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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Itachi Uchiha
[Requirements for Eminence]

Card Number: N-US037

Review Date: 07.10.07

Average Card Rating

Constructed: 3.176
Limited: 4.17

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Hey everybody, sorry I missed last week. I was in New York; saw Spamalot (your mother was a gopher and your father smelt of elderberries! I bought a coconut), the Angels play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium (we lost 9-14), and the Macy's fireworks show.

Anyway, onto reviews!

Itachi Uchiha [Requirements for the Eminence]

Hmm... I wonder if he counts as a leaf ninja? Not that it matters, really. This guy is kinda the Zaborg of Naruto, if you know yugioh. Killing any Sasuke, Kakashi, or Itachi upon entrance is pretty dang good, seeing as how nearly all competitive decks max out on Kakashis. Fire is good, of course.

I like this version better than True Heir to the Sharingan, but True Heir might be worth side decking as he can't be killed in battle by a non-Fire deck.

Limited: 4.5/5 (two Sasukes, two Kakashis, Itachi, and I don't know how much removal)
Constructed: 4.3/5
Art: Zombie/5


Tuesday's card is Itachi Uchiha, Requirements for the Eminence, a new card from Eternal Rivalry. The new Itachi is the Itachi we all know, a Turn 6 Jonin ninja with all the nifty attributes of Jonin, Akatsuki and Sharingan Eye, with 6/3 healthy stats and 2/3 injures stats so he's still good for support even if he's hurt. This Itachi's effect allows you to select a ninja with Sharingan Eye your opponent controls and discard it. Not only can you get rid of a Kakashi or Sasuke, especially the ones Freedori uses, you can take out another Itachi as well. Itachi-Intervention decks that cheat out Itachis with Jonin's Intervention(hence the deck's name) has a tool against Freedori and mirror matches. Right now, he's one of the best tools for taking out the Sharingan Eye ninja. He's also rare and has really cool art. This is a good anti-Fire ninja to run in a Fire deck, especially an Itachi deck.

Limited: 3/5(he's a big ninja that discards specific ninja even if he takes a while to show up)
Constructed:4/5(he's Itachi after all, plus he's more Chidori hate)

Beastly Mage

Itachi Uchiha (N-US037)

Greetings, fellow Pojo-ers. Today's card is the new Itachi. This one, IMO, is better than the previous one. It gets rid of one Sharingan Eye Ninja on your opponent's side. Pesky Kakashi ES? Zap it with Itachi! Bothersome Grothed Sasuke? Zap it with Itachi! (OK, I admit it, that sounded like it came from a bug spray ad). With healthy stats similar to those of Kakashi, plus all around 3 support, plus Sharingan Eye, this ninja is pretty solid (and he's a rare!).


Limited: 4/5
Constructed: 4/5
Art: 4/5


Here we have a Rare Itachi, which is nice to see. (I hate when popular characters are released as Super Rares only...)

The previous Itachi sucked because everybody had Sharingan Ninjas in their decks, meaning that on top of being a turn 6 that isn't compatible with The One Who Inherits, SR Itachi basically had no effect, due to the fact that a majority of people run Sasuke and Kakashi.

That is what makes THIS Itachi good, though. He can bust a cap in your opponent's Sasuke (not that great) or Kakashi (Very nice) or their Itachi even. Plus he can use 8 Trigrams DSSF as well as Tsukuyomi.

In Jonin's Intervention he's great to play after your opponent plays a Sasuke of some sort. And if your opponent doesn't have a Sharingan ninja, the fact that he can basically use 8 Trigrams 6 times instead of just 3 times like most Jonins makes him great to play too, where if you play him on turn 1, you have a lot of ways to clear your opponent's field.
Outside of Jonin's Intervention, his stats are low for a turn 6, you're already playing Kakashi ES and Third APW (if you have them) meaning it's hard to squeeze him into your deck. The ability to kill your opponent's Kakashi or Sasuke isn't nearly as good as APW and ES's effect at the moment. This may change however depending on what Eternal Rivalry has to offer.

In limited, he's strong, and he has built-in removal. A great card to have.

Constructed: 2.5/5 (5/5 in Jonin's Intervention)
Limited: 5/5
Art: 10003439/5 SO COOL :]


Today we look at a new rare version of Itachi in the upcoming set, Eternal Rivalry. Like the older Itachi, this card sucks. It has bad stats, and an extremely situational effect that will often be less playable the DL Itachi’s effect. Besides that, he’s not leaf and has a lot of competition for the fire 6th drop (Third anyone). Overall, this Itachi sucks and will probably only see any play in the side deck of Itachi decks in case you come upon the opponent running a lot of Sharingan Eye ninjas.

Limited: 3.5/5 (Good power with a possible useful effect)
Constructed: 1/5 (Crappy effect, bad stats, and Third make him almost unplayable)
Art: 1/5 (Boobies!!!)

Darth Sideous

Itachi Uchiha[Requirements For the Eminence]

Today we are looking at the Rare Itachi Uchiha from Eternal Rivalry. He has the same stats as before.
The only difference is that he's a Rare with a different effect. His effect allows you to discard 1 "Sharingan Eye" user when this Ninja is put into play. It can come in handy against another Itachi Uchiha or the troublesome Kakashi[ES] or just Kakashi in general. It might come more in handy later when more Uchiha's are released. If anything, this card is sideboard material as after Eternal Rivalry is released, there shouldn't be as many Fire decks out there. I like the Super Rare Itachi better.

My Ratings:

Constructed: 3/5

Limited: 4.5/5 He's better here just because of his stats.


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