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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Naruto Uzumaki & Shadow Clone
[Mastering the Secrets of the Rasengan]


Review Date: 12.29.08

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 2.75
Limited: Starter

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Naruto Uzumaki & Shadow Clone

Last card of the year! OMG!!!

Today's card is the Naruto/Shadow Clone Platoon. This platoon comes in handy in Rasengan-based decks. Since the effect allows him to reduce the cost of any Rasengan (any Naruto with Clone Status can use) down to one Lightning Chakra. That means that even Explosion of the Rasengan can cost just one Lightning with this Platoon. He's a Starter Deck exclusive in the new Naruto Starter Deck, so you won't see him in a booster draft. In constructed format it's pure mayhem. Try it and see.


Limited: Starter/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: Two times the Knucklehead-edness, two times the action/5

Happy New Year's!!!

The Poo Toucher Happy almost new year one and all, this will be another short week sad to say, but today we will cover the Naruto Uzumaki & Shadow Clone Platoon from approaching winds.

First I think I should explain how anticipated this card really was. The ultra-cool players knew about this card back around the chosen because it was in the Japanese card with just about the same effect, back then if you played naruto at all you were usually playing either legacy from the fourth hokage from dream legacy (set 5) or control of power from revenge and rebirth (set 4) neither one of those having clone status (much to the dismay of the players) so a card on turn 1 that keeps it's 3/0 stats in either status along with using things like rasengan from quest for power (set 7) either the auto outstanding or the damage standby or even the blazing rasengan from the chosen (set 9) to remove any opposing threat. In that format, speed was the best way to counter the best deck (over 9000) so having a 3/0 than can easily become a 10/0 was a very impressive thing, add to that it could use all those jutsu for a mere 1 chakra just made the playerbase love the card (I know I did)

However, between the chosen and now, we got a ninja who is immune to removal, (the best answer to pumps) has clone stats, is named naruto uzumaki, and isn't a platoon! So as bad as it is, this card went completley unnoticed once released at a competitive level. One thing I would've loved was to see the popular "this ninja cannot be removed by opposing jutsu" text, but oh well.

As the card is right now, I could see it being used as a "cheapsangan" kind of deck that abuses things like explosion of the rasengan from approaching winds (set 11) for that cheap 1 chakra and tries to secure board advantage by turn 3 before the opposing player can drop their powerhouse OC ninja, but don't expect this years jonin results to be flooded with this guy, it's just too underwhelming in the current format to be a factor.

constructed: 2 out of 5. It would've been nice to have a form of protection given the format, but oh well.

limited: N.A. out of 5. this is a starter only card

Art: 4 out of 5. It is proly the most pleasing jutsu visually, and so this can't be bad art right?

Until next time, truly yours, The Poo Toucher
N. Jolly

N-406 Naruto Uzumaki and Shadow Clone-Mastering the Rasengan


To start of this review, the OC Naruto doesn't exist...he just doesn't, which will allow this review to be more objective...Ah, that feels better, now doesn't it?


This is a very fun card, and actually quite viable in a Rasengan deck, using this, Blazing, and Explosion, as all of them are this cheap.  The chakra you even get for playing it onto the board can set up for a turn 1 blowout if you've injured something before this, which with Naruto on board isn't uncommon at all.  After that you get one of three(or four, if you're running Prince/Moonlight...not a bad idea...)delicious flavors to use with this Naruto...it's like a swiss army knife of magic spinning balls, and it's other users aren't that bad either, with Jiraiya-IOTHT being at the top of the list to always give this little kid a weapon.


Overall, this card isn't it's own deck, but it is it's own trump card.  Try it out, blow away early game teams, and question why it's Lightning/Fire and not Lightning/Wind...I do...



Limited-...it's in a starter deck, right?



Naruto and Naruto


Welcome to the most pointless Platoon in the game: Naruto + Naruto. Pretty crappy. If you're using it, that means you're using a Rasengan deck, and most likely 3 Rasengans and as many Explosions as you can find. Too bad those are 3-chakra Jutsus and this platoon has bad stats for lategame and decent early (late-game is when you'll have drawn your Rasengans).


Combo that with the fact that there's only one Ninja you can possibly use to platoon this and you've got a pointless platoon.



Art: Meh.

Fun Fact: PM Gaara_ at the Bandai Naruto CCG forum.


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