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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Gato Transport

Card Number: M-013

Review Date: 03.23.07

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 2.71
Limited: 2.58

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Gato Transport

Good in a stall deck, if those exist yet. Get multiple copies out and you'll find there will be very few exchanges of jutsu. Good if you want to just power your way through with a team of tanks; remember, just because you have no chakra doesn't mean you can't send a team out to battle. It's just that if you do have chakra, you have to give it to Gato. This card will keep momentum going; if the game is going against your opponent, there's little chance for recovery, but the same applies to you.

Limited: 3.3/5
Constructed: pi/5

PS: How are Gato's glasses that shiny when the background is so dark?


I'm......................back. Heh. Sorry for the uber-long absence, but circumstances outta my control forced me to take a long hiatus. Now that I'm back though, let's get down to business. Finishing up the week (yes, I know that I'm posting on the last day, let's not get petty here...):
Gato Transport-Common Water Mission; Costs: 3-1
Permanent Effect: Both players must discard 1 card of their choice in their Chakra areas every time they send a Team out to Battle.
This card folks, is pretty straight-forward in it's use. Mostly notably, this card is good for decks that aim to get rid of Chakra, that belonging to your opponent that is. Please note however, this works for both players, so even if you're Attacking OR Defending, you must get rid of one Chakra every time, so it mostly comes down to how much control you want. If this card comes out at the first chance it gets, it'll probably be a stall match, for both sides. BUT, play this baby right, at say...around mid-game, and it's devastating to your opponent. Forcing him to choose to charge enough Chakra to pay for that pesky Vortex, or Breakthrough, in addition to paying one Chakra for just the chance to block.
Constructed: 3/5 (Very good card, IMO)
Limited: 3/5
Art: 2/5 (It's alright...)


Gato Transport
Entrance Cost 3, Hand Cost 1

Effect: Each player must select and discard one card in their Chakra area each time a player sends a team out to battle.


Here's a mission based on Gato, the original slimeball of Naruto lol.

This mission was one of the early permanent ones, coming from Path to Hokage. This card makes Yoroi look like a cheap imitation when it comes to Chakra ownage. With this card out, Jutsus will be very difficult to cast, as chakra will be discarded left and right. Even when you activate this card, you're discarding Chakra to attack or block with a team. What's more is that this card is a common, while they make lousy rares like Power for Change that do almost nothing to the game state. I'd be pretty darn annoyed if this Mission sticks for a while, I'd bring Hayate [Detecting a Plan] or Kabuto [Withdrawl] to stick this one where it hurts. Those guys should at least be in your sideboard anyway. This doesn't see tournament use because it so symmetrical in what it does, but beware you kitchen-table players, bewaaareee....!

Constructed: 1/5: Hurts the user too much and just upsets things crazily...

Limited: 2.75/5: I suppose you could make an all-out ninja rush deck that doesn't care about jutsus, while denying your opponent at the same time. Interesting maybe...

Until Next Time-Meb9000


Friday is Gato Transport, a card made for a control style deck rather than the typical aggro Water builds. Gato Transport is Water Mission that can be played at turn 2 and forces the players to pay 1 Chakra to attack. This card can slow down an aggro player's game, but I personally have never got it to work. Why? You have to play this as early as possible, or else your opponent will have so much Chakra that its effect isn't as useful. To get the most of the effect, you should have Yoroi Akado and Chakra Absoprtion Jutsu in your deck to prevent your opponent from attacking. My deck with this was Water/Earth, which was probably my problem, but a MonoWater deck can draw the most out of this card. Gato Transport is a card that people tend to have to build a deck around so they can still attack and not get weighed down by the effect. Until you establish a method of how you quickly build Chakra, don't play this. This card is more for Intermediate and Advanced players who have experience building thier Chakra and something a Beginner shouldn't slap in their Water deck unaware of what it really does.

Limited:3/5(Can slow down a game considerably)
Constructed:3.5/5(A card for experienced players that can contribute to a new type of Water deck).


M-013 Gato
Transport MissionC
i can see this card being played in a chakra control varient to control thier jutsu useage and you might be able to force them to side thier SR kabuto out just to get ride of it and if you can hit it early then its even better cause its so hard for them to get thier jutsu off next set i think this will see play cause of the new 5 drop water gets
constructed: 2/5
limited: 1/5

Beastly Mage

Gato Transport (m013)

Greetings and salutations (yes, I know it's corny). Beastly Mage once again. Today's card is yet another blast from the past: Gato Transport. Having to discard one chakra for each team sent out to battle can be a real pain for your opponent, but it can also be a pain for you as well. It's a decent card for Steam Decks, especially early game when there's not much chakra out. Try it and see.

Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 3/5


Gato Transport
Discard Cost: 1
Entrance Cost: 3
Effect: Both players must discard 1 card of their choice in their Chakra areas every time they send a Team out to Battle.

If you have no cards in your Chakra Area, can you still send out your teams to battle? o.O

We end No-Ninja week with Gato Transport. Its a Water, which is good. Turn 3 is average, and unlike most of the cards in this week, its a Mission, actually doing a Mission Job, unlike Monday and Wednesday's cards.

Its Permant, so it won't be going anywhere anytime soon, unless your opponent is using Hayate Gekko.

If I'm right, and your opponent can't sendout teams to battle while they have no cards in their Chakra area, then you can use this an efficient stall card. Forcing your opponent to charge their Hand each turn just to attack is sweet. You could probaly make an entire Deck off of that. Can you imagine making your opponent lose a card in their Chakra Area AND discard a card in their Hand for Temari?

But beware, the effect works both ways.

Constructed: 3/5 [I would'nt take out my Bingo Books for it, but I would make a Deck based around it]
Limited: 2/5 [Not enough cards to support it]
Art: 1/5 [I hate Gato >_<]


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