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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day

Shadow Possession Jutsu

Series 1: Path to Hokage

Card Number: 023
Rarity - ST

Review Date: 9.29.06

Average Card Rating: 4.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Shadow Possession Jutsu

-low cost


Last day of shika-ino-cho, we review one of the better jutsu, or even the best out so far.

For only 1 earth, you can make a opposing ninja a 0/0. The effect looks like sexy jutsu and water prison jutsu, but this also reduces support ninja to 0. The effect is great for 1 chakra, but there are some flaws to it.

This card's effect is easily negated with escape jutsu. It is true that escape jutsu is seeing less play now a days, but I predict it'll see more play after Curse of the Sand is released. The biggest problem, however, is that you need Shikamaru to play this card, considering how weak Shikamaru is physically.

Bottom line is for any requirement card out there, there should be at least 2 ninjas that can fit the requirement for it to be really useful. For this card, we need to wait until shikamaru's to be release, as well as more shadow jutsus.

Constructed: 4.0/5 (shika-ino-cho)
Constructed: 1.5/5 (.5 for the many shikamarus in decks today)
Limited: 1.0/5 (not gonna happen)
Beastly Bruin Ahh...a breath of fresh air.

I LOVE this card. Shikamaru is one of the few "splashable" cards in Naruto, and it just so happens that he has one of the most effective character specific Jutsus. Of course, this game wouldn't be as lovely as it is if his Jutsu was also splashable. Balance is everything in a good TCG.

Being that it costs an Earth Symbol to play, this card only belongs in a deck running a decent number of Earth cards. Usually, I'm not too fond of character (read: Attribute) specific cards, but since Shikamaru is one of those Ninjas that hits the field and usually stays there for a good while, this card is golden.

SPJ has helped me take down Zabuza too many times to count, and has completely wrecked my opponent's strategy, as well. Since not too many people main Escape Jutsu, they either have to take the hit, or use their removal Jutsu on my relatively weak Shika. 1337ness...

As for downsides, as i stated above, if Escape Jutsu isn't mained, it's usually sided, and also, the effect can be negated, as well as the possibility that Shika (or his whole team for that matter) can just be removed. But, what Jutsu isn't subject to those scenarios?

If you run Shika and a decent amount of Earth cards, consider this card. It's not necessary, but it's useful, easy, and can serve as a nasty surprise to an unsuspecting opponent.

In limited, if you're drafting Earth and you have a couple of Shikas, run this.

Constructed Earth-type: 4/5
Constructed Genin Rush: 4.5/5
Limited: 5/5
Art: 4.5/5 (I'm biased towards the lazy genius because that's what people call me)


Shadow Possession Jutsu

We end this week with... the most powerful of the Jutsus used by this week's theme of Ninja! Shadow Possession, in the game, is half the cost of Sexy Jutsu with double the number of targets and double the hurt on their stats. For a single Earth chakra, any target can suddenly find themselves with 0/0 stats, fun huh? Sadly only those with a Shadow combat type get use of this snazzy trick (Meaning Shikamaru only... for now). Considering it's a 1 cost that can make a 13+/3 (Lightning Blade, the + is there because this could be Copy Ninja) Kakashi suddenly find himself a 0/0 and a perfect target for Mind Transfer Jutsu is painful for them, and funny to you. Also take into account how playable our two copies of Shikamaru are. This is one cruel card.

In the end, if you have at least 2 Shikamaru, and at least 1 copy of this, along with 10 Earth cards in the deck (outside Shikamaru and this) run it.

Constructed - 5/5
Limited - Starter deck card/5
Art - Reprint this in a booster so I can get a Wavy foil of it/5


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