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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Selecting the Strongest


Review Date: 04.07.08

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.75
Limited: 2.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Selecting the Strongest

Welcome to another week of card reviews. Today's card starts off a week of missions. This one is a killer. Selecting the strongest is a Water/Wind mission that allows you, for two hand discards (ouch!), to select one symbol, and discard all Ninjas on your side and on your opponent's side that don't have that symbol. This is a great mission for, let's say, Mono-Water or Mono-Wind decks. Thing is that your opponent also selects one symbol, so he could just be selecting one of the symbols on your Ninjas. This can be good sideboard material against Mono-Whatever decks, or when you have no Ninjas and want to clear the field. Try it and see.


Limited: 2/5 (too risky)
Constructed: 3/5 (sideboard)
Art: Meh!/5

Alucard of the Abyss

Today we start off Mission week, where all of our reviews will be Mission cards from Battle of Destiny. To start off Mission week, we get to one of the best in the set. Today's card is Selecting the Strongest.

The first thing you will notice about this Mission is that it is a dual Element Mission. It has both the Water and Wind Elements. The next thing you will notice is that it is the only Mission made so far that carries a hand cost of 2. The effect is more than worth the cost though. When it's played each player discards thier in play Ninja until all of thier Ninja share just one Element symbol. This card finds it's place quite nicely in both Mono-Wind decks and some Mono-Water decks. It's a pretty popular choice to combat the current format of the game where most decks splash anywhere between 10 and 15 off element Ninja. That also means it's a risk to the person playing it because they are most likely splashing thier own off element Ninja. It's a card that takes quite a bit of skill to use properly because of potential of wiping out a good majority of your field and also trying to get the most benefit from it because of it's heavy cost. It's basically one of those cards you play when you know you're going to get the advantage of playing it.

If you're playing Mono-Wind then this is a good card to consider at least maindecking one and if you're playing Mono-Water and can find the room (since Mono-Water's staples tend to be Appearance and Bingo Book) then at least one copy wouldn't be a bad choice. If you can't find main deck room, it's also a good side deck choice as well. If you aren't playing Mono-Wind or Water then I would suggest staying away from this card. It will hurt you far more than it will help you, not only because of it's hand cost but also because of your own off element Ninjas due to playing a multi-type deck. I wouldn't even suggest playing this in Water/Wind because it will still hurt you in the long run.

In Limited this card loses a lot of the power it has in constructed. Also, it can potentially be far more damaging in this format. I suggest against using it due to the nature of Limited, you will be hard pressed to find enough decent Water/Wind cards to justify it's 2 card hand cost and with the Limited format mostly being decks with lots of mixed elements this will hurt you just as much as your opponent.

The art is very bleh. It isn't particularly good mainly because they used the split picture effect over using one picture.

Constructed: 4/5 (very good card if your deck can support it)
Limited: 1.5/5 (it's not particularly good here)
Art: 1/5 (bad)

Tomorrow we look at a neat Mission that Fire picked up in Battle of Destiny and it's one that hasn't made a huge impact yet but has potential to in the future.

Ünderbheit Henchman

Selecting the Strongest M-248

We have an interesting line-up of cards this week, beginning with Selecting the Strongest. This is the first mission card released with a hand cost of 2 and it's effect is potentially devastating. Most decks run at least 3 elements just to create a stable early game so this at turn 4 or later can really shift control.

For Constructed tournaments, this card really gives a lot of power to the already strong Mono-Wind and Mono-Water decks. Both of which have the draw power to support a card with 2 hand costs fairly easily.

In limited this is still a very good card as long as you can draft a fair amount of wind and/or water cards. Most limited decks are so varied that a card like this could nearly wipe out a village.

Constructed: 4/5
Limited: 3/5

-Underbheit Henchman
Wyatt Selecting the Strongest. One of the few Super Rare mission cards, and the only super rare dual element mission card. Turn 4, not bad. 2 hand cost, harsh, but being dual element may help to alleviate that, slightly. Although this is likely to be run in a mono-wind/mono-water deck, or wind/water deck. The effect is quite powerful, and can turn the tide of a game, depending on what ninjas each player has out. Against X/X decks this card is brutal, because any deck that focuses on multiple elements or even splashes a bit, will be severely hurt by this card. Most decks now play Shikamaru(form) and Choji(form), as well as Naruto(OLA), Gaara(TN), Temari(WS), and Kabuto(W). That is 4 different elements already(admittedly Kabuto is not seen AS much, but still a good amount). Then the player's focused element starts to appear more late game. However, this does effect both players, so you'll want to be careful as to when you use it, and what deck you use it in. Also, against any deck that runs mission negation, this can be very risky to play with the 2 hand cost. But if you use this carefully, it can severely cripple your opponent.

Constructed:4/5(Wind or Water mono decks)
Limited:2/5(you'll be splashing a lot, and the hand cost will be hard to come by.)


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