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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Might Guy

Card Number: US022

Review Date: 08.01.07

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 4.00
Limited: 3.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Wednesday's card is Might Guy, Backup. This card is pretty simple. If your opponent is running Water or Fire, you can play him at Turn 4 for no discard cost instead of waiting until Turn 5, allowing you to get that big ninja in when you need him. Play this turn 4 and Turn 5 Platoon out the Kakashi/ Might Guy Platoon, or just have him out Turn 4. You may want to run the Guy from the last set or Unique Teaching Method if you are running a Taijutsu deck, or you could easily sideboard him to use against Water and Fire-using decks. A discard free Might Guy is always a good thing.


Beastly Mage

Might Guy [Backup]

Hello, fellow Pojo-ers. Today's card is one that is making a splash in many a deck right now. This version of Guy-Sensei can hit the field one turn earlier AND for free if your opponent has at least one fire or water ninja out. Since most decks run a few of these two elements, you have a good chance to get this ninja out with no problems. Try it and see.


Limited: 4/5
Constructed: 5/5
Art: 3/5

Byakuya Kuchiki

Might Guy[Backup]

Today is our third Super Rare for Super Rare week. The card today is no other than Might Guy. He's a solid ninja being a 6/0 healthy and a 5/0 injured and a turn 5 Jonin which is pretty good. Like most cards, Might Guy has Super Rare status because of his effect. His effect says, when your opponent has 1 or more ninja's with a fire or water symbol in play this ninja gets -1 to both hand and entrance costs making him a 4 drop. With all of the Mono Water decks and Freedori mono fire decks out there, Might Guy is almost certain to come out on turn with no hand cost. Even if they aren't running those two elements, then most people usually run Sasuke AoC or Hayate DaP splashed into their deck. And since Might Guy is lightning, some people might be running Kono[HG] as their 0 drop allowing Guy to come out as early as turn 3. The only downside is dealing with pulling off Might Guy on turn 3 would be your opponent's Ino from Eternal Rivalry because of her nasty effect. Otherwise, Might Guy is gold coming out on turn 4 with no hand cost. He's not the greatest Super Rare and he might not be the best Might Guy, but coming out earlier is always better.

My ratings:

Constructed: 4/5
Limited: 4.5/5


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