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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Sakura Haruno
[A Double Personality]

Card Number: N-US006

Review Date: 01.10.08

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.67
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 3 = average. 5 is the highest rating.


Sakura Haruno
[A double personality]

Eh. Nonvalid effect hurts this; basically gives you a shot at postponing your bad hand till later. Normal stats, 3 mental of course, and growth helps a bit... but I'd say we have better Sakuras.

Limited: 2.8/5
Constructed: 2.2/5

Beastly Mage

Sakura Haruno

[Double Personality] is a highly sought after card. Let's say you're short a jutsu card. With this Sakura's effect you can find it, granted you know that jutsu is there (if you used the effect before, then you're set). It also helps if your opponent's gonna score a battle reward. If you use the effect, you know what you're giving as a reward. With normal Sakura stats (one support, three mental), she's pretty good. A lot of decks already benefit from other versions of Sakura, so this one is no different. If you can use her, do it!


Limited: 3/5
Constructed: 4/5
Art: Sharanno!!!/5

-Alucard of the Abyss-

Sakura Haruno [A Double Personality]

Well, as my first Card of the Day as part of the Naruto crew, I have quite a card to review.

For competitive players A Double Personality (henceforth known as ADP) is a godsend. She can make bad hands instantly become good hands, or she can give you that one jutsu you need at the right time. She has become a very popular choice for top tier decks for good reason, she is the best Sakura that has been made so far and one of the best 0 drops the game has right now. She gives the extra boost to Five Pronged Seal decks by making thier sometimes unwieldy first hand draws bearable. The timing on her effect is also something that makes her a popular choice. She doesn't have to be in battle to use her effect, just as long as there is an Exchange of Jutsu during the battle phase. Lastly, her effect also allows the player to choose what Battle Rewards he or she will give to thier opponent if the opponent gets through with an attack. Of course most cards have a downside and this is no different, with her downside being not Valid, but it's a good way to balance her powerful effect.

For casual/fun decks she is also quite a good card. She can make a lot of casual/fun decks a lot more playable than normal by giving them the cards they need to make the deck work. She isn't good enough to make casual/fun decks beat competitive decks consistently, but she can help that odd off the wall deck win an Academy Level or Genin Level tournament on occasion.

Sealed/Draft ADP should be the first card you pick. We can all agree that Sealed and Draft are hard formats to play Naruto in and she is an incredibly good card for those formats because of the often drawn bad hands you will get playing them.

Overall she is a good 0 drop choice for those decks that have room for her. A powerful effect along with Growth and Mental Power of 3 for those times when you need it make her a pretty solid card.

Competitive: 4.5/5 (it's hard to give a card a 5 because most have thier flaws. but she is close)
Casual: 4/5 (she is just about as good in casual as she is in competitive.
Sealed/Draft: 5/5 (she is perfect for this format)
Overall 4.5/5 (soild choice, little flaws.)

The First Hokage

Sakura[A Double Personality]

Today we look at Sakura[Double Personality]. This card is definitely a really nice card to have. It's a rare and one of the U.S. exclusive cards that came out in Eternal Rivalry. She's turn 0 and also has growth. Her effect is pretty nice as well: During the Exchange of Jutsu, you can exchange all the cards in your with the same amount of cards from the top of your deck. It's not valid, but it's still pretty darn good if you need some new cards and fast. The growth aspect is also nice.

My Ratings:

Constructed: 3.75/5
Limited: 3.5/5

saurabh dubey

4. Sakura Haruno ( A Double Personality )
            She's a turn 0 and growth, and average stats for a Sakura. Her effect is terrible, think about it.
My Ratings:
Constructed/Limited : 2

Mark Howard

Sakura [Double Personality]
I'd like her for my wind deck, which tends to get A THOUSAND BAD FREAKING DRAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the early turns anyway. Oh, and if I just plain don't like my hand, I should really just get a new one using her. Growth is nice too.

NEXT TIME: Arf Arf! Doggy boy!


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