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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Exclusive Series #13 Preview:

Kakashi Hatake
[Set Up]


Review Date: 04.20.09

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.00
Limited: Starter Deck

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Kakashi Hatake

Today's card is an interesting one. [Set Up] allows you, for the price of one Fire Chakra, to control your opponent's Jutsus, limiting the amount of Jutsus used during your opponent's turn (yes, it's during your opponent's turn) to 1 per ninja. That's right, your opponent can only use one Jutsu per Ninja during their turn. That can be sucky for whoever's facing this version of Kakashi-sensei, particularly if your opponent only has one Ninja out! >.< It's a starter deck uncommon, so it's not that hard to get. Try it and see!


Limited: Starter/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: "I'm too awesome to walk on solid ground!"/5


2008 Stone
Village Kage
Kakashi Hatake
[Set Up]

Fire week everyone! We’ll start off with a fan favorite, Kakashi! Now this Kakashi’s playability will probably be directly affected by how Mr. Wheat. If he rules it that because this effect hits the player and not a ninja, it will put a damper on the OC’s. If he rules it the other way and the OC ninja can still fire off 300 jutsu in your face, then this Kakashi might see sideboard play at best. It’s a cool idea, and I really like it’s effect. 1 Chakra to make sure they can only use 1 jutsu that turn? I think that puts me in a pretty safe spot, especially if I have a Sharingan Eye or a Trigram in my hand. This is a starter deck card, and definitely one of the better ones.

Limited : N/A
Constructed: 3/5 (For the time being. It will all depend on the ruling.)
Art: Cool pic, but I like EDTF’s pic better.
Matthew Low 4/20 Monday - Kakashi Hatake [Set Up] - Ninja - Fire

This is a very interesting card, and I can see a multitude of different archetypes that this card would be wondrous against. Downside? His name is KAKASHI HATAKE. Yep.

This Kakashi perfectly techs many problem archetypes from the past/present, like Over 9000 and Naruto OC. Jutsu chains are harder to pull as a simple Sharingan Eye would stop any possible counter, jutsu wise. Combined with Sasuke [Complete Opening of the Eyes], you can shutdown the biggest weakness to this Kakashi; being targeted himself. This Kakashi has a huge target on his head for removal to open up the Justu spamming, and Sasuke negating that every turn can completely shutdown an entire card type for your opponent.

As for the problem, as mentioned. Running this Kakashi means guys like Early Settlement and The Eye that Detects Falsehood aren't going to be around. Set Up is a defense card, in a sense, though it also allows you to go offensive because your jutsus will be harder to counter (and pretty near impossible with Sasuke stopping their only response). Thus, you can play him in two ways, which can move him out of the sideboard in some situations. I do, however, believe that you may consider another Kakashi for the side because he's virtually pointless against decks like Tempo.

I like this card a lot, as it's a very different card with a plethora of uses and ways he can be used. I expect him to be played in some fashion, even if it's just the sideboard to counter certain jutsu heavy decks.

Constructed: 4.3 out of 5.0 (Very interesting card.)
Limited: 2.8 out of 5.0 (High drop without a useful effect, but he has nice stats...?)
Fire week is this week here on pojo, today we preview a starter exclusive Kakashi Hatake set up.

Kakashi is a funny character in this game. There are so many useable Kakashis that each new one has to be amazing for it to see any sort of competitive play.

The Ability to Limit a ninja to 1 jutsu card in a turn is an effect that would've been great in set 8, but in set 13 it's really not all that great, add to that it has a cost of 1 fire and you have a very lackluster card

This Kakashi will not stand up against Early Settlement (set 2), Eye that Detects Falsehood (set 10), The Worst Outcome (set 8), Growth of the Pupil (set 11), or Even Detection of the Movement (set 12). And that's just on the same turn, we also have Anbu Days (set 9) a turn earlier.

Constructed: 1 out of 5. If he was not named Kakashi Hatake, we could talk.

Art: 2 out of 5. not bad.
StormVyper Zera Kakashi Hatake [Set Up]

Kakashi gets yet another playable card. Yay. For the cost of 1 Fire chakra, this card restricts your opponent to 1 Jutsu per Ninja for the turn. This card punishes those decks that rely on a single Ninja to be the user of majority of their Jutsu (like Gaara in O9K), but seeing as decks like that aren't quite as popular at the moment, I can't really see this card seeing any major play. It's a decent card with a decent effect, but his name being Kakashi Hatake hurts his playability as we already have quite a few superior versions. This seems more like an effect suitable for an Earth Ninja anyway but oh well.

Limited - 1/5 (You can't draft this, it's a ST Exclusive.)
Constructed - 3/5 (We have better Kakashi.)
Artwork - ..Where is this picture from, exactly? .__.


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