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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Exclusive Series #12 Preview:

Gen Aburame
[As a Father]


Review Date: 01.20.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Gen Aburame

This is one Ninja that can make your opponent get stuck in the mud. Nowadays we see a lot of cards such as One Morning, Sakura [ADP], and Just Like Drifting Clouds in use. This guy stops that. Granted, you do need to have a Shino in play for the effect to kick off. The effect is valid, and he has solid stats. I think the Insect deck could be a good choice with this set. Try it and see.


Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: Auron?!/5

Gen Aburame

Today's card is Win. Win is one of the many cards boosting mono-Wind to be one of the coolest decks you'll see. Win only has one other card of him, which removes Poison coins, but that also will see much more play when ANC comes out.

Win makes it so that, when you have She Know out, the opponent can't use cards like Sakura ADP, Prince draws, Clouds, Morning, Reunion, AAH! This card is going to give me some HUGE problems since I <3 my Prince deck.

4/5 in a Bug deck.
Art: Ew.
Tomorrow: Wind's best Turn 0. Also its only Turn 0.
Fun Fact: Went to Target this weekend. Somebody bought out all the Naruto starters....
The Poo Toucher Today we have a very special treat, straight from set 12 we give you.....Gen Aburame!

Gen has a unique ability, while his boy Shino is on your side of the table, the opponent can no longer draw cards or exchange cards due to their effects, he's also valid.

Unless you haven't played competitively for a few formats, Wind has been exclusively Gaara oriented, but we as a player base have been promised new archetypes in our favorite color, Gen is the first step. In the match up against OC lightning, it cripples Emina and irritates to no end any player attempting to abuse Reunion with the Former Teacher. Against Fire Clouds has become a mandatory mission, which is stopped by our favorite bug man. Wind (AKA the mirror match) attempts to abuse One Morning and Sakura's Decison, both are shut down. I think you get the point, Gen Aburame is great!

The big issue this next format is going to be which Shino to run, Shino through 11 sets has been given 1 or 2 playable Shinos and even then he's consistently been understated, making it even harder to want to run him, with Gen I could see the player base running to their shino of choice because in this game as stopping draw is a great way to win games.

And before all you gadget players think up your favorite combination with Gen (I liked Here comes Anko from set 2) it only works if the opponents effect attempts to make them draw....

The only downside I can see in Gen is that right now the majority of draw is before turn 4, so hitting those cards on the optimal turn and you won't care about Gen. Then again, in 50 we aren't hitting card when they are meant to be played every game.

Gen will turn out only as good as the shino you abuse him with, which might be amazing, or could be janky. I personally will be on the hunt for this guy as I really like wind.

Constructed: 4 out of 5. Gen has a very good effect, but it's all reliant on the Shino

Limited: N.A. I have no idea if we are even getting a shino this set.

Art: 3 out of 5. Not bad, but we do have limited options on Gen.

Until next time, truly yours. The Poo Toucher
N. Jolly N-517 Gen Aburame

Now here's a Shino's Dad that everyone can use! Yay!

If you have Shino Aburame on boards, your opponent is unable to draw or exchange cards by their effects.

Wind, meet lockdown. Lockdown, wind...this is a great effect and shuts down so many cards. I think Gen should get this effect regardless of his son, but meh, that'd be broken, so he has to stop being a negligent parent and actually care where his kid is.

It's valid, he has pretty good stats and is another Wind Jonin, which means he can use yesterday's card. If you're hurting for a late game that isn't Gaara, than Gen is definitely it.

Constructed:3.5/Not perfect, but really good, especially with tomorrow's card.
Limited:4/5Good to have.
Art:3/5Yeah, he's cool, but he's not Caribbean cool


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Inauguration day! According to Andy’s directions, we are to give you this card today, and not Friday like originally thought. This is my favorite card that I’ve seen by far, and I’m sure it’ll become a staple. Here’s why:

Gen Aburame,

SHUTS DOWN DRAW POWER. This effect is amazing. Your opponent can’t draw extra cards or exchange cards by their effect as long as you have Gen and Shino in play. Even better, he’s valid! ADP, Drifting, Sakura’s Decision, Haku/Futaba, Emina he can shut all of these down. If your opponent wants to stop this effect, they have to bounce him or Shino, because pinging one or the other won’t cut it. This is definitely the type of card that would be nice to get out early so Konohamaru (HG) wouldn’t be a bad choice to drop him on turn 3. Here’s something I think would be rather funny. Your opponent plays Surprise in an attempt to draw 2 of their battle rewards at the start of their turn. You drop Gen when Shino is on the field, and you scored 2 battle rewards, because they can’t get them back. This is a turn 4 Jonin with no hand cost, so expect to see him in almost every deck. (I’m sure soon enough he’ll get errata’d so that he’s no longer valid. Shutting down all draw power is pretty messed up if you ask me.)

Limited: 5/5 (Yes, there is a Shino in the set.)
Constructed: 5/5
Art: How come this guy gets such a powerful card for only appearing in the series once?


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