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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Shikamaru Nara - Formation

Card Number: N-US014

#5 of 2007

Review Date: 01.28.08

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.87
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.


Today's card is Shikamaru Nara [Formation]
He might be the best ninja in the game.
Why you ask?
2 Support.
4 Mental power.

He shuts down some of the most frequently played and powerful ninjas:
Naruto Uzumaki [Control of Power] Gaara of the Desert [Tragic Name] Zabuza Momochi [Demon of Cloud Village] the list goes on and on and on.
Also, he combos with Choji.
I feel like I'm forgetting something. He rules. Holy cow.

Pretty much, you should run 3 of these guys. They're so good, man. There are times when I've had Shikamaru & Asuma in play and my opponent plays a ninja and I start wishing I had Shikamaru's measly two support and gigantic effect to shut them down, rather than my crazy platoon.

Um I don't know what else to say.
He is amazing. Unless you are playing a "Shadow" deck or mental battle deck, he's the best choice.

In limited, run him.
He comes in on turn 1, and low ECs are important here.
He's got good support, which you'll need.
Effect. Mental power in case your opponent opened a Flex or something. Etc.

Constructed: 5/5
Limited: 5/5
Art: 1/5 (The only thing about this card that stinks...)

Alucard of the Abyss

This week we finish out the top 10 cards of 2007 and today we start with number 5 and it's one of my favorites in the game. One that has indeed earned his place on this list. One that I will give a rating I will probably never give another card in the game this rating again because it is a make or break card. If you aren't decking it you are at a disadvantage even before you know what you are playing against.

Today's card is none other than the best ninja negater in the game himself: Shikamaru [US Formation]. This card is seen in just about every deck no matter what the element for good reason. Starting off with his stats they are solid for a turn 1. Two support is standard for turn 1 Shikamaru and he also has Growth which adds to his playability. Onto his effect, it's simply one of the best in the game. He negates the effect of the head ninja battling against him as well as reducing it's turn down to 0. Is a Gaara [Tragic Name] troubling you? Well block with Shikamaru's team and worry not (if Gaara is the head ninja of course). His effect also helps against effects such as Dosu and Naruto [One Last Attack] because both of those effects happen while the battle is still being processed. Other cards it works well against are [Beyond the Limits] Sasuke, [Control of Power] Naruto and [US Formation] Choji which are all seen in a lot of top decks.

There are a couple of combos to abuse him with and the most obvious is with his fellow Formation member Choji. Shikamaru reduces the turn count of the ninja for Choji to damage it. Even further is including the last Formation member Ino on the team and choosing who you want to negate and damage if with Choji, only on your opponent's turn of course. He also comboes great with both the super rare First and Second Hokage from Quest for Power because of his turn reducing effect. Basically he is one of the most versatile cards in the game at the moment. The only downside is the fact that he is not valid but most the time you will want him healthy anyways.

In limited this is a first pick. His solid stats are the first things you pick in this format and his effect could come in handy for a couple of games against those ninjas your opponent's happen to pull with good effects. He is just as solid here as he is in normal play.

Constructed: 5/5 (I've said before that I can't give cards a perfect score in this format but this is one card, in the entire game, that truly deserves this rating)
Limited: 5/5 (solid stats + solid effect = first pick)

Tomorrow we look at the number 4 card on our countdown and she is the strongest Kunoichi in the Leaf Village.


Shikamaru Nara (Formation), one of the best cards EVER to be made for the Naruto ccg.  This card has almost singlehandedly stopped Freedori(besides the erratas on Inherits and APW) from being tier 1. 

Now, let's take a closer look at the stats.  He's a turn 1, Earth, Leaf/Genin/Male/Growth/Mental Power:4 0/2,0/0 ninja.  He's a good early supporter with 2 support.  He has growth, which allows for making him bigger, and a whopping 4 mental power.  No wonder Shikamarus in general are a staple in Mental Power decks.  But the thing that makes THIS Shikamaru Nara a staple in just about every deck, is his effect.  The head ninja battling against this ninja has it's entrance cost reduced to 0, and it's effect text blanked.  This negates many bothersome effects such as Choji(Formation), Gaara(Tragic Name), Naruto(Control of Power, One Last Attack), and Sasuke(Beyond the Limits) to name a few.  Although it also works devistatingly well WITH Choji(Formation[as you might expect]) to be able to deal a damage to any head ninja, and not have to worry about the effect.  This card is a staple, run it.  I normally don't like calling anything an absolute staple, and I encourage originality, but this card is just too good, and too splashable to pass up.

Constructed4.8/5(weak injured stats, non-valid, and a turn 1 instead of 0 are the ONLY things that hurt this ninja)
Limited5/5(you run this, PERIOD.)
Ünderbheit Henchman Shikamaru Nara [Formation] N-us015

In the Eternal Rivalry set we saw a boost in the power and defense of Earth and this card played no small part. This card is easily one of the most solid 1 drops in the game so far. It is a universal card, seeing play in almost every competitive deck build.

Constructed it's negation effect and stats make it an asset at nearly any point in the game. It's not necessary to into all of them. It has growth and is an extremely common card so playing it in multiples is easy and beneficial. The only downside is that it isn't valid. In a meta dominated by damage infliction it made this card necessary to negate the effects of ninjas like Choji [Formation] and Gaara [Tragic Name]... (both of which didn't make the list).

For Limited, this card has as much strength as it would in Constructed for the most part. It's good with any deck type and it's stats are average for a turn 1 ninja. If you have a choice for draft purposes this is a good pick.

-Ünderbheit Henchman

Constructed: 4.5/5

Limited: 5/5

Mark Howard



Sorry I wasn't here to review the last week or so. I had to take a High School SAT a few years early because I was smart (and boy, was it boring!) and had to spend the whole week "studying" (what I call... Sending strange pictures of Pokemon Snap to friends via Wii and playing the original Paper Mario till you drop).

Anyway, this is what we have for today as one of the best cards evuh!

Shikamaru Nara [Formation] is the supposed 5th Best Card in the Naruto CCG, and NEEDS AN ERRATA!!! First of all, he's got an okay Support Value of two, which is nice for a while, and not only does his kickass effect negate the opponent's ability, it also makes their Entrance Cost turn to zero! That's means that all of those cards that require Ninjas with high Entrance Cost, such as the new "Sand Tsunami" "Giant Sand Burial" and other new Jutsu for big Gaaras can't be used, and his awesome effects go down.

Now Third Hokage, and everyone else, will be useless. And since this card is even SO easy to get, it also gets


And that's no contest.


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