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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Sasuke Uchiha
[Firm Determination]


Review Date: 04.03.08

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.25
Limited: Promo

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Sasuke Uchiha

Everybody's favorite Emo Ninja makes a new appearance in this new SJ promo card. The stats and first effect are pretty good. Sharingan Eye is always good for Fire decks, but no growth can be a problem for some. He's pretty strong for a turn-1 Genin (healthy, I mean) and protection from effects is always welcome. Too bad it's only from Ninjas with up to 2 turn cost and only from damage effects. The second effect is one that's a bit situational, but will show up over half the time. If your opponent has a Naruto Uzumaki out Sasuke gets +2/+0, turning him into a 6/0 heavy hitter. Too bad the effect is not valid.


Limited: Promo/5
Constructed: 2.5/5
Art: EMO!/5

Alucard of the Abyss

Today we continue to look at recently revealed cards from The Chosen as well as promo cards and today we get a recently released promo. Today's card is Sasuke [Firm Determination].

His stats are normal for a Turn 1 Sasuke starting with a 4/0 Healthy and Injuring to 0/0. He has Sharingan Eye like most Sasuke do, but he is missing one thing that most the other Sasuke have. He has a lack of Growth. Now the first thing that strikes me about his effect is that it's an attempt by Bandai to curb the use of Gaara [Tragic Name] by releasing counter cards to it's effect. I won't go into detail about why that isn't the best idea here, but if you want to know why pop over to the Naruto main page and check out my article. The first part of his effect is that he can't receive damage by your opponent's Ninja effects of Turn 2 or lower Ninja. The only Ninja I can think of that this effect is even useful against are Gaara [TN] and it does a decent job to counter him but if you decide to go this route you are forced to dedicate space in your deck to him. Other than countering Gaara he really doesn't have much use. The second part is that he gets +2/+0 while he's battling against Naruto. It's a decent enough effect that another Sasuke that shares that effect has been seeing play lately, [Rivalry].

Now, here's the downsides to Sasuke and there are a couple. First is the fact that he is lacking Growth. That makes him pretty bad to play in more than one copy since you can't Growth one over the other. The second is his Turn Count. He is a Turn 1 and has to jockey for position with the all important triple Shikamaru and double Temari not to mention if you play on type Ninjas. If you're playing Mono-Fire you could try one, but even then unless you're super paranoid about Gaara just run Rivalry. If you're not running Mono-Fire stay away from him since he won't be on type and most likely your 1 spot is already off type enough.

In Limited he is pretty nice. His stats are nice and all the sets so far have had a Naruto in them either common or uncommon so the frequency of seeing Naruto here is high. Not a bad choice at all no matter what type you are basing your deck on.

The art is pretty cool. I think the pictures of Sasuke doing Chidori are getting overdone by now though.

Constructed: 3/5 (he's really just average, maybe try one copy, depends on if you find the room)
Limited: 4/5 (much better here)
Art: 3/5 (would've rated him higher but Sasuke using Chidori is overused as far as card art goes)

Our last card of the day this week happens to be my favorite of the new tin promos so be sure to come back and check it out.
  Sasuke Uchiha(Firm Determination). The new promo Sasuke from Shonen Jump. This is a great card, it is a turn 1 Sasuke with 4 combat, and no downside. There have been turn 1 Sasukes with 4 combat before, and all of them had some sort of downside to them. Not this one, it actually has good effects. First of all, it can't take damage from the effect of a ninja turn 2 or less, meaning Naruto(OLA), Dosu(SI or TP) and Gaara(TN) all can't touch him. This is a very nice effect in the current meta, since at least 1 of those is likely to be found in any deck. True, Shikamaru(Formation) can negate his effect allowing your opponent to still damage him, but that can be true of pretty much any card nowadays. Also, he has a second effect that gives him +2/+0 when he is battling against Naruto Uzumaki, making him a 6/0 on turn 1 against a Naruto. Unfortunately he has to be battling against that Naruto to get the bonus, but still, it is a nice bonus, especially against Naruto(OLA). He doesn't have growth, but if he did, he would be just too good.

Constructed:4/5(add a little bit in a fire deck)
Limited:N/A/5.(if you could somehow use this in a limited tournament, 4.5/5).


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