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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Crystal Ice Mirror

Card Number: 036
Rarity - Super Rare

Review Date: 9.19.06

Average Card Rating: 2.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Crystal Ice Mirror Jutsu SR

-major boost


For a Super Rare, this is not that good. It is a pretty card, nevertheless.

This card can really lower your opponent's team attack to 0, or even to negative numbers. If both you and your opponent have 4 cards in hand, the targeted ninja gets -8/-8. So if use on Zabuza, he becems -2/-6, not 0/0. Even with a support ninja, the Zabuza team will be weak enough for haku alone. You can tell this card can shatter your opponent's hopes.

It does require haku, however, and since there will only be 3 versions of haku ever release, you can expect people not to play this card competitively. And if anyone who wish to play this card, they either put 1 copy in their deck or and only afford one. The chances of you drawing both haku and Crystal Ice is very rare. You are better off playing a water prison jutsu, the cheap, and more practical version.

It sure looks nice in Super Rare form.

Constructed: 1/5/5
Limited: 1.0/5
Hey, Pojo Naruto fans! ZanarkandAce here after overcoming a cold, and spending a little well needed rest time with my future wife, and now I'm here to review a great Jutsu, Crystal Ice Mirrors

Crystal Ice Mirrors
2 Water, 1 other

Requirements: Haku
Target: 1 Ninja battling against the user
Effect: The target gets -X/-X during this turn. X = the number of cards in both players hands.

Alright. First thing I gotta say about this card is: Ouch... This hurts. Hopefully, by the time you get to use this card, which won't be before turn 3, you might hope for a few cards in your hand. And you might hope that your opponent has a few cards too. This might go well with a well played Leaf Special Forces. The problem with this Jutsu is that there needs to be a decent amount of cards in both players hands to be really effective. And as far as that goes, good luck... Hand tends to get spent easily. Well, at lease mine does... :( Anyways. I think that all in all, since this card requires Haku to use, and while it can be used before turn 3 (There is a Haku variant that is a 0 turn, but it's best to use this Jutsu with Haku: Kekkei Genkai so that it won't be negated by anything) it really shouldn't... This card is generally a great card to play.

Constructed: 4/5, as you should have Haku [Kekkei Genkai] for it.

Limited: 2/5 as you need Haku, and it's better to have Kekkei Genkai. If you manage to pull both of these, then you'll be super strong, but don't hold your breath...

Art: What is it with Sasuke being in a lot of these cards?!? The game is Naruto CCG, not Sasuke CCG.... 1/5
Playdoh Dude Crystal Ice Mirrors-- We are back with a card I loved when I first started this game, as it was my first SR. As I progressed, it moved to the back of the shoebox. Cards that need 1 specific ninja are usually bad, and this is no exception. This is a Sexy Jutsu for Water, but so much worse. It should be a rare at least, not a SR. SUre, if you use Kekklai Genkai Haku, this card is pretty nice. More of a trump card, when you play it, you'll be pretty glad you did. But as just a fille rin your deck, its not that good.

CONSTRUCTED: Water has so much better in this position. 1.25/5.

LIMITED: 1.5/5. Better, like always, just you have to get Haku, and only 1 Haku is easily obtainable(The 3 vanilla drop), and then the SR.

ART: 3/5. The only good thing on this card.

OVERALL: 1.375/5

Apprentice of Anubis

Today. We review one of the Character-Specific cards from Coils of the Snake, Crystal Ice Mirror.

On the Pros side, this card can give a HUGE deduction to a Ninja’s power and support values early game and on top of that, the Chakra cost is Semi-easy to get around. Unfortunately, this is where I stopped liking this card.

For our Cons, the deduction isn’t a set number. Early game it will be HUGE, but late game you’ll be taking out maybe 2 or 3 points. On top of that, it’ll only work on a Ninja battling against the user, which brings me to my last point. This card requires Haku to use…HAKU. Believe me, I WANT to like this card, but requiring a specific Ninja to use it doesn’t impress me.

Bottom Line: …Well…at least it’s shiny?

Seriously, if you have it, give it a whirl, but needing a specific user means you’ve only got a 9 Percent chance of drawing him (After the initial hand and assuming that he isn’t there already.) And on top of that, This Jutsu’s a Dead draw until you find that Ninja.

Constructed: 2/5
Constructed (Haku/Rouge Ninja deck): 3.5/5

Limited: 1/5 (Sorry, but with the low amounts on Ninja’s in packs, the chances of pulling a Haku are slim to none. Only take this card if you plan to throw it on Ebay.)


Crystal Ice Mirror

And now we look at a Super Rare for Haku, this one can be davastatingly painful if they don't go "OMG ESCAPE JUTSU" With a Water|Water|One cost and only Haku as a possible user. Has to be a god effect. -X/-X on an enemy ninja where X is cards in both player's hands is a not failing effect. However Combat weakening is generally powerful than team killing with rulings as they are.

If you have this, play it. However don't go hunting for it unless you are a major fan of the Mist nin... you can do without.

Constructed (Rogue Water Nin) - 3/5
Limited (HA!) - 2/5 (4/5 prayers for pulling it, 0/5 since you probably won't get a Haku to use with it.)
Art - 4/5 (Ice ice baby... Dude looks like a Lady!)


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