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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day


Card Number: 042
Rarity - Rare

Review Date: 9.18.06

Average Card Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Byakugan


-Byakugan requirement

Today we review one very promising card in the near future. That’s right, Byakugan gets a big boost in the up coming set, Curse of the Sand. So save up them up while you still can.

For 1 earth and 1 any chakra, this card is kind of powerful. Like many card games out right now, hand advantage is very important. The more cards in your hand, the more things you can do and the better shape you will be in. Byakugan helps you take out your opponent’s card and their options. Not to mention, as an added bonus, you can look at your opponent’s hand. This will help you planed out your next moves, especially when it’s played on your opponent’s turn. All this for just 2 chakra, what a deal it is.

Every card should have a draw back, and for this card it is that it requires a ninja with Byakugan. This is the reason this card did not see much play, there is simply not enough Byakugan ninjas out at the moment. With the release of Curse of the Sand, this problem will seem to solve itself. There are 2 new Byakugan ninjas coming out, as well as better versions of neji and hinata. There are also many jutsu and mission that is related as well, making a Byakugan deck all the more tempting.

Cards with the same effect in other games always see play. I’m sure this card will be too in the near future. Then again, that’s just me.

Constructed: 2.5/5 (before Curse’s release)
4.5/5 (after Curse’s release)
Limited: 1.5/5 (before Curse’s release)
2.5/5 (after Curse’s release)

dust2dust, meijin
Beastly Bruin Byakugan
Element: Earth
Cost: 1 Earth, 1 Unspecified
Requirements: "Byakugan"
Effect: Look at the cards in your opponent's hand. Then, discard 1 Jutsu or Mission card in your opponent's hand.

In it's deck, this card can be problematic for the opponent. Unless they negate it, this card is almost always going to go off. Of course, there are your situations where you'll hit a hand full of ninjas, or your opponent will just play the lone Jutsu they have in response to B, but outside of those instances, you've robbed them.

This card isn't necessary, though. Meaning, you can build a solid deck around B's users without it and still get the job done.

A pretty good deck could be built around this card and Temari.

In limited, this cards very strict requirements cause it anguish, unless you've drafted Neji and Hinata.

Constructed Taijutsu/Byakugan: 4.5/5
Constructed: Gotta have Neji and/or Hinata/5
Limited: 4/5 if you've drafted Neji and/or Hinata. 1/5 if you haven't.


Byakugan Jutsu

Seems to be a week of Jutsu cards. This being the first of many Byakugan supports. Most have a 'maim there hand' feel. This is no different, you see there hand and get rid of a Mission or Jutsu they have. With a cost of Earth|One it isn't too hard to play. Also add in you see their hand as you use it it can create one of two situations:

Premature use of a Jutsu they might of wanted to save in a use it or lose it mentality, if this doesn't get rid of Byakugan or the User they still lose out on a handed card.
Let it happen, lose out on a card and pray the person doesn't take the card that you needed.

In either event 1 for 1 is good, the card is killed (not chakra, dead). We get a new Byakugan card next set, but this doesn't lose playablity with the new one around.

Solid choice if you have enough Earth and a few Hyuga nin.

Byakugan Rank - 3/5
Constructed rating (Earth/Hyuga) - 5/5
Limited rating - 4/5 (Loses points if you lack Neji and/or Hinata).
Art - 1/5 (Meh)

Playdoh Dude


Byakugan--Well, I'm back for the new week. Vacation was great, but I forget my

deck to tweak at my house. So I was deprived of Naruto, except for a Japanese pavillion which had hats, headbands, and hats galore.

Well, we have Byakugan. Its a Jutsu that, obviously, requires Byakugan trait.

Only Hinata and Neji currently have this trait, and only Neji is worth playing, mainly Formidable Trait. This will change next set, with a Valid, Damage

reducing, Turn 1 Hinata, and then Neji [Attack of Chakra Points]. Byakugan decks will become more viable, but now, discarding 1 card from their hand is not great. Its probably the best hand discard in the game, but until Curse of Sands, its not that great.

CONSTRUCTED: 2/5.You want to play this, play some Nejis, and maybe even Hinata.

Again, just wait to play it.

LIMITED: 2/5. Discarding their cards is much better in Limited. But you still have to take into account the requirements.

ART: 1/5. Its just wierd.




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