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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs

Card Number: J-195

Review Date: 05.31.07

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 2.88
Limited: 1.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs

Yos! (plural of yo)
Sorry I've been out for a while; very busy with reports and such.

And laziness. That too.

Anyway, let's take a look at this week's card: Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs.
Two fire, one colorless, pretty expensive; requires not only Jiraiya, but Jiraiya teamed up with Gamabunta. However, if you get it off, you completely eradicate the other team; of course, if you have Jiraiya and Gamabunta on the same team, chances are you're facing a chump blocker. The other thing to note is that it requires Fire chakra in a Lightning deck, making it even more situational.

Toad deck: 2.5/5 (because when it does go off, it's awesome)
Limited: 1/5 (This, Jiraiya, and Gamabunta? Good luck.)

P.S.: If this seems short and silly, it's because I'm on a sugar rush right now, and can't focus very well with my head buzzing.

And I'm lazy. That too.

Big Chuck

Fire style dragon flame bombs
You need to have jiraiya and gamabunta in the same team for starts. Then pay 2 fire and another. To deal 2 dmg to all ninja battling against the user. What I like about this card is that it is a possible 2 battle rewards and sum ninja dead. But then again aren’t gama and the pervy sage strong enough to do the job without this jutsu. I only see it has a back up.

3/5 still kills ninja


Thursday's Super Rare is better but even harder to use than Wednesday's, Toad Flame Bullets. Toad Flame Bullets requires Jiraiya to be in play and doesn't do anything unless Gamabunta is on Jiraiya's team but if the conditions are met, this Jutsu can kill an entire team. Think Fire/Lightning Ninja Toad deck if you want to have a chance of using this card. Unlike yesterday's card, no card in the game does 2 damage to every ninja on the team, so it looks like a Super Dragon Flame Bullets with even harder to meet requirements. Give it a try if you want to make a Toad deck, but otherwise leave it in your binder.

Limited:1/5(this is even harder to use than Wednesday's card in Limited)
Constructed:2/5(only here can it work as a big finishing move in a Ninja Toad deck)


It’s character specific super rare week and today we look at the incredibly powerful Toad Style: Toad Flame Bombs.  TFB costs 2 fire chakra and one chakra of your choice to gives 2 damage to every ninja battling against the user, sounds great right?  Here’s the kicker, It requires both Gamabunta and Jiraiya to not only be in play, but be on the same team!  If I remember correctly, Jiraiya and Gamabunta are both lightning ninjas, and since TFB costs 2 fire chakra, you’re going to have to play a Fire/ Lightning Toad deck even to have a chance of playing this jutsu.

Even with all its downfalls, TFB remains an insanely powerful jutsu.  Destroying an opponents team (usually a team of 3 this late game) and getting 2 battle rewards will almost guarantee you a win, and though it sounds almost impossible to play, I’ve seen decks that manage to pull it off with a lot of consistency.

Overall, TFB is an extremely powerful jutsu limited by its almost ridiculous character requirements.


Limited:  1/5 (5/5 if you get the right cards)

Constructed:  2/5 (Incredibly power but difficult to pull off)

Art:  3/5 (“Gamabunta I need oil!!!”  hahahaha, Oh Jiraiya, you truly are the Pervy Sage)

Beastly Mage

Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs (j195)

Hey there, fellow Pojo-ers. Today's Jutsu is another Super Rare Jutsu from Dream Legacy. Toad Flame Bombs is one of those jutsus that requires its own deck to work in. Think about it, you need both Jiraiya AND Gamabunta on the same team. The cost merits the effect though. Two Fire + One Colorless = Two damage to target. That can be a good thing, but the question is: is it worth the effort?


Limited: 1/5
Constructed: 5/5 (only in its own deck)
Art: Kids, don't try this at home / 5


Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs
Cost: Fire | Fire | Any
Requirements: "Jiraiya"
Target: Every ninja battling against the user.
Effect: If the user is in the same team as "Gamabunta", give 2 Damage to the target.

That's a LOT of damage.

A dead draw if you don't have Jiraiya AND Gamabunta out.
By late game when you have both Jiraiya and Gamabunta out (which is no easy task as it is since they are both relatively high drops and have hand costs) your opponent will most likely have a way to counter this.

If you happen to get SR Gamabunta and SR Toad Flame Bombs with the Kakashi Starter (Trigrams and Vortex of course) this card can be brutal although the Jiraiya and Gamabunta might be tough to play. Since that deck has negation to ensure this jutsu succeeds, this will probably spell victory if it resolves. Unfortunately...that wil probably rarely if ever happen, and cost a TON of resources. Stick to the Dragon Flame Bombs.
Now, if you DON'T get the starter, there isn't any negation in DL packs and if you luck out and get Jiraiya and the 2 SRs, you might as well run it. For fun.

Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 1/5
Art: 2/5

Smitty Sensei

Toad Style: Toad Flame Bombs
Element: Fire
Cost: Two fire, one random
Requirements: Jiraiya
Target: Every Ninja battling against the user.
Effect: If the user is in the same Team as "Gamabunta", give 2 Damage to the target.
Rarity: Super Rare
SmittySensei here to review a pretty limited yet powerful Jutsu, Toad Style: Toad Flame Bombs!
My first impression is that this card has the potential to absolutely devastate your opponent, but it needs a very limited deck. The major Problem, is that it requires two other Super Rares, making a total of three Super Rare cards just to make it work. That's a pretty hefty price tag, but with the proper deck set up it could be a decent.
My main problem with this card is that it's WAY too limited. As you may or may not know, the common practice of running a jutsu card with a specific requirement is to have at least two of the required cards. In order for this card to be practical, it would take a total of 6 specific cards in your deck, which is a pretty big chunk out of your build that you may want for other, and ultimately more useful cards, especially in fire decks. Another thing about the 6 specific cards is that they are all Super Rares, making them all very hard to get, even with the new 1 in 6 Super Rare ratio. One way to get around this is to run the new rare version of Jiraiya, but the other two cards will still be hard to get.
The Jutsu's chakra cost is another thing that brings this card down slightly. It's tad expensive, but if you can manage to play it it is well worth it.
On the bright side of things, this card if used, can be a total game breaker. If used against your opponents most powerful team successfully, it could turn the game around in your favor in an instant.
In a limited tourny, it's almost no good sadly. The requirement of two other S.R. Ninja's is way too steep.
Constructed: 2.75 (This score is for most decks, but in the proper build it can be very useful.)
Limited: 2.0 ( Hey, it's still a S.R., be glad you pulled it!)
Art (not counted in final score): 3.0
Overall score: 2.37!
A decent card in a very specific deck, but most people will leave this in the binder.
Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a good one!


Thursday, Toad Flame Bombs
Hello fellow Pojoers! This week is super rare week; the card we have today requires having 1 on the field to use.

Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs
Requirement: "Jiraiya"
Effect: If the user is in the same Team as "Gamabunta," give 2 Damage to the target.

Wipes out their whole team

High Cost
Needs specific Ninja to use
Needs 2 specific Ninjas for effect

Fire Lightning eh? I like it. Here is a little combo for ya'll. It's not that great, but I guess it can have it's moments.

Fire Style: Toad Flame Bombs + String Control Jutsu

Use TFB, then after it resolves use SCJ to move Jiraiya to another team to give it 2 more support. It may help, may not, but hey.

Not a bad card, but not a great one.

Limited: 1/5
Constructed: 3/5


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