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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com




Review Date: 05.09.08

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.25
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage


[Meal]... simple name for a cool effect. OK, so he's got the same limitation that all State 2 Sound Ninjas have (he gets +1 entrance and hand cost when The Power of State 2 is not out), but he's got the sort of effect that can help Chakra control decks: discard one of your opponent's chakra cards to move one card in your discard pile to your chakra area. I've used this guy and he's quite helpful. Problem is getting him out on turn 4 (like he's supposed to). On top of that he's got no rank, which can usually justify having a Ninja with one hand cost out. Still, he's pretty good. Give him a shot. He can give your opponent a nasty surprise. 


Limited: 3/5 (if you can get enough Water cards)

Constructed: 4/5 (both in State 2 decks as in Chakra control decks)

Art: Is that a giant meatball holding another meatball?/5


N-281 Jirobo

6/0 4/0 and either turn 4 or turn 5 with a hand cost. His effect, if he is in your hand when the power of state two is not in play, he gains +1 turn cost and +1 hand cost, also when he goes out to battle you discard one of your foes chakras and turn a card in your discard pile into chakra.  Because of his effect he is actually quite playable in any sort of mono-water or water/x deck. Of course he is best in a sound 4 deck because it would be easier to play then.

constructed:5/5 in a sound 4 deck 3.5/5 in any other water based deck
limited:4/5 if you pull enough water cards otherwise 1/5



Welcome to Friday's Naruto CotD!  Today's card is Jirobo, in his state 2 form.


This is a very playable card.  It has its uses, taking a chakra from your opponent and you gaining a chakra from your discard pile.  Yoroi effect version 2.


However, taking up a 5 drop slot (unless you play Power of State 2), is hard to fill.  Usually people play Zabuza or Kidomaru in that slot.


Limited: 3/5

Constructed: 3/5


Jirobo(Meal).  Jirobo's State 2 version, and let me tell you, it is his best.  First off, while past Jirobo's have been 5/0,0/0s meaning that they're useless when injured(not quite useless, but you get my drift.).  The other Jirobos were decent, because they had 5 combat on turn 3, possibly 6 for the State 1 version.  However, this Jirobo is 6/0,4/0.  Not only does he finally have injured stats, but they're not bad, besides support on him being non-existant.  Now, he has the pros/cons of any State 2 of the Sound 5, in that he'll need Power of State 2 to be the most efficient.  With it, he's a turn 4 with no hand cost, along with those great combat stats.  His effect is what makes him so good though.  When this ninja is sent out to battle, you can select and discard 1 of your opponent's chakras, then place 1 card in your discard pile into your chakra area.  Similar to Yoroi and Kisame, this ninja takes away opponent's chakra.  The 2 big advantages of Jirobo over the others, is that it happens when attacking or blocking, and you get to add a card from your discard to your chakra.  Kisame may steal 2, but he does it at the end of the turn, and only when attacking.  I'm not saying Jirobo is better than Kisame, but they both have their strengths.  Jirobo's allows a state 2 deck to run at fully capacity, but getting rid of your opponent's chakra, and resupplying your own for jutsus/Power of State 2 to search for a good jutsu you need.  In my opinion, Jirobo is the second best of the State 2 Sound 5(Third best if you're counting individual state 2 versions) with Kimimaro being the best.  Kidomaru and Tayuya tie for third(depending on your luck with him his rating can go up or down), and Sakon/Ukon taking up the rear.  If you're running a State 2 deck, you run this version of Jirobo if you're running him at all, and I think you should.  He can also work decently in a non-Power of State 2 water deck that wants another ninja that can steal chakra.

Constructed:4/5(His lack of validity hurts, 4.5/5 in State 2 deck.)
Limited:3.5/5(While your chances of pulling Power of State 2 are slim, you can still just pay the hand cost and wait an extra turn for a power house that will steal chakra)


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