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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Kabuto Yakushi
[Covert Operative]

Card Number: N-52
Rarity - Super Rare

Review Date: 02.28.07

Average Card Rating
Limited: 4.83
Constructed: 4.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

the bogosian explosion


I really want this card....but i don't have it. I got the Kage instead =P
sorry for the rather short review

Anyway, he is a great card, near broken effect. however everything has a weakness, and i mean EVERYTHING. I wont go into it much because you know its good, and i know its good....lets call it good.

Constructed: 4.5/5 (good but not perfect)
Limited: 5/5 (o hell who am i kidding...if you pull this your opponents are up poop creek without a hope.)
Art: 3.5/5 he dont look so bad as a scheming, cheating, lying, spying, weasely jerkface


Kabuto Yakushi

Today's card of the day is one of the most sort after cards from revenge and rebirth..

Straight away we see that he has good healthy stats for a turn 5, and his effect of not being targeted by your opponent’s Jutsu cards, which is valid, makes him the perfect attacker for your team. This means your opponent will be stuck with using Jutsu cards to power up his/her own team, which is easy to counter with the escape Jutsu. He also has a very good metal power.

This is normally the part when I tell you the faults of the card but honestly the only thing I can see is that the injured stats are a bit weak for attacking but is still good for supporting your team.

My advice is if you play a water deck you should take out one of your Zabuza’s and stick this card because it will make a difference.

Constructed: 5/5 (he’s gone up since my last review because he is that good)

Limited: 5/5

Art: 4.5/5 (ah the old ANBU disguise oldest trick in the book)


Wednesday's card review is one I'm excited about because this card is one that will change how people use Jutsu. Kabuto Yakushi, Covert Operative is already looking to be one of the best cards in the set and for the lucky few who have pulled him, you know why. Kabuto is a Turn 5 Water Jonin with 2 Mental Power, and mental is always a plus on any card. Kabuto is a 6/3 healthy and 2/2 injured, his injured stats the only bad thing about him. Kabuto's effect is basically Disguise Jutsu slapped onto a ninja, which makes him immune to various nasty Jutsus like Water Style:Giant Vortex Jutsu and others that normally see play. What makes Kabuto so good is the combination of all his good points. He's a Jonin, which means he can use Jonin level Jutsus like Giant Vortex and Silent Killing Jutsu. He's 6/3 healthy, same as most Kakashis, the Mental Power of 2 helps if you play Earth for Ibiki or Wind for Suzume, and the Disguise Jutsu effect means your opponent will be a lot more careful in how you use Jutsus. Due to the ruling that a Jutsu that targets a team must legally target all ninja in the team, Jutsus like Giant Vortex will become useless on a team with Kabuto in it. My personal opinion is that this card is the best ninja if not the best card in Revenge and Rebirth because the effect is simple and doesn't use up your resources to use the effect(the discard cost to play him isn't a wasted resource). If he hits your table opposite you, take him out either in battle or with a Mission like End of the Demon, which will probably see more play now which it should have anyway. If you pull this, it may be the best excuse to start playing Water if you don't already.

Limited:5/5(Pulling Kabuto here means you got extremely lucky)
Constructed:5/5(Any card that changes how a game gets played when it hits is awesome)

St. Yuriy

 Kabuto Yakushi-Water-T 5-C 1
Sound l (Jonin) l Male l Medical l MP: 2
H 6/3 I 2/2 (Ninjutsu)
[Covert Operative]
Valid: This Ninja cannot be the target of your opponent's Jutsu cards.
Two words, New Haku. He is powerful, smart, medical, Jonin, and effective, and a turn 5. He is just plain awesome, and this is Fire/Water's new card. Big, bad, and SR. So save your money kiddies.

Constructed - 5.0/5.0
Limited - 5.0/5.0
Art - Yay, ANBU

Beastly Mage

CotD for Feb-28

Kabuto Yakushi (N-152)

Whoa! Now I have to say, I really like this card. For those who know Beastly Mage, you'll know he started his Cosplaying career with this guy. Yes, I'm a cosplayer, deal with it!

Now, this guy is really good. Being a Jonin lets him use a lot of good jutsus, plus he's a Medical-nin, letting him use the Dead Soul jutsu and others. With healthy stats comparable to those of the Copy Ninja himself, he can do quite well when healthy, though not as much when injured, when his stats are similar to one of his previous versions. Having 2 Mental Power makes up for that. His effect is quite good, making him near-perfect in my view. Where does this guy belong? One good type of deck for him is what I call "The Thinking Mud Deck", meaning a mix of Water and Earth with Mental Power. I've seen it work here in Puerto Rico, and trust me, it works quite well.

Constructed: 4/5 in a Thinking Mud Deck and any other that can use him
Limited: 4/5 if you can draft enough water cards for him... and you can get this SR


Kabuto Yakushi [Covert Operative]

Sound | (Jonin) | Male | Medical | Mental Power: 2
Valid: This card cannot be the target of your opponent's Justu cards.
Entrance Cost: 5
Discard Cost: 1
Healthy: 6/3
Injured: 2/2

Yes! Finally, I can review a GREAT card.
My first and second CotD's did'nt go through for some reason, but the fact that this one will (hopefully) go through, will make up for it.

Ok, so Kabuto has many good things going for him. Lets list the Pro's and Con's to this card:


High stats
Mental Power
Medical Ninja


You have to discard to play him
Turn 5

The Pros outweigh the Cons. Personally, I hate discarding just to play another card, but Kabuto is worth it.

When you throw this down, along with a Zabuza or even a Kurenai, you practically have an untouchable team.

All the things your Kabuto is safe from. 8 Trigrams, Giant Vortex, Fireball, Phoenix Flower, Giant Breakthrough, Lightning Blade (if people use many of those in your area o.O), and any other Jutsu your opponent might try to use against him! And the greatest part? Its on a 6/3 body! AND you can still use those Jutsu AGAINST your opponent even though they can't use it against YOU.

Kabuto is one of the most broken cards out there. He even has Mental Power: 2!

Constructed: 4.5/5 {Great for a Water, Water/Wind, or a Fire/Water Deck.}
Limited: 5/5 {Dude... If you pull this, you're one lucky guy...}
Art: 5/5 {Man, I love the Anbu Black Op suit...}


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