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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Kabuto Yakushi
[Covet Operative]

Card Number: N-152
Rarity - SR

Review Date: 01.30.07

Average Card Rating: 4.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Playdoh Dude Kabuto [Covet Operative]

I remember when we started getting previews of the R&R cards every one was talking about Kabuto. Would they change his effect to keep him less broken?
Well, Kabuto is amazing. Let me tell you that.

*Huge combat
*Valid and powerful effect
*2 MP

*Horrible INjured
*Hand cost

The pros outweigh the cons, and rightfully so. Kabuto can use 8 Trigram, and isn't affected by it! And correct me if I'm wrong, but to play certain Jutsus such as Giant Breakthrough, all targets must be able ot be affected, so the jutsu wouldn't work. If I am correct, than Kabuto is broken. If not, well, Kabuto is still amazing.

CONSTRUCTED: 4/5. Kabuto may replace some of those Zabuzas.
LIMITED: 4/5. Still amazing, but I doubt you'll pull multiple SRs in Limited.
ART: I love this art. KABUTO RULES!


Kabuto: Covert Operative

As if water decks didn't need another reason to be cc (that's cookie cutter, for those who don't know). This ninja is BROKEN; get it in front of a good team, and he's practically invincible. He has immunity from every jutsu out there: no trigram, no vortex, no breakthrough, but being a jonin, he can still use them against others. Not only that, but he's water, already one of the best elements, and with kabuto, possibly the best. This guy needed some downside; lower stats, a discard cost of two, non-jonin rank, something, because as it is, Naruto might see a ban list soon.

5/5 all formats

Art: 3/5

N. Jolly

Kabuto-Covert Ops

Hello, hello, my friend of the day. Today is a special day, because today we introduce the card that may very well break the meta. Normally I'd do a The Good, The Bad, but not this time. There's only good here.

Kabuto-Covert Ops 6/3,2/2
Valid:This card cannot be the target of your opponent's Jutsu cards.

This means he can't be targeted by 8 Trigram, Water Vortex, TSSJ, or anything eles that could cause his jutsu to be negated. He prevents any jutsu like that from working, and he has stats on par with any turn 5 ninja. I can't say a lot else, except that mono water decks are going to get a(very unneeded)boost.

Constructed 5/5
Limited 5+/5
Art 5/5 He looks great as an Anbu


Today we're looking at a Ninja that's proving to be a pesky
annoyance, or so you'll think:

Kabuto Yakushi-Super Rare Water Ninja; Costs: 5-1; 6/3, 2/2;
Sound/Jonin/Male/Medical/MP: 2
[Covert Operative] Valid: This Ninja cannot be the target of your
opponent's Jutsu cards.

Ever since Coils of the Snake, we've seen evolving versions of
Kabuto, in both costs, and effects. This latest one seems to be top notch. At
a rather decent cost, waiting till turn 5 allows you to bring out this
Ninja, with the exclusive ability to not be targeted by your opponent's
Jutsus. Translation=God card, unless the folks up at Bandai edit him a
bit. The way his effect is worded makes it so Jutsu cards that target
an entire Team cannot be activated, since Kabuto would make that
impossible. If the wording is changed so that he is UNAFFECTED, then it's a
different story. FYI: Most likely to be the most sought after card of the



Kabuto Yakushi

Today's card of the day will certainly be a popular one for water decks.
Another super from revenge and rebirth.

Kabuto Yakushi
Symbol: Water
Characteristics: Sound | (Jonin) | Male | Mental Power: 2 Entrance Cost: 5 Hand Cost: 1 Combat Attribute: Sound Healthy Stats: 6/3 Injured Stats: 2/2
. [Covert Operative]
Valid: This Ninja cannot be the target of your opponent's Jutsu.

Straight away we see that he has good healthy stats for a turn 5, and his effect of not being targeted by your opponent's Jutsu cards, which is valid,

makes him the perfect attacker for your team. This means your opponent will be stuck with using Jutsu cards to power up his/her own team, which is easy to counter with the escape Jutsu. He also has a very good metal power.

This is normally the part when I tell you the faults of the card but honestly the only thing I can see is that the injured stats are a bit weak for attacking but is still good for supporting your team.

My advice is if you play a water deck you should take out one of your Zabuza's and stick this card because it will make a difference.

Constructed: 4.5/5 (water decks)
Limited: 5/5
Art: 4.5/5 (ah the old ANBU disguise oldest trick in the book)


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