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Pojo's Naruto Card of th Day

Gaara of the Desert
[Auto Guard]

Card Number: 058
Rarity - Super Rare

Review Date: 9.14.06

Average Card Rating: 3.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

dust2dust Gaara of the desert (auto guard)

-good stats

-bad effect

To tell you the truth, Gaara I my favorite character in Naruto. After seeing this card, it made me sad how bad it is. May as well, because the effect of the card suits his personality too well.

Gaara don’t care about others; therefore, when he is attacked, he uses his human shield. Basically he takes the ninjas you have and kills it automatically. Also note that this effect is not optional, so your opponents can simply throw in some fireballs at Gaara and force you to kill your ninjas. This is not always a bad thing. Ninjas such as Kaede serve it’s purpose once it is out. You will find that sometimes there are ninjas you want to get rid of but can’t. Gaara is a good way to do it.

It is not all bad. He does have the best turn 2 power so far in the game, as well as arguably the fastest wind ninja out. So if you like Gaara and so happens to have him, use him and have fun. I wouldn’t count on him to win you many games though.

This version of Gaara isn’t the best, obliviously. On the sets to come, other Gaara will be available. Those versions, however, can be competitive.

Construction: 3.0/5
Limited: 2.5/5 (you’ll find yourself short of ninja to sacrifice.)
Stegy Lemme tell you what, guys: college takes up a lot of free time, especially when you have 19 credit hours!

Gaara of the Desert

Constructed Review: See, people go nuts over this card because it's Gaara. Who cares what the card does? It's Gaara! Personally, he's not that good. I mean, a 4/0 on Turn 2 is really nice, but you could just go the Super Rare Sasuke Uchiha route and have a 4/0 on Turn 1. Gaara does have a few Jutsus made just for him, so that's always nice, but it doesn't really improve his effectiveness as an overall Ninja.

Constructed Rating: 2/5 4/0 is nice, but hurting other Ninja aren't.

Limited Review: Well, if you manage to pull him then use him. He's a 4/0 BEAST! Not too many Ninja can deal with him.

Limited Rating: 3/5 4/0 Turn 2? Yes, please!
Beastly Bruin Gaara of the Desert [Auto Guard]
Element: Wind
Turn: 2
Power: 4/0 (Healthy) 2/0 (Injured)
Sand | Genin | Male

Effect: Valid: If this ninja receives damage, reduce the damage by 1. Then discard one of your in-play ninjas (excluding this ninja).

I want this card SOOOO bad. I run a Water/Wind hybrid, and I really want to add this. Quick sad story: Up until last week, I hadn't bought any Coils boosters because I live in Louisiana and we get everything late. Well, I had saved up a grip of cash so that when they did show up, I could buy a bunch. My friend calls one day and brags about how he finally got his first 12 boosters...(he got an Orochimaru). The next day, I go to my local Wally World and low and behold...24 boosters waiting for me! So, I drop the hundred plus and purchase them. I call my friend and he begs me to save him 5 packs. I open my 19 boosters and only pull a Sakura's Decision. I take him his 5 packs, and in the last one he opens, he pulls a FOIL GAARA!!!!!! Friendship sucks...

Anyhoot, the last ruling I read on this card pretty much stated that outside of an Outstanding Victory or some awesome Jutsu card, this card is virtually indestructible. His discard effect isn't a cost, so reducing damage can happen at any time.

He's a turn 2 powerhouse, and he has no support. Anyone whose actually seen the anime should know why. Gaara cares about no one but himself, so why would he support anyone?

While I wouldn't rush to take a Demon Brother out to replace him, he's not too bad of a splash if you need the extra early fire power, or just constant field presence.

You won't see him in Limited, but if you're a lucky SOB, run him.

Constructed Wind: 4/5
Constructed: 4/5
Limited: Yeah right.../5

(By the way, I've since then pulled a Foil ANBU...yay me!)

Apprentice of Anubis

Okay, today we review one of my least favorite super rares, Gaara of the Desert [Auto Guard], seeing as my review of Ibiki Morino [First Proctor] didn’t seem to make it to the front page. L
Okay, for the Pro’s side of him, he has a HUGE attack compared to other Turn 2 characters (With the exception going to Sasuke Uchiha [Power of the Curse Mark])…And that’s about all I see that’s going for him, sadly.
Now for the long list of Cons that we get with this card.  For one, he has 0 Support, unlike the majority of Turn 2 cards (Chunin Ninjas.).  On top of that, His effect of Sacrificing a Ninja to reduce the damage done to him.  I’ll be brutally honest here, this is where Gaara starts to REALLY get bad.  I took one look at him the first time around and just thought “Human Sacrifice Jutsu?  Alright!”.  Now I see that his ability’s more of a hindrance then a helper.  While you’re keeping him on the field. You’re constantly losing Ninjas due to his effect.
Bottom Line: He’s a nice, shiny card to have…but when all’s said and done, he’s just a poorly planed Super Rare.
Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 2/5 (5/5 if you’re rare drafting.  Take this bugger and throw his butt on EBay. J) 


Gaara of the Desert: Auto Gaurd

Sorry I've been gone so long; mucho homework and things to do. But now I'm back! Hooray for me!

Anyhoo, lets look at their first attempt at Gaara, the sand punk. (Admit it; he's a punk.) 4/2 2/2 is good for turn two; automatically sacrificing a ninja is not. Anytime he would be damaged, you have to give up a ninja; this can be good or bad. They can force you to sacrifice some guys you want more than him (especially if he was injured somehow) unless you keep up a steady stream of fodder. It can be good in the hands of a skilled player. The third hokage can also really screw him over, although you could just send him... No mental power is bad, but he has some good support.

Limited: 4/5 I'm invincible! ... Hello? Is anyone there?

Constructed 4/5

Art: 3.5/5 Yep, he's a punk, alright. Why doesn't anyone ever do anything when they pose?

This card review brought to you by Uberdylan. Have a nice day.


Gaara of the Desert (Auto Guard)

Ahh, the insane boy that launched a thousand fanfictions... It's Gaara. Right now he is 1 of the 2 Genin ninjas we have in a universal Turn 2 form. Later on we get an earlier Turn Gaara, but he's not as cool. Sand Combat is not generic, and is the requirement for use of Gaara Jutsu cards. This is good as it means Gaara can be out as "Shooting Star" and still have Jutsu cards, unlike some ninjas that have a name requirement attached. Wind is a standard for all Sand nin, and his stats for a turn 2 are nice at 4/0 - 2/0. The stats alone make him Wind staple.

But wait, he has an effect. Reduce the damage by 1, then kill a ninja you control. Wait, kill your own ninjas to keep this guy alive, why do that? Well, for starters it's an if-then relationship. You don't NEED to kill one of your own ninjas for the effect to happen if Gaara is standing strong on his own. Second you can run a bunch of pathetic uneeded ninjas like Udon Moegi, and the Genjutsu trio that can easily be sacrificed to ichibi for this 4/0 behemoth. However the sad part is this effect is not optional and will go off each time he gets hit for damage.

He's strong, but you'll get better Gaara cards later (sooner than you think).

Sabaku no Gaara rating: 2/5 (October 28th says he goes into binders.)
Constructed Rating (Wind): 3/5 (5/5 till the 28th)
Limited Rating: 1/5 or X/5 (X is equal to the number of souls sacrificed to a demonic being to get the luck to pull not just A super at an event, but THIS super.)
Art rating: 3/5 (6800/5 if you are a horrid raving Gaara fanatic.)

Big Daddy Skeletor

The COTD for Thursday is Gaara of the Desert, Auto Guard!

Element: WIND

Entrance Cost: 2

Hand Cost: 0


Healthy: 4/0

Injured: 2/0

Combat Type: Sand

Effect: VALID: If this Ninja recieves Damage, reduce the Damage by 1. Then, discard 1 of your in-play Ninjas (except this Ninja)

Wow... for his entrance cost, he has amazing lead for both Healthy and Injured. His effect is nice, if he is all that's in play, he can take Regular losses on his own. I would say he longs in a deck with his buddies built around his family, Temari, and Kankuro, but if you cna make room for him in another deck, you wont be disappointed. He does deliver.

Constructed: 3.4/5 - A solid choice here.

Limited: 4/5 - you cant ever find this type of stupidness in Limited too much, if you get him, run him, he can singlehandedly stall, for break through for early game.

Inaba the White Rabbit

Gaara, of the Desert:

Hello, card of the day readers! if you pay any attention to names, then you may notice I am a new reviewer. I am Inaba the white Rabbit, at your service. You may see me doing card of the days in the neer future, but for now, I am here to give you a review of the card Gaara, of the Desert!

Ninja - Wind

Gaara of the Desert

2 turn Cost - 0 Hand Cost


[Auto Guard]

Valid: If this ninja recieves Damage, reduce the Damage by 1. Then, discard one of your in-play ninja's (except this ninja)

Healthy: 4/0

Injured: 2/0

"Sand" Combat Attribute

Super Rare.

Now, this is a good card. Gaara has the power to heal himself of one damage at the expense of one of your ninjas. Furthermore, Gaara has 4 combat on turn two, making him stronger (but not better than, due to his lack of support) than the demon brothers, on the same turn.

Gaara has a big downside that you may not relize after first reading his effect, however. His healing is mandatory. Or in other words, you MUST heal him, and you MUST kill one of your ninjas. This means Gaara should in general only be sent out to battle if you have excess ninja's sitting around doing nothing while you have 1-2 jonins doing all the fighting.

When injured, unlike sasuke, Gaara is actually pretty decent. however, you really don't have to worry about his injured stats, since he will most likely never be injured, since even if you reduce damage given to Gaara by Zabuza [Demon of the Cloud Village] to 1 damage Gaara will still die.

His sand Combat attribute means that he can use opening of the third eye and sand coffin, both good jutsus in their own right.

Overall, Gaara is a very good card that can be usefull in most decks, escpecially ones revoling around him.

Constructed: 4/5, a great card to use.

Booster Draft: 2/5, like you will ever get this, and even if you do, how many ninjas will you have to back it up?

Sealed Draft: 3/5, a wee bit bit better here becuase you can buy a starter deck for the ninja's you need, but worse than in constructed for the same reasons as booster Draft.

This is Inaba the White Rabbit, see ya later!


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