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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Gen Aburame

Card Number: N-159

Review Date: 05.02.07

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 2.63
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Gen Aburame
This guy is a must to counter all those decks running three copies of "Armed Puppet."  Seriously though, decent stats and a possible alternative to Kurenai as a turn four drop; two support isn't as good as three, but it stays the same injured and healthy.
Limited: 3.5/5
Constructed: 3/5
P.S.: Is it just me, or does this guy look like Auron from FFX?  http://www.rpgsite.net/images/screens/6/auron.jpg
Right down to the just-neutered-dog fashion sense.


Wednesday's card is Gen Aburame, a.k.a. Shino's dad. He has good healthy stats at 5/2, is a Jonin, which means he can use Jonin level Jutsus and has an okay effect for removing Poison counters, only useful if you are playing against a Puppet Master deck running Armed Puppet. The good news is that Gen gives players another ninja with the insect attribute to use Parasitic Insects Jutsu.A pure Wind deck can afford to run both Gen and Kurenai at Turn 4, but hybrid decks may have to choose. Gen is good if you want to use him.

Limited: 3.5/5(great stats, too bad his ability is so situational)
Constructed: 3.5/5(run him if you can fit him)

Beastly Mage

Gen Aburame (n159)

Beastly Mage here once again. Today's card is Shino's dad, Gen. His effect is somewhat situational. It's not every day when you'll be facing decks that use (and possibly abuse) the poison coin. But, this Ninja is pretty solid. Wind-Jonin with 5/2 - 2/2 and Mental Power at turn 4 is pretty good. Try it and see.


Limited: 4/5
Constructed: 3/5
Art: 4/5 (he kinda looks like Auron from Final Fantasy)


N-159 Gen Aburame (Element: Wind)
Leaf | Jonin | Male | Mental Power: 1
Entrance Cost: 4 | Hand Cost: 0
Valid: At the beginning of your turn, you can remove a
Ninja Blade coin (Symbolizing a poison coin) from 1 of
your Ninjas.
Healthy Stats: 5/2 | Injured Stats: 2/2 | Attribute: Insect

Wait...Gen? His actual name is supposed to be Shibi...this is sort of a far cry...

Well, he's a pretty big Wind ninja, which is refreshing. He's actually got better stats than Baki, and more mental power than Shikaku! (Which doesn't make sense, as he spawned the genius Shikamaru...)

His effect is pretty worthless in constructed, because nobody really plays Kankuro or his jutsus except rarely in casual. On top of that, Kurenai has better support.

In limited is where he really shines. A 5/2 on turn 4 is great, and a little bit of mental power and injured support take his effectiveness up a notch. In addition to the ability to use Parasitic Insect jutsu, Gen can also counter your opponent's puppet jutsus, which you might actually find when you're drafting R&R. All of these things make Gen Aburame an AWESOME pick in limited.

Constructed: 1/5
Limited: 5/5
Art: 4/5 (Gen is like part Shino part Gaara! Neat!)


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