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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Caged Bird

Card Number: M-150

Review Date: 03.16.07

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.28
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Caged Bird

Well we end the week by looking at another mission card

The advantages of this is you can stop your opponents strongest ninja from attacking for 2 turns. It’s also good that it is a counter.

However it will only stop the team you attach it to for 1 turn. They can just re-organise the ninja it’s equipped to out of the team.

My advice is that this should be a side deck card. It’s mainly just a stall but it would be great against a nine-tails deck. Try it out.

Constructed: 1.5/5
Limited: 2/5
Art: 3/5


Caged Bird
Entrance Cost 3-Hand Cost 1
Counter-Permanent (2), Target: 1 Ninja

Effect: Attach this card to the target. The target cannot be sent out to battle.(If you attach this card to your opponent's ninja, they control this card).

The controlling Missions continue this week, as we close out with a popular mission for Earth decks, which frankly need all the nice cards they can get to have a chance of being a competitive element, it and Lightning both in my opinion...

Caged Bird allows selective disabling of enemy ninja. This is also a nice counter to Kabuto or the Third Hokage (R&R), since it can affect Kabuto and keep the third from using his deadly effect. This effect doesn't last forever, though, so it is wise to make use of the time. Also, this is one of the few Counter Mission cards, so you can flash this on your opponent as a surprise. It would've been nice to be able to use this on your turn, so you can get an extra offensive against the disabled ninja. Overall, this mission is quite solid and great for charging chakra and helping out in battle for the Earth Deck. Makes a good pair with Headhunter Jutsu when it comes to ninja disabling.


Constructed: 4.5/5: You won't be sorry for using this one, a good 2-3 of in Earth.

Limited: 4.5/5: Just as solid, and be a nice pick of pseudo-removal.

Until next time-Meb9000


Friday's card shifts from Wind to Earth, but it's one of if not the best of the attach-Missions in Revenge and Rebirth. Caged Bird when played attaches to the target ninja and is now controlled by the target's controller, but it prevents the target from going to battle for 2 turns. This stops big powerful ninja like Zabuza, Kakashi, the Third and Orochimaru from being a threat as you take down other ninjas on the field. Caged Bird helps immensely in a tight sitaution, and while it doesn't solve the problem permanently like End of the Demon or The End of Mortal Combat, it can delay the opponent long enough to help. It can also be used offensively when you don't want an annoying blocker like Suzume blocking your attempt to get the final Battle Rewards you need. Plus it also stops effects that trigger from participation in battle like Iyashi and Baki. Like Great Fan, Caged Bird has versatility on its side, and a card like that is a card that people will run for that reason.

Limited:4.5/5(This can win you the game in a Limited battle)
Constructed:4/5(A must-have mission from the slim pickings of playable Earth missions)


Caged Bird

this is earths best mission as it can stop there biggest guy most likely the 3rd or kabuto from entering battle or it can be used in a rush deck to take advantage but i think its better in tempo so if u like earth then run this card


St. Yuriy

Caged Bird - Earth - T 3 - C 1
Counter Permanent (2)
Target: 1 Ninja
Effect: Attach this card to the target. The target cannot be sent out to battle. (If you attach this card to your opponent's ninja, they control this card.)
It's good; it can be just enough to pull of a couple of battle rewards. And that could be the end. It is Earth so it gives some power to the Earth users. It is a Turn 3 so it is mid-to-late game obviously. and it is a counter so your opponents attack by the big ninja they just played is ruined, and it is a 2 turn permanent, so it'll be there a while. Overall, I think it gives a good mission to Earth and could do wonders for mental, by attaching this to their mental counter ninja.

Constructed - 3.5/5.0 (earth, good mission for them) 4.0/5.0 (Mental, a good counter-counter.)
Limited - 4.0/5.0 (good to stop powerful late game card they pulled. Helps with the win.)
Art - 5.0/5.0 (Hyuugas are awesome.)

Beastly Mage

CotD for 3-16-07

Caged Bird (M150)

Beastly Mage once again here. Today's card is a bit like the previous two mission cards since it can help you avoid getting hit. This one though is a bit different. First, it's Earth, second it's a two-turn permanent card. Basically, it stops a Ninja from attacking for two turns. If you attach it to your opponent's Ninja, then your opponent controls that card for those two turns. What deck could use this card? Maybe a Hyuuga Clan deck. Try it and see.


Constructed: 3/5 in a Hyuuga deck
Limited: 4/5 if you can draft enough Earth cards

Caged Bird

Hmm... similar to yesterday's card, although this one is a permanent counter mission. I'm not entirely sure about timing of counter-missions, as to when during your opponent's turn you can use them and if you can use them during your turn. This card can bind one of their strong ninjas for a turn or two, but it's very hard to turn the tide of battle once things have turned against you, especially with bad stall such as this.

Constructed/Limited: 1.6/5, because it's slightly better than yesterdays.


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