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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

[Analytical Mind]

Card Number: 146
Rarity - R

Review Date: 01.25.07

Average Card Rating: 3.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Bruin Temari [Analytical Mind]

Greetings Naruto fans. Been a minute since I submitted a review. I had an affair with the World of Warcraft TCG. But I never gave up on the Number One, Hyper-active, Knucklehead Ninja. On to the review...

Honestly, there isn't a whole lot to be said about this version of Temari. Her Mental Power is standard fare, and her support is sufficient for a 1-drop. Her effect allows for her support to be pumped up a bit.

Whether her pump will be enough to turn the tide of a battle all depends on what team she's a part of and what team she faces.

I don't have any experience with this card, but I don't think I'd pull out my Violent Tempers for her.

Constructed: 2.5/5
Sealed: 3/5


Temari: Analytical Mind

Hmm... so basically, a 0/2 that becomes 0/3 when opposed. Basically, we must consider whether or not it is superior to Temari: Violent Temper. Lets take a look, shall we?

Violent Temper has two support, while Analytical Mind has three or more. AM is the basic choice for a mental power deck where there may be cards to increase her intelligence, but in most decks, it will only be a boost of one. Power doesn't matter too much in the opening game, as most of the battle rewards are usually gotten later, and if this is allowed to go straight for the village, it doesn't get a boost. Another thing to note is that VT only gets her effect while attacking, while AM gets it whenever she is blocked. Both can make it to the late game, but as time goes on, you'll get many ninjas with three support, but none with a discard effect.

I would usually be more scared of discarding a card than one extra support, but it's your choice.

3.5/5 for a normal constructed
4.5/5 for mental constructed
4/5 in limited, for a lack of ninjas with good support


We continue ore revenge and rebirth week with a very good team support card

Symbol: Wind
Characteristics: Sand | Genin | Female | Mental Power: 1 Entrance Cost: 1 Hand Cost: 0 Combat Attribute: Weapon Healthy Stats: 0/2 Injured Stats: 0/0
. [Analytical mind]
While this ninja is sent out to battle and opposed, it gets +0/+X. during the turn. X = the value of this ninja's Mental Power

All the Temari cards are great support for your team and this one is no exception. Turn 1 and a +3 boost to your team when it battles and is opposed

or blocked, which can give you an advantage early on in the match especially

if you can boost her mental power.

However as I mentioned she is only good as a support card for your team if you have her out on her own she is only useful to block an attack, which will then reduce her to a +1 for your team.

My advice would be to try experimenting with the three different types of Temari in a wind deck. Just to see which is best suited for you.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Limited: 4.5/5
Art: 4/5 (wow she looks angry)


Continuing our R & R reviews for the week, we come across the latest incarnation of everyone's favorite Wind Ninja:

Temari-Rare Wind Ninja; Costs: 1-0; 0/2, 0/0; Sand/Genin/Female/MP: 1
[Analytical Mind] When this Ninja is sent out to Battle and opposed, it gets +0/+X during the turn. X=the value of this Ninja's Mental Power.

Word of warning, be prepared to see this Ninja. A lot. Already this Temari has the highest support for Turn 1 Ninjas, at 3. Combining this with any card will guarantee a strong Ninja Team already, and of course, everyone is gonna Team her up with Sasuke (AoC), but I'm personally looking to Team her up with my own weird Teams, like with Rock Lee as Head Ninja, or Neji. Since the Temari most often seen is the one released in Coils of the Snake (Violent Temper), give your good-byes to that version of Temari and greet the new one. The one drawback to her effect is that it's not Valid, but hopefully Bandai will change that.

Constructed: 4/5
Limited: 5/5
Art: 4.5 (She looks ready to kick some ...well, you get the picture.)

N. Jolly

Temari: Analytical Mind

The Good
-Turn 1 three support

The Bad
-...no attack?

Hello again, it's the Naruto Samurai, N. Jolly here again with another card review, and what a card to come back on. Today we have one of the best cards from the new set, Temari(Analytical Mind.) With one card, you can have a three support ninja by turn 1, and the ability to pump up it's support with cards like Ninja Info card, as well as Hidden potential. This is a huge card in most any decks, and will be used by most players, except those running discard or chakra deprevation.

Art-4/5 I love Temari, and so should you.


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