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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Naruto Uzumaki
[One Last Attack]

Card Number: PRUS011

Review Date: 07.19.07

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.00
Limited: Promo

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Hey everybody, sorry I've been gone for a while; I've been pretty busy with summer job + researching colleges, etc.

That and I'm lazy.

Naruto Uzamaki [One last attack]

This reminds me of the other suicide-bomber Naruto, Self-Sacrificing Attack. Let's compare, shall we?
One Last Attack:
Turn 0
0/0 3/0
Valid: When this ninja is sent out to attack and receives any damage, you can give 1 damage to 1 of your opponent's ninjas battling against this ninja.

Self-Sacrificing Attack:
Turn 1
0/0 3/0
If this ninja's team is defeated, completely defeated, or draws, give 1 damage to the head ninja that just battled against this ninja.

OLA is valid, turn 0, and can give damage to any ninja on the opposing team when it loses or draws; SSA is turn 1, with the same stats, and an effect that only affects the head ninja.

The main difference? OLA works only when Naruto is sent out to attack, not when he's blocking.

The main way I use Naruto (I run two Nine-Tails Chakra) is
a) Early game, as a 5 or 6 power beatstick, or
b) as a chump blocker.

For this reason, I much prefer Self Sacrificing Attack. If you attack with One Last Attack, your opponent can just let him go through and kill him next turn or chump block with a weak chunin and kill him; however, SSA can be used to ward off big teams your opponent doesn't want injured. Granted, they could switch around head ninjas to lessen the impact of taking one damage, but that might let a strong team you control be the most powerful one on the board. As for OLA's validity, keep in mind they both have 0 power healthy; late game, when teams of 5 or more are the standard, validity doesn't matter.

OLA is decent, but there is simply a better Naruto out there.

Limited: dunno what the redemption wrapper program is, so 3.3/5
Constructed: 1/5


Thursday's card is Naruto Uzumaki, One Last Attack, another Wrapper Promotion Card. With 0/0 healthy stats and 3/0 injured stats for Turn 0, it's a standard Naruto. It's effect is like a better Self-Sacrificing Attack-one deals damage to an opposing ninja whenever he takes damage, plus the effect is Valid so he can do it any turn. The fact you can choose who gets the damage is a bonus as well. Unless Errataed, I assume any damage includes damage from a Jutsu, so if he goes out to attack and gets hit by say Fireball Jutsu or Wind Blade, he can give the opponent one damage. Even if that Jutsu would kill him, say Dragon Flame Jutsu, he could still give a damage to the opponent. If damage-type Jutsus do take over the metagame or at least start to show up more in competitive decks, this card can prove deadly over time, especially with a healer to keep him healthy. The only real downside is that he doesn't have Clone Status so he can't use Jutsus that require it, but you can Growth him into something that can.

Limited:3/5(assuming you can play him)
Constructed:3/5(the only thing that hurts is lack of Clone Status)

Beastly Mage

Naruto Uzumaki [One Last Attack]

This card is just too good to be true. Any damage during battle from your opponent = One damage to any ninja facing him. Another good turn 0 from the wrapper redemption program. The great thing is that it's a valid effect, so you could use it more than once if possible. Too bad it doesn't have clone status, like other Narutos, but it's a great card.


Limited: Promo/5
Constructed: 4/5
Art: I think that's how I injured my foot/5


Finishing up the wrapper redemption cards, today we look at the new Naruto [One Last Attack].  Much like SSA and Dosu SI, when OLA is delt any damage, he deals one damage to your opponent’s ninja.  Unlike them, his effect is valid, though it only triggers when he’s attacking.   This Naruto is a fantastic agro zero drop.  Your opponent will often not block his attack leading to more BRs for you. I can see him replacing CoP, which loses a lot of power to Shika F, in a lot of decks.  All in all, this is a fantastic Naruto zero drop that will definitely see some competitive play.


Limited:  5/5 (Great stats, effect, and splashable, though it doesn’t matter because it’s impossible to get him)

Constructed:  4/5 (A very powerful, agro zero drop that will see some competitive play)

Art:  4.5/5 (Great pose, love the effect on the background)  

Byakuya Kuchiki

Naruto[One Last Attack]

Today is our last wrapper Redemption Promo and that would be Naruto. This Naruto is a beast and will definitely see some kind of play once people get their hands on him. He deals 1 damage everytime he is sent out to attack and receives any damage. His effect is valid, so he can give up to 2 damage without healing him. However, if you heal him then he will keep adding on the damage. His stats are normal for Naruto being 0/0 healthy and 3/0 injured. His effect is what makes him very good and playable. He's like Dosu[Sonic Impact], but can do 2 damage compared to Dosu's 1. Either way, I see some people using this card. It all depends on what kind of deck you are planning to run once Eternal Rivalry comes out.


Constructed: 4/5... He's very Solid

Limited; Promo/5


Naruto Uzumaki. This is probably going to be the most broken card to be used. This Naruto's effect is called One Last Attack. Much like the Coils of the Snake Dosu, he can send one damage to a ninja battling against him. Unlike Dosu it doesn't matter what ninja battling him you choose. Does your opponent have a pesky Third Hokage [VG] that you want to take out? Well send this little guy to take care of the job. This is my favorite promo out of all the promos shown.


Limited 4/5
Constructed 2/5
Art 3/5


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