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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Countdown: Top 10 Naruto Cards of 2008

#1: Naruto Uzumaki
[Overflowing Chakra]


Review Date: 01.16.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 5.00
Limited: Promo from Tin

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

1: Naruto OC

Naruto in One-Tail form is one killer card if you ask me. Good stats at turn 3 in Healthy, and (as always) better stats in Injured. Add to that the fact that he's also got Clone Status and you see why this card shines: The Clone Status deck! Rasengan... 2K Barrage... sweet! Now, this guy may seem like just a Knucklehead to some, but when Final Valley is out you're basically set. Remember to protect the mission, or else it's Milling Time for you... and that's not good!


Limited: Promo Tin/5
Constructed: 5/5
Art: One-Tail Knucklehead FTW!/5


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Happy Friday again everyone! Today we finish our water previews and also the top ten cards of 2008. Hope you enjoy it.

The Top Card of 2008

(You all saw this coming anyway)
Naruto Uzumaki
[Overflowing Chakra]

Everyone knew this card would make number one I’m sure. It’s the theme of all the complaints on the boards (save the random complaints of EVERYTHING by Gaara_) and it has good reason to be so. Completely untouchable by ANYTHING, an arsenal of massively powerful jutsu, combined with Jiraiya and Emina to recycle anything this ninja burns, and even a tutor to pull it out if need be. Yeah, it has all the markings of a broken card. Now, combine all that with Bandai’s CRAZY rulings on these cards (It’s whole team is unaffected by Ino…) and you have one messed up card. So far, I believe this Naruto has impacted the meta more than any other card we saw this year. It only has one weakness, and someone used it against my OC deck. Kakashi (The one that protects ninja with a turn 4 or less) plus Shino (The one that protects other ninja in his team) and Shikamaru and Temari. That team may only have a team power of ten, but you have Kakashi to fire off nasty things like Lightning Blade and Trigram, and your team is immune to OC’s jutsu. They want to shadow clone? Use Shikmari to make it mental, as your team has a mental power of 9. Lightning can’t stand up to that. (This combo will work for about another month when we get more effect negation though)

Other than that, what else needs to be said for the heart of Chain Lightning?

Limited: Tin Promo
Constructed: 5/5
Art: If Naruto were a WoW character, he would be a hunter. He’s obviously using Beastial Wrath here.
1: Naruto OC

What a surprise of what's # 1, currently the MOST Infamous card in the game right now, Naruto OC *evil organ music*. A turn 3 beatstick, that's untouchable and mill actually HELPS him. Considering he has Emina, Jiraya, and Box Lunch backing him up, he can mill all he wants. Not to mention he has the help of Shadow Clone Jutsu from Eternal Rivalry, Explosion of the Rasengan (AW), Naruto 2k Barrage, normal Rasengans, etc... And Jiraya can quickly get them back. There's not much I need to say about him. Though be wary, next set do to Zetsu (previewed elsewhere), Naruto OC won't be as effective, but he might find a way around it. But for now, he's king of the mountain

Constructed: 5/5
Limited: He's in a tin...no Limited!
Art: Rasengan FTW!!!/5
Ryu Juini My favorite of the OC ninjas, and completely ignored when compared to Sasuke until recently. Naruto has proven to be the superior Ninja, and triumphs over the metagame due to his speed, combo, and the raw power he supplies on Turn 3.

Do I feel this card is fair? No. It needs to be removed from the game. Will Set 12 bring answers to it? As long as this card has FULL immunities, I don't see it happening. As of now, this IS the meta card, and will stick around until something is done.
The Poo Toucher Ah my fellow naruto players we are finally at the climax of our top 10 list. Number 1, Naruto Uzumaki Overflowing Chakra.

Isn't it funny that the main character just so happens to be the most powerful in this game? Naruto is in company with Sasuke and Kimimaro as far as broke on a stick goes, he is completely immune (or protected) from any effects by the opponent.

Naruto is very special because of what color he is, in lightning (purple) when Naruto was made available we had one of the most potent draw engines in Reunion with the Former Teacher from Quest for Power (set 7), one of the most devastating tutors in the 9th Match (set 7), and probably the single best jutsu in the game in Shadow Clone Jutsu from Eternal Rivalry (set 6). Because of this and a lack of late game pre-naruto, purple was the aggro color, you had to win by turn 5 or the game was over. With the introduction of Naruto purple was given a very promising mid-late game thanks to Naruto and Jiraiya Instructor of the Hidden Technique, it shifted everything in the Naruto world.

The first format for Naruto was mid-Lineage of Legends (set 10) that was shaping to be very Water and Fire based, using Raiga or the new Eye the Detects Falsehood Kakashi was looking to be the more effective ways to win games. With the introduction of the big 3, the Meta drastically shifted into Lightning and Fire with abusing the OC ninjas being the more productive way to win games.

In his first format, Naruto decks featured a wide variety of pump jutsu cards ranging from Shadow Clone Jutsu to Unexpected Attack. in this format I myself played the Naruto deck but with only 7 jutsu and it got me to 2nd place. This format was entirely dominated by two decks.

With the introduction of the Starters, the Naruto deck saild off to best deck. Abusing things like Shuriken and Unexpected results ability to be played from the discard pile by milling them with Shadow Clone Jutsu and Naruto's effect. Commonly referred to as "Chain Lightning" it centered around Gaara of the Desert Tragic Name from the first tins (tins=amazing in this game) and Temari Violent Temper from Coils of the Snake (set 2) to rip cards from the opponents hand. It used Jiraiya and Box Lunch from Lineage of Legends (set 10) along with Emina from Lineage (set 10) to recover anything and everything once it hits the discard pile. Chain Lightning has done very well.

Approaching Winds format is still a format dominated by OC's, but players have begun to find ways to beat these ninjas, but without any jonin/chunin results it's hard to say if it works.....

Overall, easily the best card of 08.

Constructed: 5 out of 5. my only complaint was you couldn't use Control of Power, but that's well worth it.

Limited: N.A.

Art: 4 out of 5. RASENGAN!!!!

Until next time, truly yours. The Poo Toucher

N. Jolly
1. Naruto Uzumaki- Overflowing Chakra

...and there he is, the number one most influencial card in Naruto today...yeah, I don't agree that he's number one, but I'll admit that right now, he's having the biggest impact on the game, with the Chain Lightning deck ruling the tournament scene. But if Gaara was helped by his support network, Naruto is made by his.

Naruto 2K Barrage, Rasengan, Shuriken, Explosion of the Rasengan...these are what make the deck...oh, and I forgot the king of this deck's jutsu lineup...Shadow Clone Jutsu.

With these weapons at his disposal, Naruto can weather just about anything, but it's Jiraiya-Instruction of the Hidden Technique that reloads the shot gun and makes him invincible. Combine that with Enima for added draw, Boxed Lunch for discard cherry picking, and a variety of other cards...reviewing this card really just feels like reviewing the deck as a whole...

Naruto OC has made a name as the most powerful card in the game...or at least, the most important...god I hope he gets errata'd...
Constructed: 4.99/5 I don't have it in me to
give it a five, even though I know it is

Limited: Tin/5
Art: 4/5 I liked SP Naru more...


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