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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Lightning Blade

Fire, 1 extra
Requirements: Kakashi Hatake
Target: User
Effect: The target gets +7/+0 during this turn.

Card Number: 30
Rarity - Super Rare

Review Date: 9.22.06

Average Card Rating: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Lighting Blade

-big boost


Sorry I miss yesterday folks, I was tired and slept after I got home. Anyway, Guillotiine Sword just give Zabuza's ability, it doesn't always work so it's not always worth playing, and it's a starter exclusive.

Speaking of today, I think it is National Naruto Day. Those of you who celebrate it, wear your accessory proudly. Today we have lighting blade, a favorite of many players. It is not bad either, just not appropriate for some situation.

For 2 chakra, your kakashi gets +7/+0. That much power boots can easily take down any opposing team.

Of course it requires kakashi, which is bad; then again, many people use kakashi. So if you use a fire deck and pack 2 or 3 kaksshis, then if you have a lighting blade use it; it is a super rare though.

In Curse of ths Sand, there is another version of lighting blade, and it is better, in my opinion. I guess when that comes out, it's up to preference.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Limited: 1.5/5 you'll almost never get them both together.
Pojoers! Today, we review the other half of the Copy Ninja Kakashi! His one and only technique that isn't copied! Lightning Blade!

Lightning Blade
Fire, 1 extra
Requirements: Kakashi Hatake
Target: User
Effect: The target gets +7/+0 during this turn.

What can I say aside from WOW! Kakashi generally will turn himself into nothing less than an 11/3 if I remember his stats right when injured. Kakashi's Signature move. While this jutsu has the sole drawbacks of being Super Rare, and being that if you are against another Kakashi, then you are going to be hurting a little. A swift Sharingan Eye to this, and it's over. That, and if they happen to be playing a Copy Ninja Kakashi, they gain the +7 as well. Really, those are the only drawbacks that I can see with this card!

Constructed: 4/5, as I can't call it perfect. Now, if you get deep into it, and use a Sharingan Eye to copy Haku's effect, thus making his Lightning Blade un-negatable, then it would be perfect. But that's pretty darn situational. Other than that, +7 is huge.

Limited: Good luck getting this card in the first place, not to mention a Kakashi to go with it... Though there are some common Kakashi's... 2/5

Art: It's Kakashi. Therefore, it's great! 3/5, as he's hunched over weird, and he's not my favorite ninja anyways.

Ninja Lesson of the Day: Lightning Blade = ? The answer to this question is actually one of 2 things, and both would be right. I'm doing these as it's the card of the day, and only 2 people know it. Kakashi, and, well, I won't spoil it. But this Jutsu goes by 2 names. The OFFICIAL name is Raikiri. It was named Chidori (It's more common name) after the sound it makes. It sounds like a flock of birds. Which, when you really listen to it, it kind of does sound like a flock of birds. Not a Flock of Seagulls, mind you... *rimshot* It was also nicknamed Lightning Edge after, rumor states, Kakashi split a lightning bolt in half with it. So to Recap: Lightning Blade = Raikiri/Chidori.


Apprentice of Anubis

Okay, we wrap up with one of my favorite Jutsus…Wait…It’s Lightning Blade?
CRAAAP!…Okay, let’s get this over with…
Lightning Blade (AKA Lightning Edge or Chidori (One Thousand Birds, named after the sound of the attack.) is one of those cards that can turn a game around in an instant with a whoping +7/+0 to the user.  The only problem?
Only Kakashi can use it (Though another character might be added if they make another version in future sets (Hint, Hint))  Granted, he’s been printed 21-someodd times as different cards, I’ve never liked the idea of character specific cards, EVER.
I can only really recommend this card if you’ve mained 3 Kakashi’s (Dosen’t matter which) and plenty of draw power to back him up.  Otherwise, forget it.
Constructed: 3.5/5
Constructed Kakashi/Sharingan Control: 4.5/5
Ebay: 5/5 J 


Lightning Blade

Ahh, Kakashi's Raikiri. With a Fire|One cost (same payment for the ill made Demon Wind Shuriken - Windmill of Shadows) you get a +7/+0 for the turn. Which is pretty powerful. However, a Power increase is not as good as just killing them. But, Kakashi sees lots of play, so having this in a Fire deck is still not bad. Considering that it makes Kakashi either a 13/3 or a 12/3 depending on copy, this is alone, not to mention if Third/Kurenai is around as support. Yeah, it's not bad, but not up to par with what else is around.

Like Ice Mirror, run it if you pull it, ignore it otherwise.

Raikiri Ranking - 2/5 (Next one is better)
Constructed (Sharingan Fire) - 4/5
Limited - 2/5 (like Ice Mirror, chances of having it and the user are laughable.)


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