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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Sasuke Uchiha
[Precious Fellow]

Card Number: PR-006
Rarity - Shonen Jump Promo

Review Date: 01.04.07

Average Card Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

N. Jolly

Sasuke Uchiha-Precious Fellow

The good

-Possible Boost

The bad

-No Sharingan

-Situational Boost

-Let's all say it together folks...OTHER SASUKES!!!!

It's hard coming back from an angry holiday, but with my new years resolution already broken, here I am again, ready to tell you about the card game you love!

Today's card is Sasuke(Precious Fellow), which is part of the Precious Fellow/Successors deck type. What we have here is a Formation gone horribly wrong, and nothing can salvage it. This wouldn't be a bad card, but again...(see third complaint). Fire has better options for this slot, and I'd run Peeking Kiba over this. Seriously, if you need this kind of boost, run Sasuke (AOC) and thank god that you have it.

Constructed: 2/5

Limited: No

For deck help and suggestions about cards, you can e-mail me at n.jolly@yahoo.com


Well, after a week of birthdays and calls from the office, I have nothing more to look forward to than the start of next semester (on MY birthday, of all days), going back to work, and reviewing some very shiny promo's for this week's Cards of the Day. So without further ado:

Sasuke Uchiha (Fire)
Leaf | Genin | Male
Turn Cost: 0 Hand Cost: 0
Combat: 3/0 Injured: 0/0

[Precious Fellow]
Valid: If this Ninja is in the same Team as "Naruto Uzumaki",
this Ninja gets +1/+1

- Er... it's Valid?

- No Sharingan Eye
- Better Sasuke's abound

All in all... this card is t3h suck - big time. And I really mean that; with a million and one good, if not down-right broken (in the right situation, at least), why use a promo, of all things, that may be even harder to get than normal-release Sasuke's? There's [AoC], [No. 1 Rookie], and even [Open Your Eyes!] to choose from, not to mention the two Taijutsu Sasuke's that are coming out in Revenge & Rebirth. Sorry, but I just can't help but dislike this card.

Constructed: 1/5

Limited: 1/5

Art: 1/5 <- Have you seen the one's with Chidori on them? Now that's just sweet.


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