderator's favorite card in the set. Will it be yours?
The only decent Shino is also Wind's new T0, which will be run in 3's in every Wind deck no matter what you say about it. Good stats, and a free auto-deploy!? USE IT! NOW!

This will also be splashed into other decks. Expect to see this thing become a new staple for any deck that wants to suck that much less.

Art: Ew.
Tomorrow: EEEEWWW
Fun Fact: Target was also the biggest one-room THING I'd ever been in.
N. Jolly N-511 Shino Aburame

Oh...now he's good.

When this ninja is PUT INTO PLAY, place a ninja blade coin, symbolizing an insect coin (0/0, 0/0) into play with the effect; Valid: This ninja cannot use jutsu. This effect cannot be negated.

Shino has friends. If he can't find them, he makes them...and he's turn 0, and he has growth, and he has mental:1, and he makes his own friends. He can growth to make another token, and there's really nothing I can say about this card that isn't already obvious. No real review except that he's the wind 0 drop you use, or you don't do well.

Constructed:4.5/5 If they had one support, it'd be a 5
Limited:5/5Limited Gold
Art:3/5 Cool, but not the best
Ryu Juini Shino Aburame [Insect Warriors]

Huh. Well. This card is interesting. I don't see all the fuss about it. Sure, it gives you a random little 0/0, 0/0... so I guess it's fine for "RUSH!!!" ? I mean, it's also a cool little chump blocker.

2/1, 0/0 aren't the best turn 0 stats, sadly. Is this Shino going to be automatically included in all Wind decks? Hrm. Hard to say. It's got promise with the free chump blocker, but then after that it's a 2/1, 0/0 with a spent effect.


I could see it used. It just needs to be tested before all else.

Rating: 3/5 - Can't give it anything higher until I see how it plays.


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Shino Aburame
[Insect Warriors]

This was the turn zero ninja that Andy has been talking about all week. Its also the one I mentioned should be run with Gen. This Shino has normal Shino stats on turn 0, but his effect is the nifty little thing here. When he is put into play, you get another ninja with him for free! An insect coin with no effect and no stats, but if you were wondering how to keep Shino around until Gen comes out, these little guys will do the trick. I’m definitely run him with Flex, so that you could get the mental advantage on turn 1. You can also swing with the little insect coin and get free battle rewards. If you are lucky enough to growth Shino on turn 1, and drop another 0 or 1, you have 4 ninja on the field. Swing away.

Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: He’s totally gonna melt your face, with bugs.
Hello all you CotD fans, today I am at a public library (my comp is terribad) so don't expect the same scat-tasitc review as you are all used to.
Today we are covering Shino Aburame Insect Warrior from Set 12 A New Chronicle, it's a personal favorite thus far in the set and might be one of the chase cards come release date.

Shino Aburame has gotten a bit of the proverbial shaft as of late (11 sets) we had Original Opponent in Revenge And Rebirth (set 4) and he was ok, understated but ok. We got Tracking By Insects in Battle of Destiny (set 8) and he found his home in the Naruto Vs. Sasuke decks but not much elsewhere. Then in Lineage we got Cool Judgment who turned out to be choji food.

Well this Shino trumps them all. He's been given his turn 1 stats (2/1 0/0) as a turn 0 (with Choji USF seeing less and less play, having sasuke syndrome on 0 isn't as big a deal as it was last format) and when he's put into play (that's right, growth madness) you can put an insect token with 0/0 stats into play!
Now this may not look like much on the surface, but in the rush archetype people continually played with Idate Morino Swift Runner (set 7) to gain a 2 on 0 advantage with Naruto Uzumaki Control of Power (set 4) the downside was you had to load a 1/0 0/0 into the deck for the combo. Shino does that combo but with 1 card, it may not have the naruto's stats (basically a 3/0 6/0) but he brings a chump blocker if the opponent curves aggressive and 2 attacks if the opponent curves recessive, that's really cool.

He also can do some real damage in the Fire/Wind Emo Gaara decks, which basically abused Gaara's synergy with Kakashi Hatake the Worst Outcome (set 8) along with Suicidal Action to do mass damage. With shino you can repeatatly throw shino, retrieve him, and play yet another monster insect token, good stuff.
Shino does so much that it was worth the 11 set wait to get a gold standard one, expect him everywhere next format. He even combo's well with the new Gen Aburame we looked over yesterday.

Shino has only 1 downside. In this game currently the optimal curve is a 3/0 on 0 and a 0/2 on 1 to make a team that can win 2 battle rewards as early on as turn 1. People do this with Naruto Uzumaki control of power, Choji Akimichi Source of the Power, Sumaru Power of the Star, and Sasuke Uchiha any (I personally like Analysis of Competence from set 2 this format but that's me) and the average deck runs it's share of 0/1 on turn 0 like Sakura A double Personality. Shino as a 2/1 is in the middle of neither aggressive or ressive so that's a downpoint....
Overall, this card makes me wanna buy boxes again, good going bandai.

Constructed: 3 out of 5. Best Shino to date
Limited: 4 out of 5. 2 ninjas for playing 1? yes please
Art: 5 out of 5. I love this art, the flavor text also makes me smile.
Until next time, truly yours. The Poo Toucher.

Shino Aburame [Insect Warriors]

One of the best cards in the set. By a mile.

Get ready tempo decks. There's another perfect zero drop to go along with Naruto [Control of Power], Sasuke [Breaking Off the Connection], and Choji [Source of the Power]. Go go 12 "power" zero drops, perfect to round out enough to be stable.

Let's break this down. 2/1 stats on a zero drop is decent. Overall this makes 3 combined power, which is more than you really should ask for. Sure he loses to Choji [Formation], but he ties Choji [Source of the Power] and still runs over zero and one power guys like Sakura, Idate, and Ino. And he's a nifty back Ninja. With 1 Mental Power to boot.

His effect is what's amazing. No other card in the game allows you to make an additional Ninja. Two Ninjas on T0? Sign me up. You can rush for 2 BRs and then leave the bug to chump when necessary. Heck you can even put the bug head and Shino back if you need to chump as a 1. Anytime you can get board presence, that's a GOOD thing. And unlike Idate Morino [Swift Runner], you're not giving up another card in your hand to do so.

He has Growth too. So he gets the bug coin when Growthing. How about:
T0: Shino, Bug
T1: Naruto, Idate, Growth Shino.
Now you'll have 5 Ninjas in play, two of which are bugs. And there are ways to get more if you really mess around.

A staple in Tempo, Gaara [Tragic Name] can now throw useless bugs at your opponent. It's typically hard to give up Ninjas in your field, but giving up a bug isn't a big deal since they're not powerful, and you're basically giving up a chump blocker/suicide rusher to pick off that injured Naruto [Control of Power] and the like. That's a good thing.

And of course, now you can free up Sakura [A Double Personality] and run something good later.

Shino is amazing. I'll be running three. So should you, if you ever consider Tempo. Great stats, board presence, powerful combos, and a zero drop. All recipes of a perfectly playable card.

The only question I have is whether you can combo him with The Power of Youth. Oh the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Constructed: 5/5 - You'll be seeing this card heavily played without any doubt.
Limited: 6/5 - Improper fraction time! There's no reason you shouldn't be running a powerful zero drop in a format that needs zero drops.


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