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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

The Third Hokage
[Adamantine Nyoi]


Review Date: 05.2.08

Average Card Rating


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

The Third Hokage [Adamantine Nyoi]

This version of the Third makes Monkey King Enma a lot more playable. The effect allows you to discard two chakras to search for one Monkey King in your deck, and place it in your hand after showing it to your opponent. Then, during the exchange of Jutsu you can discard a Monkey King to give this guy 5/+5 during the turn. Let's say you already have a Monkey King out (making this guy a 10 power Ninja). If you discard the one in your hand... OUCH! In limited, he's not that useful, since drafting the Monkey King is a bit hard. But in his own deck this guy is pretty close to unstoppable. Try it and see.


Limited: 3/5

Constructed: 5/5

Art: Walk softly and carry a big stick... or a whole bunch of them!/5

the third hokage (adamantine nyoi)

okay... this card is, hmmmmmm, how to put it.  6 turn, 5/3 3/2, and three mental.  its stats are subpar compared to others sandaimes, its effect is underwhelming, you can pay two chakra to search for enma, and you can discard enma to boost him 5/5 for the one turn.  now, if you look at it, its essentially roar of the ogre with a bigger cost but a longer life span.  i seriously don't see this thing being played competitively due to the inherent uselessness enma is on its own, and only mildly useful otherwise.  i understand how bandai is trying to make unplayed cards playable, but with this third they failed

constructed 1/5
limited 1/5, only because pojo won't let me give it a 0, also do you really expect to pull both this guy and enma?

(Pojo note:  Yes, the lowest rating is a 1.  Why?  Well ... this goes back to the Pojo Pokemon & YGO Magazines & Books.  When we rated cards, the publishers didn't want to leave a blank space, or write "zero stars".  So we made the lowest card rating be a 1.00.  We used Pokeballs and Millennium Puzzles back then to rate them.  1 pokeball was a sucky card.   And if we ever do a Naruto Book, the lowest card rating will again be a 1.00.  I guess we'll have to use Leaf Symbols or something.  Let's try it above for fun today.  Oh, and we always rounded to a whole number too.  ;-) 

The Third Hokage (Adamantine Nyoi)

5/3 3/2

Turn 6

1 Cost

Leaf/Satoosa/Mental 3/Ninjitsu



Well this one works with the monkey king.  Search for an extra 5/5 and use it if needed.  Promotes bad hand and chakra management, but still.  5/5 is a heck of a boost.  10/8 will run over anything.  Not Valid though. 


Useless in limited, due to the fact that there are no Enmas in this set.


Limited: 1/5

Constructed: 3.4/5

N. Jolly

3rd hokage: Adamantine Nyoi


N. Jolly, always first with the news that matters to you! Again this week, I see dead people in the form of the 3rd hokage(Man, he's an active corpse), now with his handy dandy Goku style pole!  What this card will do is allow you to burn two chakra off to search for your monkey(King Enma) in your deck and bring him to your hand.  Seeing as the monkey is a 5/5, 4/4, he's quite helpful, especially considering he can't come out unless his senior buddy is there as well.  But he can also discard the monkey to get a +5/+5 boost during the EOJ, which basically gives the win in most cases.  Now I like this 3rd more than the one earlier this week, and would have no problem giving up two chakra for a 5/5 in hand.  Sadly, he has the same garbage stats, 5/3, 3/2, so don't put too much faith in his ability not to die.  So dust off your Monkey King Enmas and get ready to make a monkey deck!



Constructed: 3.75...APW is still around

Limited: 1...if you find a way to get it's effect off, I will shake your hand.


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