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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

The Third Hokage
[Addressing Past Wrongs]

Card Number:
Rarity - N-163

Review Date: 03.01.07

Average Card Rating
Limited: 4.58
Constructed: 4.58

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


The Third Hokage

What a card to end the week on.

The good things about this card is that he has strong stats. A very good mental power, and his effect is valid. The effect allows you to move 1 Ninja Battling against him to the bottom of its original owner's Deck. The other good thing about this effect is you don’t discard him until the end of your turn so you are still able to use him to battle with.

However in order to use his effect you have to give up a very strong ninja which can be a bad move later on in the game.

My advice is that if you play a third, run this one. As you can see the pros outweigh the cons. If he was targeted in the battle phase by your opponents Jutsu you can chain his effect which is great.

Constructed: 4/5 (fire)
Limited: 4.5/5
Art: 1.25/5 (very disappointed by the picture. It could have been so much


The Third Hokage
Leaf/Satoosa/Male/Mental Power 3/Fire
Entrance Cost 6, Hand Cost 1
Combat/Support: 6/4, 4/2 Injured
Valid: You may move one Ninja battling against this Ninja to the bottom of its owner's deck. In that case discard this Ninja at the end of turn.

HERE COMES THE BEEF! Coming to kick your butt soon is the Reaper-Equipped Third Hokage from Revenge and Rebirth. Everything about this guy is just sick, you will soon find out why.

Like all other Kages, Sarutobi here has an entrance cost of 6, hand cost 1. Standard fare. The 6/4 and 4/2 stats are par for the course as well. This also happens to be the smartest Third Hokage yet, with a mental power of 3. Unheard of for a Fire card. Next up comes this guy's Valid and insane effect. So powerful is this effect that it gives Kabuto [Covert Op] a run for his money in the SR slot. At any point in the battle, you can pop one of the opposing battlers to the bottom of the owner's deck. This is very difficult to negate and doesn't even need to use the Chain. It's like 8 Trigrams on steroids. The fact that Sarutobi is discarded at the END of the turn allows him to still take part in the battle to win BRs or to use Jutsus. The awesome combos are limitless here. Pop off a ninja, then 8 Trigram another. Twin-Snake Sacrifice Jutsu with Sarutobi to get off a nice 2-1 exchange. Any kind of sacrifice Jutsu works great with the Third. A cool deal would be to use his effect in a Fire/Wind deck, then use Great Breakthrough to bounce him and use him AGAIN. I'll let you guys come up with other combos.

Constructed: 5/5 An insane boon to Fire decks, don't make one without this guy!
Limited: 5/5: For god sakes, it's a Super Rare! It's gotta be worth something! Seriously, just as powerful, a Satoosa, and is a rare bit of removal. TAKE IT!

-Until next time, meb9000


Today's card of the day is a card Fire users are going to love pulling, the Revenge and Rebirth Third Hokage.  Anyone who has used Fire/Lightning or Fire period has ran at least one version of this card, and while this card doesn't have a broken combo that makes your ninja almost unkillable, it does provide answers players may look for in dealing with certain ninja that won't go away.  The Third is his usual self of a Fire Leaf Satoosa ninja but adds Mental 3, the first Fire ninja with decent Mental power.  He's 6/4 healthy and 4/2 injured, but his new effect allows him to send a ninja back to the bottom of the deck for the simple price of discarding him after the turn.  You may lose your Thrid Hokage, but unless your opponent runs something like Shino Aburame, True Ace in the Hole, that ninja is not coming back.  Outside of End of the Demon, this is the best card for the new Kabuto and perhaps the best answer period for the new Orochimaru.  This ninja is the best Fire gets in the new set unless you could the new Kakashi/Might Guy platoon ninja, and the fact that he can also use the awesome Reaper Death Seal is another plus as well.  Like Wednesday's card, if you pull it, you may consider building a deck type you normally don't run.
Limited:4/5(The effect matters less here)
Constructed:5/5(The answer to your Orochimaru/Kabuto woes)


if you dont know how broken this guy is then wow. If you happen to pull him then run fire cause this is the most broken card in the whole game because his ability can not be chained to and it happens right away.

limited: 5/5 if you pull enough fire
constructed: 5/5


CotD for March 2

The Third Hokage (n-163)

Beastly Mage reporting in today for this week's last CotD, the Third Hokage. His stats are similar to his previous versions, including the three Mental Power stats, and the Satoosa characteristic. This means he can use pretty much every jutsu there is. His effect is the part that gets your attention. Basically, it's a reverse bounce. Instead of throwing your opponent's ninja to the top of the deck, you're making that ninja go to the bottom of the deck. The effect is valid, meaning you can use it at any moment during the battle phase. Bad thing is, he goes to the discard pile at the end of the turn. Still, he does the trick. If you have the chance to run him, do it. In Fire-based decks, he's really good.

Constructed: 4.5/5 in a Fire-based deck
Limited: 4/5 if you can draft enough fire cards


Kai's CotD

The Third Hokage [Addressing Past Wrongs]
[Addressing Past Wrongs]
Leaf | Satoosa | Male | Mental Power: 3
Entrance Cost: 6
Discard Cost: 1
Healthy Stats: 6/4
Injured Stats: 4/2
Element: Fire
Combat Attribute: Ninjutsu


Ok, this Hokage is'nt horrible. Its sorta like a Dosu, right?

Wrong. The difference is, that with Dosu, you don't have to wait so long to play him, and you don't have to discard to play him. Here, with old Sarutobi, you have to discard to play him and you also have to wait until Turn 6.

However, he has his good points. Lets do a Pros and Cons.


Great Stats
Mental Power: 3
Kills whatever kills it


Turn 6
Have to discard to play him

Hes not bad. I like him and the The Third Hokage[Village Governer] equally. The Pros outweigh the Cons.

If your opponent somehow kills him in battle, then they just lost a Ninja. And it goes to the bottom of the Deck, so odds are you won't be seeing that Ninja again for awhile, unless they shuffle their Deck with Bingo Book or draw the bottom card with Shino Aburame[True Ace In The Hole]. This card would be better if the Ninja battling against him would simply be discarded.

Hes Satoosa Level, basically meaning he can use a Jutsu of any level. He can use 8 Trigrams. :D

He has a Mental Power of 3, which is godly. He can be splashed in a Mental Power Deck.

Hes Fire, and Fire is one of the best elements in the Game. His effect is pretty good, and... Wait. Hold on! ITS VALID?! Even better!

Constructed: 4/5 [Its a form of removal. Its good. I suggest maybe trying 2 of him and 1 Village Governer in a Fire Deck]

Limited: 5/5 [Really good in Limited since there are some Fire Jutsus to use with him, such as Dragon Flame Bomb]

Art: 3.5/5 I like it....


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