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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Ino Yamanaka

Card Number: 70
Rarity - Uncommon

Review Date: 9.25.06

Average Card Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Ino Yamanaka [Formation]

-Mental power


This week Rakath has us review the faithful trio in the show, Shika-Ino-Cho. To start the weak, we have Ino, tricky little girl that capture one's heart both inside and out.

Mental power is always good, but she only has one. I guess it is better than nothing. She also has one support, which is standard. The effect requires other Shikamaru and Choji, which makes sense, but is bad in a card game. The fact that the team becomes 9 power and 5 mental is nothing to joke about on turn 2. Further more, effect of everyone in the team is valid, which makes it slightly better. Then again, the chances of you getting all three is not great. It is not worth it to play 3 copies of each one in the team just to play around with.

There is not much to say about her, since there is not much to her but a pretty face.

Constructed: 2.0/5
Shika-ino-Cho deck: 5.0/5 its required
Limited: 1.5/5

Dust2dust, meijin
Beastly Bruin Ino Yamanaka
Element: Earth
Turn: 0
Power: 0/1 (Healthy) 0/1 (Injured)
Leaf | Genin | Female | Mental Power: 1

Valid: This ninja gets +1/+1 when "Shikamaru Nara" and "Choji Akimichi are in this ninja's team.

At most, this team could be at 9 total at just turn 2. Pretty good. However, alone, she isn't all that great. She has a decent Jutsu, but it's cost and requirement are pretty steep and specific.

She's better than the original Ino, but that ain't saying much. Her mental power really helps her playability.

Maybe throw her in your Mental build. Otherwise, she and her comrades are pretty fun to build a deck around. In limited, her Mental could really help you out, and early support is useful, but she's not gamebreaking.

Constructed Mental: 3.5/5
Constructed Formation (Genin Rush) Deck: 5/5
Limited: 3.8/5


- Ino Yamanaka [Formation]

First of this week with a theme, a good theme, an oh so good theme. Ino's stats are generally par for the course for this pretty girl. 0/1 - 0/1 - M1 No Turn wait or hand cost. She has Mind Combat Attribute (nothing to do with Mental Combat, all to do with her Jutsu cards). And a Valid effect, she gains +1/+1 if Shikamaru and Choji on her team. Why is this better than her other form last set, you control her effect, not them. That and mental combat. Along with that she goes with the rest of this week's theme.

Because of the cards tomorrow and the day after, she's a toss in for Mental decks, and a staple in her own deck. She's better than Set 1 form.

Ino Yamanaka rating - 4/5
Constructed rating (InoShikaCho decks) - 5/5
Constructed rating (Mental Power decks) - 2.5/5
Limited rating - 1/5 (Not helpful without the others, chances of getting the trio are low)
Art - 3/5 (Meh...)


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