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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Sand Clone

Card Number: J-139
Rarity - U

Review Date: 02.07.07

Average Card Rating: 2.2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Sand Clone

Let me start by saying that I usually don't like cards with very specific requirements. This is one of those cards. Right now, I'm fairly sure that only Gaara has the sand attribute, and unless you get him and this jutsu early game, before the big ninjas come out and Gaara gets booted off the teams, this won't matter too much. It can be a nice surprise for your opponent, and it isn't restricted to teams of two ninjas, but unless they release more ninjas with the Sand attribute and we can maybe even start building sand decks, this gets a 2 out of 5.

Constructed: 2/5

Limited: 3/5

the bogosian explosion

Sand Clone

two reviews in a row i must relly have nothing to do anymore. On to the bloody review i suppose. Sand clone, a very interesting card i would like to try in my proto-type sand deck. this is one of those cards i want to try out first. many possibilities rolling through my head. here are some ideas im playing with:

1. chump block

2. support

3. combo with kiba fang over fang

4. and misc.

so we'll see whats going down when it happens, should be jolly good fun.
constructed: 3.5\5

limited: 1/5 gaara is yet again a SR so have fun with that

N. Jolly

Sand Clone

The Good

-Bigger Teams

-Easy Cost

The Bad

-Gaara specific

-Not very strong

And again, here comes the N., now with another Gaara specific card, Sand Clone. This card allows you to effectively add another ninja to your team, but you have to have Gaara in play. It's hard to bash this card, as it really only does what it says. But when would you ever really need it? Putting it in the front of the party doesn't increase it's power, because Gaara would be leading the team in most situations. In the back row, all it does is give an extra two support, which could be done with a Kunai. And while you could front row it against a Dosu, you should be running Gaara(Sand Barrier), so he shouldn't matter. All and all, this is a decent card, but it's not worth taking our your sand coffins for.


Limited-1/5(Try pulling this and a Gaara at the same time)

Art-4/5 It is what it is, a sand clone


Sand Clone: Uncommon Wind Jutsu; Costs: Wind-1
Requirements: "Sand" Combat Attribute
Target: User
Effect: Place this card in any position in the user's Team as a Ninja with "Power: 4/2". Move this card to your Chakra area at the end of this turn, or when it receives any Damage.

MORE Gaara support? As if that was needed, or welcome really. To be blunt, Gaara has plenty of support for him, in every set that's come out, since Coils of the Snake. Depending on what type of Deck you run, you can insert said Jutsu card. This latest one, exclusive to Ninjas with "Sand" Combat Attribute (Gaara only, for now at least), offers that Ninja's Team an Extra Team member, in the form of a Sand Clone (of Gaara). If this sees any play at all, it just might be splashed in there, from time to time, in case Gaara is injured to give the Team Power a boost really.

Constructed: 2/5
Limited: 2.5/5
Art: 3/5


Sand Clone

Even more support for Gaara.

Symbol: Wind
Cost: Wind | 1
Requirements: 'Sand' Combat Attribute
Effect: Place this card in any position in the user's team as a Ninja with "Power 4/2," move this card to your Chakra Area at the end of the turn, or when it receives any damage.

Gaara is one of the strongest cards you can play and his support is very good. This card basically creates another Gaara with 4/2 power, which is good and you can add it to your team in any position so Gaara will be on 6 at least. It costs 1 wind and 1, which is ok.

It does require Gaara to work though. Cards that require a certain ninja to work can backfire on you. A 40-card deck with only 3 copies of 1 ninja.

My advice is if you play Gaara then it would be worth running at least 1 copy of this card just to try it out. If you are able to keep Gaara in play long enough to get this card in your hand with enough chakra then it's worth

playing (Auto Guard from coils). This card does show a lot of potential in the right deck.

Constructed: 3/5 (good for a Gaara deck)
Limited: 3/5
Art: 4.75/5 (Two Gaara's for the price of one)

Uber ltachi

We're back with another preview for you Naruto fans out there.

Today we'll be reviewing the "Sand Clone" Jutsu card, it's Gaara specific but can it hold up in tournament play? Take a look.

Sand Clone

Type: Jutsu

Attribute: Earth

Jutsu Cost: [ Wind | ( 1 ) ]

Requirements: "Sand" Combat Attribute

Target: User

Effect: Place this card in any position in the user's Team as a Ninja with "Power 4/2." Move this card to the Chakra area at the end of this turn, or when it receives any Damage.

First looks say this card is pretty useful, but once you actually start to think about it's usefullness in tournament play you'll start to think otherwise.

First off it requires Gaara of the Desert which is already a 4/0 reguardless of which version you play. So unless Gaara is Injured when you play this Jutsu, it will only be useful either as a replacement for the Head Ninja to absorb damage or for it's 2 Support. More than likely it will be used mainly as a replacement for the Head Ninja during battle, so your other Ninja won't take any damage. Good, but not the greatest of Jutsu. Being a fan of Gaara, this card will definately go into my "4-Fun" deck.

Constructed: Unless your desperate for a "Shield" or if your Gaara is injured when you play this Jutsu, it's not as great as people think.

Limited: With the possibility of pulling maybe one Gaara (Being Super Rares..) this card will see little or no play what so ever.

Artwork: Pretty neat, a "Sand Clone".

Final Look:

Constructed: 2.5 / 5 (Used mainly as a shield, only if your running more than 1 Gaara per deck)

Limited: 1 / 5 (Chances are you wont pull a Gaara, so I wouldn't even look twice)

Artwork: 3 / 5 (Pretty neat, They should have took the picture of Gaara's Sand Clone absorbing the Shuriken Sasuke threw at him during their fight in the Chunin Exam.

If you have any questions or comments reguarding my review or about the Naruto TCG, feel free to PM me on the Pojo forums (under the same name) or E-Mail me at Uber_ltachi@yahoo.com (First i in itachi is lowercase L)

Stay frosty Naruto fans!


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