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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Sasuke Uchiha
[beyond the limits]

Card Number: N-155
Rarity - C

Review Date: 02.01.07

Average Card Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.


Sasuke [Beyond the Limits]

If you manage to get your hands on 2-3 chidoris, he might be worth running, but when it matters in late game, you'll want Kakashi behind it. However, if you find yourself constantly running low on chakra, he might be a good option, as chidori does push his power up to 8. Shame he's turn 1, but if you can get the cards, definitely a valid choice.

Constructed 3.5/5

Limited 3/5 + X, where X is 1 times however many chidoris you pull.


Seeing new versions of old favorites never ceases to bring me joy:

Sasuke Uchiha-Common Fire Ninja; Costs: 1-0; 3/0, 0/0; Leaf/Genin/Male/Sharingan Eye/Growth
[Beyond the Limits] This Ninja can use the "Chidori" Jutsu card without paying its Jutsu cost.

Lets cut to the chase here folks, the effect is really the only reason this Sasuke may even see any play at all. The stats are standard for any version of Turn 1 Sasuke Ninjas, so you know what to expect. The ability to play the Chidori Jutsu card (Super Rare) makes him somewhat usuable due to the fact that you could gain a very good lead on your opponent, early on in the game. His effect is not Valid, so that hurts his playability more than the other Sasukes. Not a big fan of him personally, but can't deny he has good uses. If you want to run any of these at all, run the 1 copy, and see how it fares

Constructed: 1/5 (If effect becomes Valid, 2/5)
Limited: 1/5
Art: 3/5 (Pretty sweet)


Sasuke Uchiha - beyond the limits

Today's card of the day is one that I and I'm sure fire decks everywhere are

eagerly waiting for.

Sasuke Uchiha
Symbol: Fire
Characteristics: Leaf | Genin | Male | Sharingan Eye | Growth Entrance Cost: 1 Hand Cost: 0 Combat Attribute: Taijutsu Healthy Stats: 3/0 Injured Stats: 0/0
. [Beyond the Limits]
This Ninja can use the ''Chidori'' Jutsu card without paying its Jutsu cost.

Sasukes are one of my favourite cards and this one is the one I'm waiting for. He's a taijutsu user, which has great support. He also has growth and the Sharingan. He is turn 1 which is good with an average Sasuke 3/0 healthy, and then we come to his effect. He's able to use Chidori for free, which is amazing. Chidori costs 2 fires and 1 chakras so you are able to save chakra and surprise your opponent.

However the downside is that his effect isn't valid and his injured stats are 0/0. The other downside is if you don't own Chidori but there is an easy

solution to that.

My advice is if you play a fire deck, put 3 Chidoris, 3 of these Sasukes and

3 kakashis in. If you play lighting blade swap it for Chidori because Chidori works for Sasuke and kakashi.

Constructed: 4.75/5 (in a Sasuke, fire deck)
Limited: 3/5 (because Chidori would probably be limited)
Art: 4.5/5 (heaven seal Sasuke, nice)

Uber ltachi

Hello all, Today is a special day. It's my first COTD review for the Naruto TCG! I hope you all like my review as it comes from a very smart tournament style veiwpoint.


Here we go!


Today we're reviewing another card from the upcoming Revenge & Rebirth, Sasuke Uchiha! This version is only one of three in this new set. Can it stand up to Sasuke Uchiha [Analysis of Competence]? Let's find out...


Sasuke Uchiha

Type: Ninja

Attribute: Fire

Leaf | Genin | Male | Sharingan Eye | Growth

Entrance Cost: 1 

Hand Cost: 0

Healthy Status: 3/0

Injured Status: 0/0

Effect: [Beyond the Limits] - This Ninja can use the "Chidori" Jutsu without paying it's Jutsu cost.

Combat Attribute: Taijutsu

Rarity: Common



So there we have it, another Sasuke card. Let's take a look at how he stands up in tournament play:




In Constructed play he's not a very good choice for a Sasuke card. He has Turn 0 stats for a Turn 1 Ninja. His effect is only benefictial if you have the Chidori Jutsu card, which is also a Super Rare. More often than not, you'll never get to use his effect unless you happen to use three Chidori. If you happen to get three Chidori when the set is released, by all means use this card. Otherwise? Sasuke [Analysis of Competence] still stands strong.


Limited: This should be your very last pick in Limited format. The chances of you getting Chidori in Limited is close to none. Pass him like a scared little kid playing basketball.


Artwork: Very cool, he looks like he's about to whup up someone nice, to bad his card didn't reflect how good the picture is. ;)





Constructed: 2 / 5 He's to situational to be of any use and his stats don't make up for his effect.


Limited: 1 / 5 If you see this guy in your pack, don't even look twice at him. Chances are he'll be the last card passed around.


Artwork: 3.5 / 5 He looks angry..:)


If you have any comments or questions reguarding the Naruto TCG, please feel free to PM me at:


Uber_ltachi@Yahoo.com (The first i in Itachi is really a lowercase L)



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