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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

[Impenetrable Barrier]

Card Number: N-148
Rarity - rare

Review Date: 02.27.07

Average Card Rating
Limited: 2.90
Constructed: 3.30

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.



Today’s COTD is a good one for water decks.

We see straight away that he has quite good stats for a turn 3. His injured stats for support are the same as his healthy stats. This is good because you will mainly be using him for support anyway. The good thing about the sound four is that their effect is the same, which allows you to organize a team of 4 with other "The Four Sound Ninja”. If you are able to do this the team’s stats would be 13.

However their effects are not valid which is a major issue. Also it is very hard to get all four out at the same time.

My advice is you should defiantly try them out if you play a water deck.
Mainly not for their effect but for their stats. If you are able to get them all out then it’s a bonus.

Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 3.75/5
Art: 3.75/5 ( It will be good to see these guys in stage 2)



Sound/Male/The Four Sound Ninja/Water
Entrance Cost 3, Hand Cost 0
Combat/Support: 4/2, 2/2 injured
Effect: You may form a Team of 4 ninjas with this card and other The Four Sound Ninja. when this team is sent out to attack, none of your Ninjas can be the target of your opponent's Jutsu cards.

Wow, that's quite an effect for a turn 3 Ninja. It's cool to be reviewing one of the Sound 4, so let's get started.

Kidomaru and his bretheren are unique in that they can make for quite a large attack force in the 4-man squad they are allowed to form. The effect is one that can definitely pay off for the work that you must put into it. Read it carefully, it says that NONE of your Ninjas, including ones outside of the Sound 4, can be targetted by Jutsus of your opponent's. This means you will be completely safe from 8 Trigrams, Vortexs, Breakthroughs, etc. A real cool effect there. There is a slight chink in that armor, though. this effect is not Valid, which means that injury will ruin the fun. Another thing bringing the Sound 4 down are that they are all turn 3, which means that it will be at least turn 6 by the time you can play all of them, and that is if you are lucky to get them all in succession. By turn 6, Jonin and Satoosas are stomping around, so be careful. Also, none of the Sound 4 have ranks, which is a bummer given that turn 3 is usually when Special Jonin are played, ripe for Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu.

Constructed: 2/5 Way too slow in my opinion, but could pay off if lucky.
Limited: 2.75/6 Turn 3 Ninjas are always nice, plus power is strong.

-Until Next Time, meb9000


Sorry, missed Monday folks. Monday gave those of us who like the Sand ninja one more big ninja with likable stats and a decent effect, but today we get one of the Sound Four, Kidomaru. Kidomaru is a Turn 3 Water ninja with 4/2 healthy and 2/2 injured stats. Plus when he is out, you can use Four Flames Formation(I found out this weekend that you only need one of the Sound Four to use it). Kidomaru isn't all that spectacular on his own as he works best if you play Jirobou, Tayuya and Sakkon as well as that Four Flames Formation can be used over and over again. The question about any of the Sound Four is whether or not a player will want to run all four of Jirobou, Sakkon, Tayuya and Kidomaru in a Water deck. Those three cards aren't just cards you throw into a deck. They require a dedicated deck looking to abuse the fact that you can run all four of them on one team. I don't recommend throwing them in individually in a deck unless you want to take advantage of their pretty decent stats, but at Turn 3, you can also play Haku and Coils Orochimaru as well. I would love to see someone try to build a fun Sound ninja deck with these guys in it, but running them individually means ignoring their effect and looking at the stats and in Kidomaru's case, you might want to put in Sakkon instead as he has higher support, Tayuya for much the same reason as Sakkon or Jirobou for the huge 5 combat at turn 3. Of the Four Sound ninja, Kidomaru is probably the one least likely to be run by himself.

Limited: 3/5(when 4/2 Turn 3 is big)
Constructed: 2/5(there are better options if you try to run him solo).

St. Yuriy

 Kidomaru-Water-T 3-C 0
Sound l Male l The Four Sound Ninja
H 4/2 I 2/2 (Sound)
[Impenetrable Barrier]
You can organize a team of 4 Ninjas with other "The Four Sound Ninja" Ninjas including this Ninja. While this ninja is sent out to attack in this team, none of your ninjas can be the target of your opponents jutsu cards.
Him and Tayuya are the balanced ones of the Sound Four. He has good combat and ok support, but Jirobo has better combat and Tayuya has better support. So unless you plan on running all 4 for their effect then run one of the others.

Constructed - (Alone) 2.5/5.0, (Sound 4 Deck) 5.0/5.0
Limited - 3.0/5.0
Art - 1.0 (He looks kinda freaky and 6 arms are way to many for me)

Beastly Mage

CotD for Feb-27

Kidomaru (n-148)

Hello once again, Naruto fans. Beastly Mage here. Today's card is Kidomaru, one of the Four Sound Ninjas. Let's analyze this card, shall we?

First, it's a Water card, making him fit nicely in a water or water-fire deck. He's got good healthy stats, and decent injured stats for a turn-3 ninja. A "Sound" combat attribute will help for a few things, but the thing that gets people looking for this guy the most is the effect. A four-ninja team that can't be targeted by jutsus is great, though the effect is not valid. Still, if you have the other three, run them all. They could help a bit if you organize the team well.

Constructed: 4/5 in a Sound deck, 3.5 in everything else
Limited: 4/5 if you can get the others, 3/5 if alone

the bogosian explosion


iew the res
Kidomaru, one of the great sound four ninjas!!!!!!
NOT!!  I was severely disappointed when i saw all four of the sound ninjas.  I expected a lot more from theses cards and i pray we don't review the rest cause all that can be said about them all can be said about this card.  The stats are not bad for a bunch of turn threes, however the two things that prevent me from playing them in a deck are:
    1.  Their effect does not kick in until turn six...and frankly by that time i have the third hokage out and i could ruin this team by using his effect =(
    2.  they have no rank...which means they aren't compatible with a lot of jutsus and missions such as twin sacrafice jutsu or The end of the demon.
bottomline, unless your making a dedicated mono water/sound deck avoid these cards.  Although if your in limited it would not be a bad pick up.
Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 4/5
art: 3/5


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