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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com


Card Number: J-131
Rarity - SR

Review Date: 02.09.07

Average Card Rating: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.



Wow, this is a good card. Turns a Sasuke or Kakashi (which are run in threes in any good fire deck) into a massive killing machine, a Victory into an Outstanding Victory, and an Outstanding Victory into a Complete and Total Butt-Kicking. If you happen to get two or three of this card, you would be justified in switching your three AoC Sasukes for Beyond the Limit. The chakra cost still isn't that much; two Toras will pay for it with change; but still sizeable; Beyond the Limit allows you to use that chakra for a Sharingan or Trigram to stop all the jutsus that will stop this; Chidori would be better without all the Trigrams and Vortexes running around, but still a great card.

Constructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 5/5, but good luck pulling one.

N. Jolly


The Good
-Huge Boost
-Huge Damage

The Bad
-Huge Cost
-Specific user

Today is a day of joy, for today I get to review a card that I myself am looking forward to, Chidori. Yes, the real lightning blade is finally coming out, and it is worthy of the name. It gives a +5 boost to either Sasuke or Kakashi, and allows you to deal damage to your opponent's team if you win. Even if they escape the boost, you still damage them with a victory or better. And considering every fire deck is running the Sharingan boys, you will never lack a user for it for long. It also doesn't target, meaning that Kabuto will take damage from it. Look out for this card, because fire finally has a jutsu other than Trigram worth running.

Limited-5/5(Like it's hard to pull a Sasuke)
Art-2.5/5 Not my favorite, but it's still kinda cool



Well we finish off the week with the card that every Sasuke + kakashi players are waiting for:

Well this is an interesting card. You have the potential to wipe out an entire team, which is amazing. The +5 support is very good and you are able (unlike lighting blade) to use it with Sasuke. So if you draw this card in turn 1 or turn 6 it wouldn't matter because you will have a good chance of using it especially if you use it with the Sasuke we reviewed last week.

However it has quite a high cost and it does have specific requirements (Sasuke or kakashi) and you only are able to give the 1 additional damage if
you win a victory or outstanding victory.

My advice is if you play Sasukes + kakashis you should take out any lighting
blades you have and replace them with 3 of these or at the very least one to
experiment with it. Also try a Sasuke beyond the limits as well to see how effective it can be.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Constructed: 4.75/5 (it's good but not perfect)
Limited: 5/5
Art: 4.75/5 ("As I thought.. Only Chidori is effective")

Uber ltachi

Welcome back for another installment of our Naruto COTD reviews.

Today we'll be reviewing one of the most anticipated Super Rares from the upcoming Revenge & Rebirth, Chidori! *Applause*


Type: Jutsu

Attribute: Fire

Jutsu Cost: [ Fire | Fire | ( 1 ) ]

Requirements: "Sasuke Uchiha" or "Kakashi Hatake"

Target: User

Effect: The target gets +5/+0 during this turn. Also, if the target's Team Victory or Outstanding Victory, give 1 additional Damage to each Ninja Battleing against the target when Damage is applied.

Whoa! Hold the presses! This card is just to good, right? Correct, you've read it folks. If you manage to get this Jutsu through to your opponent's team and win the Battle, you'll give 1 additional Damage to each Ninja Battleing against the user. Paired with a certain Water Jonin, you'll completely destroy your opponent's entire Team with one card. Also if you happen to be running "Sasuke Uchiha: Beyond the Limits", you can play this card for free!

Constructed: 3 / 5 (If your useing enough Sasuke or Kakashi to have one out when you draw this card, I'd reconmend useing it..it can turn the tide of the game in your favor very quickly..)

Limited: 2.5 / 5 (With the high number of common/uncommon/rare Sasukes out there these days, chances are you'll come across atleast one or two in your packs. Use this if you get alteast that many)

Artwork : 4 / 5 (Very cool, very cool indeed. Sasuke right before he smashes Gaara's "Sand Shell".

If you have any questions or comments reguarding my reviews or about the Naruto TCG in general, feel free to PM me on the Pojo forums (under the same name) or E-Mail me at Uber_Ltachi@yahoo.com (Yes, L tachi)

Stay Frosty Naruto fans!


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