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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Sasori (Childhood)[Remarkable Talent] 


Review Date: Dec. 15, 2009

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.50
Limited: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Sasori (Childhood)

Today's card is the creepiest-looking Ninja since Michael Jackson... erm, I mean, Orochimaru.

The kiddy version of Sasori isn't so bad for a turn 0. Good stats, and two effects. The first allows you to look at any rewards your opponent wins, reveal them if there's any Puppets among them, and if there are any you can put them in your hand. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Problem is that the second effect, a valid one, kinda hinders the whole Sasori thing... he can't use any of his own Jutsus! Now, this makes a bit of sense, since he doesn't start using the really good techniques until he becomes a puppet himself. He's good in constructed, so try it and see!


Limited: 2/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: EEEKK!!!/5

N. Jolly

N-664 Sasori (Childhood) [Remarkable Talent]

Man, been a long time indeed! As per normal, life flew up in my face and attacked me like a devil bat whose parents I had killed in cold blood, and the bat was actually a man, and it had a butler named Alfred...life can be funny at times...

Today's card is one of my fav from the set (still looking for one to finish off my Wind City deck), the younger version of Sasori, which is a pretty nice addition to both mono sand and puppet decks. But let's check out his stats first, shall we:

T0 HC0 Wind
Sand/Male/Name: Sasori
2/0 2/0 CA: Manipulation
Rarity: Uncommon

Right here, he has a lot going for him, as he has great stats for a T0, as well as manipulation combat attribute, which helps out puppet decks by giving them yet another ninja to throw puppets at. Sand village is nice, as it helps out Wind City, and the biggest plus for this little guy, his name is Sasori. That's right, thanks to him, you can speed out The 3rd Kazekage quick with Kankuro, which has become a staple strategy in wind decks. But let's get down to his actual effect text, shall we:

[Remarkable Talent]

When your opponent wins any Battle Rewards, you can look at it(them). If there are 1 or more "Puppet" Ninja cards among them, you can reveal it(them) and move it(them) to your hand instead. Then, move the rest to your Battle Reward area.

Valid: This ninja cannot be the user of Jutsu cards with "Requirements: Sasori".

Sasori's first effect is aces for a puppet deck (sadly, it's not valid, which is odd with his stats) as it allows you to possibly get a draw off of your opponent's attacks as well as cutting down the amount of BRs they take from you, which can swing a game pretty quick. His other effect isn't really that bad, as you're probably not running any to begin with.

Overall, this card has a solid place in any puppet deck (maybe as a 2/1 with Sasori [The Best Toy], and most wind decks, a great card, and one I recommend.

Limited: 3/5 A good early turn, but sadly, no puppets here.
Constructed: 4.5/5 A staple in puppet decks, and just a great card.
Art: No red headed kid in the sand village has a good childhood.../5

StormVyper Zera

Sasori [Remarkable Talent]

I know, I haven't been around much due to personal reasons but the details aren't important, so lets jump straight into the review, shall we?

Like Konohamaru, this card can potentially net you free card advantage just for keeping him around. Now while his ability is easier to come online (all you have to do is deploy him, whereas Konohamaru must be Injured), because he only grabs Puppets, his effect will activate less, as most Puppet decks only run about 4-5 Puppets. On top of that, he's relatively weak compared to the flood of 3-Combat Ninja that make up most deck's Turn 0 line-up.

One cool thing about him is that he easily fills the summoning requirements for the Third Kazekage, so you can "trick" him into play with Kankuro [Trick]. Just keep an eye out for Sasuke [Copying the Skill] though; he ruins Kankuro all day long.

Limited: 1/5
Constructed: 2/5

Mayur V.

Today we are reviewing the kid version of Sasori from Foretold prophecy.

As a turn 0, he has pretty good stats at 2/0, 2/0. These stats, while not able to match staples such as sasuke, choji, rock lee, etc in combat, is able to keep its stats when injured, which is more than can be said for the other cards. However, you don't run this card for the stats. You run this card for both its characteristic: Name: Sasori, and for its effect.

First off, let's address its effect. Sasori has a very Konohamaru like effect, stating that whenever your opponent wins BR's, you instead look at those cards, and can move any puppets in those cards to your hand. This is an awesome effect. While it is not as universal as Konohamaru's effect in regards to missions, in a Puppet deck, it is amazing. With Kankuro (Tactician) looking like he has a permanent spot on the Rogue list (rightfully so), searching out puppets is not as consistent as before. Instead, drawing puppets is needed to fuel things such as ebizo putting them into play, or simply deploying them. Basically, read my review on Konohamaru, and the same reasons that make that card awesome apply to this card, except this card only works in a puppet deck.

The second effect just makes sure no one can drop Sasori jutsus on turn 0, which would be crazy.

Now, the reason I said the characteristic "Name: Sasori" is important has to do with the fact that the Third Kazekage can only be put in play while you have Sasori in play. Say you drop this card on turn 0, and then drop kankuro trick on turn 1. They kill your kankuro, which then allows you to search for a third kazekage, and deploy it (because sasori is in play). Then, you can use substitute on the third kazekage (you don't really have to but just saying), and get the fourth kazekage, essentially ending the game on turn 1-2! You don't even have to use kankuro trick. Ebizo works. Kankuro rushing works. There are a few jutsus that work. Just test and see!

Constructed (puppets): 4/5 <--- Stats aren't as good as others for a 0 drop simply because most other staple one's have combats of 3. Also, the effect is not as universal as konohamaru's. However, it is still a great card, and essentially a staple in puppets.

Limited: 1/5 <---- I don't think there are any puppets in this set... so yeah. He is just a 2/0, 2/0 vanilla 0 drop in that case.



when i see this card i was surprise for the effect looking your opponents BR and if theres any puppet put it in your hand and then move the rest to the BR zone, I was impress if you use sakura(adp) with this card it will be a good combo knowing what cards are give to your opponent and if you have in your hand puppets better, the second effect thank good cannot use jutsu req. sasori
i see it fair because thers a couple of jutsu req. sasori they are kinda broken but its ok.

its combat are good 2/0 in healthy and injure plus having MANIPULATION thats another plus.

limited:2/5 theres no puppets in this set
constructed:4/5 like i say before with sakura this card its pimp
art:?????/5 can someone adopt me please

hi everybody lets review another card for this week
its the blonde from the akatsuki



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